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Sosa's Pre-Combine WR Rankings

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  • Sosa's Pre-Combine WR Rankings

    This is a pre-combine ranking. I've still got a few guys to watch, but I think for the most part this is set up well at the top. The combine is currently running and may change some things. Let me know what you guys think!

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    so with his senior bowl performance
    great combine workout
    measuring in at 6'2"

    do do you still rate zay jones as a slot receiver rather than a 1
    #1 receiver?


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      Originally posted by Akita Ram View Post
      so with his senior bowl performance
      great combine workout
      measuring in at 6'2"

      do do you still rate zay jones as a slot receiver rather than a 1
      #1 receiver?
      It's not that I thought he was limited to the slot before, I just needed to see his speed before I could surely be ready to put him outside too. Since his agility and 40 scores were good, he can absolutely live outside.

      Will I group him out there in the rankings? I don't know, maybe, but I think he's gone by the end of the round 2 and I'd be totally acceptable if the Rams took him at #37 if that answers your question.


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        What's your thinking on Noah Brown? Walter Football has us taking him in the third round. Didn't catch him at the Combine, but allegedly he has size and quickness.

        Go Rams!


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          Originally posted by mde8352gorams View Post
          What's your thinking on Noah Brown? Walter Football has us taking him in the third round. Didn't catch him at the Combine, but allegedly he has size and quickness.

          Go Rams!
          I haven't got around to studying everyone, so I don't know the first thing about him haha.


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            Carlos Henderson at #4? That's a little too high for the very least he is below Godwin.


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              Originally posted by RockinRam View Post
              Carlos Henderson at #4? That's a little too high for the very least he is below Godwin.
              I've seen people with him at #2, but I agree, after the combine, things have shaken up in my rankings.


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              • richtree
                Pre-Draft Buzz WARNING !!!!! WR TALK -- DONT BE A FOLLOWER !!!!
                by richtree
                Like all rankings online most are driven by ESPN and big conference sportswriters. Year after year we see the gap between NFL prospects from big schools and small schools diminishing.
                Also, every year many people fight over drafting guys in round 1 or 2 that end up not being picked, i.e. Da'Rick Rodgers.

                Also, people say I am crazy when I like guys like Dobson more than most, but I feel justified when he goes Round 2..but then again I have missed on a few guys too....

                More importantly, what I am saying is don't be easily swayed by these rankings and mock drafts because the scouts will never release there true feelings to anyone doing these "reporting writings" .

                So, like every year -- my early Rankings see that the "mocks" have it all wrong already:

                WR Rankings

                #1 Brandon Coleman -- A legit 6'5" 220lbs of muslce -- the closest thing to Calvin Johnson, coming from a school that hates to throw and uses him as blocker. He will make big catches in the NFL making him a legit WR#1 in the NFL -- If his hands check out in the combine, I suspect him to be a lottery pick.

                #2 Jarvis Landry -- I really don't know why this guy is so low on boards. He has some of the best hands in the nation. He has that Hakeem Nicks feel to him and if he passes the normal combine checks, I believe he is clear First Rounder

                #3 Allen Robinson -- This kid is Rueben Randle with better moves. I can't tell if he 100% has the NFL speed, but if he runs in the 4.56 or below -- he is top round 1-2 talent

                #4 Sammy Watkins -- Is he next Torrey Smith or AJ Jenkins?-- he can move ATC but can he get in and out of breaks quick enough to over-power NFL DBs....Although he is seen as a can't miss Round 1 guy, I really believe he could fall the furthest without a strong pre-draft/combine... Not many teams want the slot guy that isn't strong - TEs taking over, so we will wait and see -- round 1-2 talent with ????marks

                # 5 Kasen Williams -- This kid from Washington has the heart to outwork and brains to succeed. I obviously haven't gone through the whole WR class yet, but this kid is my sleeper to rise up the board. I can see him being picked #41 or so and being an instant chain mover for 3rd downs....watching him prove me right (i hope).

