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    There's still many good players out there, he's the group I think we should have interest/call/SIGN:

    Kayvon Webster, CB, DEN: This one's easy. Webster played for years under Wade and was one of the best ST'ers in the NFL during his time there. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't crack the starting lineup as DEN has the deepest CB trio in the league. I mentioned him weeks ago, and now we're rumoured to have interest. He can come here for a decently cheap contract and start opposite of Tru, which is great.

    Nick Mangold, C, NYJ: Adding Mangold would be awesome. Sure, he's older (33), but he is still one of the best C's in the league and if we can add him on a short deal (1-3 years) we can get a great blocker that can spring our OL from average to good. He'll help lead, he'll be a great player, and he'll teach the young guys along with Whitworth about how to approach the game.

    Dekoda Watson, OLB, DEN: Another DEN guy, Watson can be a starter at SLB if need be, or can backup Quinn at WLB. He provides pass rushing juice and can be signed for the vet minimum, which is great.

    Kevin Minter, ILB, ARI: Minter is someone we should call and ask what he's looking for. I guess ILB is not an immediate need right now, but adding Minter would be nice because he's played his entire NFL career in a 3-4 and we'd be stealing a decent player from a division rival.

    Dont'a Hightower, ILB, NE: I've also mentioned adding Hightower earlier this off-season, and we absolutely need to call him and get a visit at least. He's somehow still out there, and is a top 5 ILB in the NFL. As complete as they come, Hightower would be an expensive addition but he would completely transform this front 7 and would be the anchor this defense needs. At worst see what he's looking for.

    Who are the guys you guys like?

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    I like Webster and Mangold on your list; both make sense. Some that I'd add are...

    John Sullivan (C, WAS): Has familiarity with McVay's offense and, if he's regained his pre-injury form, was a consistent starter for the Vikings.

    Ryan Groy (C, BUF): Is a restricted free agent at the original tender level; has been coached by current Rams OL coach Aaron Kromer

    Connor Barwin (LB, PHI): Older, but wouldn't sneeze at a short term deal where he's brought in to help the pass rush in the new 3-4

    Zach Brown (LB, BUF): Not sure what his asking price is, but I think the Rams need another presence at ILB next to Ogletree

    Jarvis Jones (LB, PIT): One of Barry's favorite prospects who has busted out in Pittsburgh, might be worth kicking the tires if only for schematic depth

    Brandon Carr (CB, DAL): He's a durable starter and would give the team someone to either start opposite Trumaine or replace him in the line-up if he's traded

    Bradley McDougald (S, TB): Durable and consistent though not spectacular, he seems to be improving and could continue to develop under a capable defensive mind


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      I would add Michael Floyd big bodied receiver that's still young and due to his recent problems we may be able to get on a good deal. He has had success in the league and is much better than anything we currently have. I would also consider Prince Amukamara.
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        I like Mangold, Webster and Sullivan and Groy. The centers are obvious. We cannot go into the season with a converted lieman playing a pivotal OL position. Cross training is for shoes, not athletes. I say Webster because he knows Wade's system and I'm "concerned" about our backfield defense going against some very polished receivers this season. I couldn't pick him out of a line-up, but if you like him sosa, then I'll buy in.

        I know this thread is for guys beyond the current team, but what about McDonald, Zeurlein and Cunningham? TJ is a risk due to his DUI and his play can be inconsistent and Cunningham is easily replaced in the draft, but his KO returns were better than average IMO. Zeurlein is almost a must.

        Go Rams!


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        • AvengerRam
          Rams Waiver-Wire Shopping List
          by AvengerRam
          In the next ten days, many players will hit the open market. Most will be young, fringe players, but there will also be a number of veterans who could have something left in the tank.

          While the Rams have done a very good job of improving their roster this offseason, there are still a few areas that could be bolstered with short-term additions.

          Here's my priority list:

          1. Offensive Line (right side/depth)
          The Rams' depth on the OL, or lack thereof, is troubling. Also, I don't know that we can say that Jamon Brown and Rob Havenstein have a stranglehold on the right side of the OL. I wouldn't mind adding a utility OL with some experience, just in case.

          2. Free Safety
          Lamarcus Joyner is working his way into this position, but I don't think he's quite there yet. Adding a vet, perhaps even an aging CB, might not be a bad idea.

