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Owens at it YET again!

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  • Owens at it YET again!

    Nov 6 Mark Eckel, of the Trenton Times, reports Philadelphia Eagles WR Terrell Owens had a fistfight with former defensive end and current team ambassador Hugh Douglas. The fight occurred in front of several of his teammates. According to one of the sources the Owens-Douglas fight "was like WWE Smackdown." Another source said both men threw at least two punches during the altercation and when it was over Owens challenged QB Donovan McNabb first and then everyone else in the room saying, "You want some. Anyone else want some." The Eagles refused to comment about the situation, other than the statement that revealed Owens' suspension. Owens and Douglas have been at odds since training camp and almost got into an altercation in an elevator at Lehigh University.

    - Yahoo Sports.


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    Re: Owens at it YET again!

    Owens is going too far with this, but I could see this wasn't the team for him. I guess the real question is which team can deal with him? Who do you think T.O. can play with no problems?

    It's Jim not Chris


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      Re: Owens at it YET again!

      Originally posted by LA Rammer
      Owens is going too far with this, but I could see this wasn't the team for him. I guess the real question is which team can deal with him? Who do you think T.O. can play with no problems?
      I don't think there is one. A cancer is a cancer no matter where that cancer exists.
      The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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        Re: Owens at it YET again!

        Owens is probably the most talented receiver since Jerry Rice. But his ego and his mouth are too distracting. As much as I admire his talent, I hope he doesn't get picked up by any team. He sets a very bad example for everyone.
        That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!


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          Re: Owens at it YET again!

          And...He's out for the Season.


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            Re: Owens at it YET again!

            There was a mention about a friend who happens to be the FALCONS receivers coach that T.O. would actually listen to. The problem I see with this is that with Vick being the run first, pass second guy, he wouldn't fit in, and he would end up calling for Vick's feet.

            I really don't care, this guy is toast. He killed his own career.
            sigpicThis is for Randy! GO BRM!


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            • RamWraith
              More Ownes stuff
              by RamWraith
              Reid says T.O. will stay away until issue is settled

              BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid called the ejection of Terrell Owens from training camp in-house business, adding the tempestuous wide receiver would not be permitted back to camp until the two of them fully discuss the problem.

              Owens said he was just happy to have a week off.

              "I'm going to work with T.O. and only T.O.," Reid said Thursday in his first comments since Owens was sent home Wednesday.

              That was about all Reid said despite numerous questions on a variety of subjects about the playmaking, showboating Owens, who was asked to leave camp Wednesday after a heated exchange with Reid.

              Owens, meanwhile, emerged from his house in Moorestown, N.J., after noon on Thursday, signing autographs to the delight of several dozen fans who passed the time throwing footballs and yelling Eagles chants in his suburban cul de sac. Owens told reporters he had not spoken to the team.

              "Why would I talk to them? They gave me a week off," he said.

              When asked why he had the time off, Owens remained elusive.

              "What do you think?" he said. "You are asking a dumb question right now."

              Owens and agent Drew Rosenhaus -- who had arrived in midmorning -- departed for what the agent said was lunch and a meeting.

              Suddenly, Owens pulling a Sharpie from his sock or posing on the Cowboys' star seems downright tame.

              On Wednesday, Owens told Comcast SportsNet that his ejection by Reid "was just a difference of opinion. I was defending myself."

              Defending himself from what, it's not exactly clear.

              Owens refused to say what the argument was about, and the Eagles issued only a brief statement saying Owens was not expected to return to the team until next Wednesday.

              But this was the risk the Eagles were willing to take last year when they traded for Owens because they thought he could help them win a Super Bowl.

              Now comes this.

              For the fifth time in six days, Owens did not practice Wednesday because of a groin injury suffered last week. Instead, he worked out with the assistant trainer for about 20 minutes, catching balls from a machine and doing some light running. He did not speak to reporters or acknowledge the fans who chanted his name.

              Between sessions -- the Eagles had a special teams practice Wednesday afternoon that Owens was not required to attend -- Owens and Reid started arguing during a meeting.