                # 6 Marques Lee -- This big name is a very good player, but when you compare him to an NFL WR the result = Nate Burleson --- This is not a bad thing. Lee will be a legit complimentary WR in the NFL and will problaby get picked way higher than he should. The problem with Lee is he is a tweener, and a team will have to commit to him to find a role. If he lands in a fast paced offense he could have an impact, but if he lands on a team that plays with strength he may struggle for impact-ful plays -- right now I compare him to a Brandon LaFell, but there is something about him that stands out....He has...
                -11-27-2013, 08:17 AM
              • richtree
                RichTree's Final 2013 Pre-Draft WR Rankings
                by richtree
                Lets get right to it:

                1. Cordarrelle Patterson Tenn 6'3" 205 --- He is still number one on my list because of his combo of speed, size, and explosion. Sure we all wish he had more reps at the DI level but in this class he is the best weapon in a league that basis its success on weapons. Projection Top 20 pick

                2. Keenan Allen Cal 6'3" 220 -- Keenan Allen may be the steal of the draft. I think right now he may even be the Rams #1 target due to the fact that Patterson and/or Austin may be gone. He plays a style combo of Victor Cruz and Reggie Wayne and could line up anywhere. Projection Round 1

                3. Tavon Austin Wvirg 5'9" 175 --
                He is still a legit weapon for any team that will commit to using him and changing some plays. If we were strictly ranking him as a WR, he would not be in my Top 10 WRs for this class. I still feel his greatest assest is from the backfield and I think he may be a higher ranked RB than WR, but either way a good coach can get production out of him. I think he is worth a Round 2 selection or should be in the 28-52 range of picks, but weapons are what runs the NFL, so I am sure he will be gone quickly. Projection Top 20 pick

                4. Justin Hunter Tenn 6'4" 200 --
                I had guys like T.Williams, R.Woods, D. Hopkins, but after watching Hunter over an over I just can't pass him up. I think he will be a Round 1 pick and could be a WR with the greatest upside. He has speed to impact quickly and room to grown into touchdown machine. Projection Round 1

                5. Aaron Dobson Marsh 6'3" 203 --
                Every year I have one guy that I think is way better than the 'public' ranks. I personally think Dobson is potentially the best WR in this draft due to doing everything well. He also has that something extra about him. I think if he can show the change of direction to succeed he may become a immediate starter and impact games for years. I think a tough team like Steelers, Packers, Seahawks would really like this guy, but again maybe I am over-touting him. He would be an early Round 2 pick for me but his real Projection Round 2-3 turn.

                6. DeAndre Hopkins Clemson 6'1" 200 --
                Hopkins is a guy that sometimes looks like a sure Round 1 guy, then the next day looks like a Round 4 guy. He scares me because of the Clemson team inflating his numbers but his pure strength catching the ball is a sure talent. In a draft full of guy that play with speed, he may be a welcomed change catching the ball between the hashes and at its high point versus weaker Dbs. Could be a Round 1 sneaky entry but his real Projection Top 50.

                7. Cobi Hamilton Ark 6'2" 199 --
                Here is the second guy that seems to be over-looked. Granted I am not a pro-scout and do not have access to each player personally, but I love Cobi Hamilton's talents. This guy could really fly and still has skill to go along...
                -04-19-2013, 02:24 PM
              • AvengerRam_old
                Who are your top "sleeper" and biggest "ten foot pole" players?
                by AvengerRam_old
                Which unheralded played do you think should be rated higher?

                Which player would you not touch with a ten foot pole?


                Chris Givens, WR, Wake Forest
                He has decent size (5'11, 198) and very good speed (4.41 on the "slow" Combine track). He was very productive (83 receptions, 16.0 avg., 9 TDs) last year playing in a BCS conference. I like him as a value pick at the top of Round 3.

                Ten Foot Pole
                Vontaze Burfict, LB, Arizona State
                This is almost too easy a choice. Burfict has had... shall we say, some "anger management" issues in the past and, to make matters worse, he was a total bust at the Combine and his Pro Day. While his college production was decent, I don't see it translating to the Pro game.
                -03-23-2012, 01:24 PM
              • richtree
                What you all waited for....RichTree's 2013 Pre-Combine WR Ratings +more!!!
                by richtree
                I am finally done after trying to wait for new information, I need to post all my rankings.

                Firstly, I want to say that this WR class is one of the worst classes I have ever examined. That made things so hard to figure out since there is not a lot of separation between many lower ranked guys. That does not mean that there is not good players here, just not as fruitful as we have seen.

                So, before I start with this year, I want to note that 2014 WR class will be one of the best we have ever seen if all the eligible guys come out.

                2014 watch: Jordan Mitchell, Brandon Coleman, Marqise Lee, Sammy Watkins, Malcom Mitchell, Allen Robinson, Tracy Moore, Cody Hoffman and more and more......tons of talent
                2014 Free Agent WR class will also be deep with Britt, Harvin, Nicks, Jones, Boldin....