          3. OLB/Edge Rusher
          Behind Robert Quinn (a ghost during the preseason) and Connor Barwin are a bunch of inexperienced guys who remain question marks. If a pass rush specialist is available, I might consider adding a veteran to the rotation....
          -08-29-2017, 07:59 AM
        • sosa39rams
          Our Defense
          by sosa39rams
          I think our defense is pretty close to being at the level where they need to be. We've got a bunch of talented pieces, we just need a few more situational players to take us over the hump. IMO, it's crucial we re-sign Trumaine Johnson. No doubt about it. I'd feel well about giving him what he's likely asking for (Probably somewhere in 10-12 per year) range. He's a CB1, and with a good pass rush he can be a top CB in this league. Our 2nd CB spot is rough with Gaines regressing majorly and being often injured.

          Here's my breakdown of the players currently:

          RE - Rob Quinn: He's been a major disappointment, but when healthy he's still a good player. I think it's not worth getting rid of him so I'd absolutely bring him back next year and really hope he can get back to being elite, because he's a huge piece to this defense.

          DT - Aaron Donald: He's the best player in football. No other thoughts here.

          DT - Mike Brockers: I really like Brockers, and I feel the contract we gave him was very fair for both sides. He's only 25 and he excels at stopping the run and closing his gap.

          LE - Will Hayes: This is where the fun begins. Hayes can be quiet for plenty of games and then suddenly dominate, it's strange. He's old at 31 I believe, so we should start looking for his replacement, but with his relatively cheap wage and productivity, I think he can be a starter again next year.

          OLB - Mark Barron: Barron is one of my favourite players in the NFL, but he isn't a great fit IMO. We practically run a 2 LB set and both Barron and Ogletree are converted Safeties, that's a recipe for disaster. I think Barron as a 3rd LB on a cheap contract would be a gamer, but he is better in coverage than against the run. Think about it, Barron is 225 lbs, you think he's going to be able to put his hat on a 320 LB guard and fill his gap effectively? Plus, his cap hit is massive next year at 11 million. I'd be fine with keeping one of Barron or Tree, but both on the field just can't work together.

          MLB - Alex Ogletree: I actually like Tree, even though he's catching a lot of hate on the internet. He's not a very disciplined player, and he's had some really dumb penalties this year. But to me Tree is as athletic as an LB that you'll find, and is in the top 5 in LB's for run stuff behind the LOS. He will lose containment of his gap sometimes, but more often than not he is a playmaker than a liability. His range is massive and his speed is a huge plus. I would certainly keep Tree over Barron, but we need to be able to place a big strong LB next to Tree who can thump and play downhill, not a Mark Barron type who's an even less physical version of Tree.

          CB - Lamarcus Joyner: Joyner is a very good slot CB. He is gritty, tough, and pretty reliable. He'll have a lapse from time to time but IMO he's a top 5 slot corner in the league and he's extremely young. So physical for a tiny player, he'll...
          -12-25-2016, 02:03 PM
        • sosa39rams
          Off-Season Free Agency Options
          by sosa39rams
          Well, as we all know our OL is terrible. We need to address it this off-season, hands down. Two guys I really like and I'd love to sign either (I know myself and a lot of other fans on this forum wanted the Rams to draft BOTH of these guys at the time) are:

          Larry Warford, RG, Lions: He's a power pig. Sometimes he can struggle in pass pro, especially against really strong and agile DT's, but Warford excels in the run game. He is powerful and gets in the way of anyone in front of him. He's good at climbing to the 2nd level and looks to finish with power and has a nasty grit to him. Warford is only 25 years old, and has played at an elite level in the past. He's also started 16, 13, 13, and currently this season 11 games in his short career. I think the Lions may let him walk as they've invested plenty in their OL and someone eventually has to walk. Warford would be an awesome option in our run game to help spring Gurley.


          Chance Warmack, RG, Titans: I recall when his draft year rolled around, just about all of us were on board with Warmack. He is a powerful, smart, quick, and athletic guard. He was so elite in college he was picked 10th overall in the draft, which rarely happens for a guard. His play in the NFL has not been as elite, but I think he is an immediate solid starter and a massive upgrade, and has potential to be a top guard in the league. He's also only 25 years old and has been in the league 4 years, starting 16, 16, 14, and 2 games. This year he had a problem in his hand and needed surgery which eventually put him on IR. The Titans replacement has been good and for that reason I think they'll let Warmack walk. He's played LG in college too giving him versatility.