              Reid asked the injured Owens to leave after their discussion, according to Rosenhaus, and Owens' publicist, Kim Etheredge.

              Owens then got his belongings and cleared out of training camp at Lehigh University.

              "If the truth needs to be told, then...
              -08-11-2005, 01:07 PM
            • RamWraith
              Owens Trashes McNabb In New Book
              by RamWraith
              Jason Rosenhaus.

              And not shockingly, Owens spends much of book trashing former teammate McNabb and blaming McNabb for the fallout between the two stars that led to Owens' exile from Philadelphia.

              In the book, Owens paints McNabb as a hypocrite, a weak leader and someone who was jealous of Owens and blocked Owens' return to the Eagles after a four-game suspension.

              And Owens paints himself as a heroic but sometimes flawed figure who was wronged by McNabb, arbitrator Richard Bloch, coach Andy Reid and the Eagles.

              "I accept that I played a role in tearing apart the Eagles season, but the blame was not all mine," Owens said.

              But Owens puts most of the blame on McNabb.

              Owens' public criticisms of McNabb last fall directly led to the end of the All-Pro receiver's career in Philadelphia.

              Giants Game Was Beginning Of Feud

              In the book, Owens says it was one play in a game in a 27-6 win over the New York Giants in November 2004 that upset Owens and convinced him that McNabb was jealous.

              "I couldn't believe it," Owens said about a pass play where McNabb decided not to throw him the ball. "Donovan had time to get the ball to me. Ö Donovan ignored me, he ignored Coach Reid's design."

              Owens said he returned to the huddle and ask McNabb about the play, and McNabb responded with an obscenity to Owens in front of teammates.

              In his opinion, Owens then knew McNabb was deeply jealous of his popularity in Philadelphia.

              "I was getting so much of the Philadelphia glory that used to be his," Owens said.

              Owens then said he got into a confrontation with McNabb after the Giants game in the Meadowlands locker room and running back Dorsey Levens broke up the two men.

              "Donovan was never the same with me again; things were only going to get worse," Owens added.

              Owens Compares Himself To Willis Reed

              Owens also claims that McNabb downplayed his role on the team after that and blames McNabb for turnovers that led to the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots.

              He also compares his Super Bowl performance with the legendary performance of Knicks star Willis Reed, who helped his team win a title playing on one leg.

              Owens also said it was his financial advisor who inspired to get try to redo his Eagles deal.

              "I wanted to send a hungry, aggressive agent into the Eagles' nest," said Owens, who hired Drew Rosenhaus.

              Owens also talks about his locker room fight with former Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas and his soured relationship with Eagles head coach Andy Reid.

              Owens also said he was deeply embarrassed that he was made to apologize about comments he made to a teen journalist about McNabb and the Eagles.

              -07-06-2006, 05:00 AM
            • ZiaRam
              Terrel Owens a Seagull
              by ZiaRam
              LOL we are blessed to be in a divison with aged former stars Owens and Moss....Bet these experiments dont pan out especially after things dont go right and they start their old antics.
              -08-08-2012, 08:17 AM
            • DJRamFan
              [Eagles] Owens: Other Players Will Step Up
              by DJRamFan
              December 20, 2004
              By DAVE SPADARO

              He spoke for 5 minutes, 26 seconds. "This is T.O.," he said, announcing that the conference call was live and ready to begin.
              Terrell Owens always knows how to make an entrance.

              He isn't ready to say he's making an exit from the 2004 season, either. Owens sounded ready to do anything possible to make it back to the playing field should the Eagles be fortunate enough to win two playoff games and advance to the Super Bowl on Feb. 6 in Jacksonville, FL.

              "I feel like I'm a pretty good healer. I'll see how my body responds to all of that," said Owens as reporters and television cameras crowded around a speaker phone in the media room at the NovaCare Complex on Monday.

              WR Terrell Owens is taking the positive approach to his recovery
              "Believe me, I'm already on top of that. I've already moved my hyperbaric chamber down to my living room. I'll be in that trying to get myself back on the field as soon as I can. I'm going to be smart about the situation."