                Anyway, I just thought I would note here are the rankings so far:

                Now lets get to the notes on this list:

                1. Cordarrelle Patterson -- Clear cut #1 WR in this year’s very weak class. His speed can make him a legit NFL WR but measuring a bit smaller at 6ft 1in will make his 40yd dash and bench press carry some importance. Perfect guy to line up across from a strong, sure-handed WR.
                No way he gets out of the Top 14 picks – probably a Top 10 guy.

                2. Keenan Allen – There is no clear cut #2 WR in this draft. It will depend on need and anyone in the next 8 could fly up the board with a good off-season showing. Allen had horrible QB play and Cal but he still showed NFL athleticism which is hard to find. He is listed big, but plays smaller like a Victor Cruz. Super-tough in traffic like Reggie Wayne. He could go as high as #9 or fall all the way to round turnover to Round 2. Two things to watch – his vertical jump and his drops. He seemed frustrated with lack of talent around him, but fought hard.

                3. Terrence Williams – Has best knack of getting behind the defenders down the field. Finds a way to catch on the outside both deep and coming back to the ball. A lighter build like S.Holmes but plays more like Crabtree. His routes could be crisper and needs some more strength possibly knocking him into Round2 – but he has Round 1 talents. He is one of the safest picks, but not a huge ceiling as far as big time plays.

                4. Tavon Austin – This guy needs to go to a team that will use him like Randall Cobb. There is always a chance that he is more Dexter McCluster than Cobb, but Austin’s love for the game makes you think he will succeed. A team has to use him as combo player in WR and RB to have him succeed. Only problem if he gets past #25 (Seahawks) – he will probably slip in the 2nd round just due to him being a specialty player. Probably Jets or Panthers Round 2 pick.

                5. Aaron Dobson – I was really close to putting this guy as the #2 overall WR on the board. He seems to do it all, but Marshall...
                -02-22-2013, 11:53 AM
              • Nick
                NFP looks at small school prospect Da'Rick Rogers
                by Nick
                NFP looks at small school prospect Da'Rick Rogers
                A look at the situation facing the former Tennessee WR.
                Russ Lande
                February 15, 2013

                As NFL teams pore over 2012 Tennessee Volunteers film to evaluate quarterback Tyler Bray and receivers Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Paterson, you can be sure they are also taking a close look at the 2011 film. They likely want to see what Justin Hunter looked like prior to his knee injury and also want to evaluate Da’Rick Rogers against SEC competition as opposed to his play at Tennessee Tech this season. While Cordarrelle Patterson will be a top 20 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and Justin Hunter will either be a late first or second rounder, Rogers needs to prove to NFL teams that he is worthy of risking a second day pick on.

                Even though his big production at Tennessee was limited to primarily the 2011 season, what he showed that year had NFL scouts believing he would be a first round pick after a big final season in 2012. However, things did not work out exactly as Da’Rick had planned when he was dismissed from the Tennessee football team a week before the start of the 2012 season due to repeated violations of team rules (Which Rogers confirmed were failed drug tests). Rogers found his way to Tennessee Tech where he played in every game and caught 61 passes for nearly 900 yards and then decided to leave school early to enter the Draft. For Rogers to be drafted close to where his on field play would warrant he needs to convince teams that the off-field issues that plagued him at Tennessee are a thing of the past.

                On the field there has never been any question about Rogers' ability to make big plays and help his team win games. At 6’3 and 215 pounds, Rogers has the size that NFL teams love and consistently showed on film that he plays to that size. He is fearless catching passes as he heads into traffic and does not “peek” at the defense, which allows him to secure the ball and get it tucked away quickly so that he can hold onto the ball after he gets hit right after the catch. Blessed with rare hands and ball skills, Rogers caught over 94% of the passes thrown his way in the games I evaluated in 2011. He consistently showed the ability to adjust to make tough catches on off-target throws and was able to make catches along the sideline with a defender on his back and he still got his feet down in bounds (Although in college he only needed to get one foot down).

                While Rogers no doubt is a good athlete, he is much more of a smooth and fluid one than a quick twitch one. In the games evaluated he did not show the elite burst of acceleration to close cushion on the cornerback and did not show the playing speed to get separation deep down the field. He does however know how to run good routes to get open and uses his size and technique to create a little space. While not explosive getting started up the field after the catch, he is quick and decisive doing...
                -02-15-2013, 01:22 PM