          I think Warford would probably command more money, as he's healthy. I think Warmack may be able to be had at a cheaper price due to injury, maybe even a 1 year prove it deal, which would be an awesome target. I'd love to nab either of these guys. Either of them would be a huge piece to our OL helping spring Gurley to elite status.
          -12-06-2016, 06:13 PM
        • AvengerRam
          Ranking Rams' Needs (Pre-Combine/UFA Signing Period)
          by AvengerRam
          Here's how I'd currently rank the Rams' needs:

          1. Offensive Line
          Nothing on offense will work until this gets fixed. Rob Havenstein is perhaps the only holdover who is certain to be a starter in 2017 (and even his position is up in the air). If the Rams can add at least two quality starters (I prefer they go the veteran route), this unit could be vastly improved.

          2. Receivers (WR/TE)
          Jared Goff needs targets. Normally, I'd focus on WRs, but this year's crop of TEs is one of the best I've seen, so I'd consider going that route in the draft (David Njoku, Bucky Hodges and Jordan Leggett are all Day 2 possibilities). I also like the idea of adding one of the Redskins' FA WRs (D.Jackson, P.Garcon) given their familiarity with McVay's offense.

          3. Outside LB
          If the Rams are going to run a 3-4, they need two edge rushers who can play in that system. I think that (if healthy) Robert Quinn will be outstanding on one side. The Rams need to add another for the opposite side. My sleeper pick is Ejuan Price of Pittsburgh, who could probably be had early on Day 3 of the draft.

          4. Cornerback
          The Rams made the right move in retaining Trumaine Johnson, and may have enough with E.J. Gaines and Lamarcus Joyner, but I think they need to have more depth and start thinking about the future. Could be some good Day 2 values at the spot. FAs at this position are usually overpriced.

          5. Inside LB
          I'd like to see a veteran with experience playing inside along with Alec Ogletree. Kevin Minter or Zach Brown would be a good FA targets if the Rams want to spend some of their money at this spot.

          6. Safety
          This position will depend a lot on whether the Rams re-sign T.J. McDonald and/or whether Mark Barron is moved back to SS. Mo Alexander showed some promise at the other spot, though some don't view him as a true FS.

          7. Running Back
          Todd Gurley will obviously get a chance to regain his rookie form. If Benny Cunningham is not re-signed, we'll need some depth.

          8. Defensive Line
          Particularly if the Rams re-sign Dominque Easley, I think we're pretty much set at DT and DE.

          9. Quarterback
          Goff is the starter. Mannion is the backup. All that is needed is a "camp arm."...
          -03-02-2017, 09:49 AM
        • AvengerRam_old
          Five Remaining FAs Worth a Look-See
          by AvengerRam_old
          I warn you in advance... this list is not going to make you jump out of your chair and scream "SIGN HIM!!!"

          That said, I think these five could be good fits:

          Brodrick Bunkley, DT, Broncos
          There's a good chance he'll re-sign with Denver, and he's also paid a visit to New Orleans. However, if he does not reach a deal with either club, I think he'd be a good fit in St. Louis on a young DL featuring Chris Long, Robert Quinn and Kendall Langford.

          Erin Henderson, LB, Vikings
          He's young (25), has good size (6'3, 244 lbs) and seems to be a player who is ascending. I'd like to see him lined up next to James Laurinaitis.

          Tracy Porter, CB, Saints
          The Rams are clearly interested, but so are several other teams. He'd be a nice addition and would give the Rams a solid pair of starters at the CB spot.

          Rocky McIntosh, LB, Redskins
          McIntosh would be a solid addition, and probably not too expensive. He's a good tackler, and has experience playing in many formations.

          Jacob Hester, FB, Chargers
          Hester is a jack-of-all trades. He can carry the ball in short yardage. He can block. He can catch the ball. He plays on special teams. Not a star, by any means, but a "glue" player who can help a team.
          -03-21-2012, 07:04 AM