              Owens spent most of his Monday being poked, prodded and tested. His right anke, deemed sprained on Sunday, was targeted for surgery less than 24 hours later.

              After an early-morning MRI at the NovaCare Complex, Owens was taken to Baltimore to visit ankle specialist Dr. Mark Myerson.

              There he found out the injury was far more serious than a simple sprain.

              "I went down there optimistic, kind of hoping for the best and I got the worst of news," said Owens. "But, things happen and you've just got to move on from it. I'm just sad from the standpoint of not being there with the guys in the playoffs. I know these next two games are sort of meaningless, but not really.

              "My thing was, I was really looking forward to the playoffs, really trying to get this team to the Super Bowl. I think that without me they can still achieve that goal.

              Owens took the time to speak with quarterback Donovan McNabb, wide receivers Todd Pinkston and Freddie Mitchell, head coach Andy Reid and safety Brian Dawkins before talking to reporters.

              "I wanted to let those guys know that I'm behind them. I'm going to be their biggest cheerleader. Coach Reid called me earlier today," said Owens. "It's just something that is unfortunate at the wrong time."

              And yet ...

              "It doesn't stop with me. Just like when guys went down early in the season. (Defensive end N.D.) Kalu went down weeks before trainign camp. Somebody has to step in ... everybody has to step up. There's no reason for everybody to get down, no reason for the City of Philadelphia to get down because I'm not there.

              "Obviously, my presence will be missed, but we have the guys that can get it done. I truly mean that."
              -12-21-2004, 10:44 AM
            • Nick
              Terrell Owens.. disgruntled? Couldn't be...
              by Nick
              Eagles: Owens frustrated with second-half offense
              By BOB GROTZ
              [email protected]

              PHILADELPHIA -- Like Terrell Owens, Andy Reid questioned the offensive game plan in the second half of the Eaglesí 30-8 blowout of Carolina.
              At his Monday news conference, Reid conceded his traditional comments about "doing a better job as a coach" applied specifically to Owens, who was shutout in the second half.

              Reid vowed he could put the ball in the hands of T.O. -- even when the opposition rolls its coverage toward the receiver, turning the area into a mosh pit, as the Panthers did.

              "There are ways of getting it to him then, yeah," Reid said. "Thatís where Iíve got to do a better job."

              The Eagles can ill-afford a disgruntled Owens if they want to reach Jacksonville, site of Super Bowl XXXIX.

              Owens is a primary reason the Eagles are 5-0 for the first time since 1981, and leading the NFC East by a half of a game. The New York Giants (4-1) are next, followed by Dallas (2-3) and Washington (2-4). The Eagles also lead the NFC, with Atlanta (5-1) and Minnesota (4-1) close behind.

              The opposition certainly will watch tape of John Foxís defense, which reduced Owens, quarterback Donovan McNabb and running back Brian Westbrook to little more than spectators in the second half of the 30-8 rout. Fox almost always has done a solid job of defending McNabb, dating back to his tour as defensive coordinator of the Giants.

              Owens had four grabs for 123 yards in the first half, including highlight quality catches of 53 and 51 yards. Those proved to be his game totals. Worse, Owens didnít get into the end zone for the first time this season, robbing him of his seventh different celebration.

              Owens likely went into the intermission thinking he could get 200 receiving yards on cornerback Ricky Manning and the Panthers. But McNabb threw just one pass toward him in the second half, and it fell incomplete.

              Owens said he was open at times, that the Eagles should have taken more shots down the field and that he was just thankful they won. There was no mention of Reid taking it easy on his colleague and good friend, Fox.

              "I think as an offense we were very frustrated," Owens said. "We didnít do the necessary things to kind of balance our offense, as far as the run and the pass. We got the win. Weíve just got to move on and watch the film."

              It probably wonít be a film session with popcorn and soft drinks. The Eagles managed just 93 yards of offense, three three-and-outs in the second half after producing 190 in the first half. A McNabb interception made it nastier.

              Except for a 42-yard Westbrook scoring run with 2:08 remaining, the Eaglesí running game was AWOL. McNabb completed throws to just six receivers, a notch or two below...
              -10-19-2004, 10:32 PM