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Draft sites, anyone?

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  • Draft sites, anyone?

    While I'm aware there's a game tomorrow of some import, I'm already making preperations for that saddest of times, "Black Monday." The morning we wake up and more football! It's just sad, man!
    Anyway, I'm on the prowl for your favorite draft sites, and starting to get ready for that great day. Draft day's almost as big as a Super Bowl (well, a non-Rams Super Bowl) at my house.
    With the 32nd pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams select...
    Wide Receiver Antwan Randel-El from the University of Indiana.:wiseman:

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    Try not to even think about it. First up superbowl sunday.
    The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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      Ah but Daddo only 61 days Til the Claymores come home again and only 71 til the first home game .

      See every cloud has a silver lining

      But like Rampower says 1 game at a time

      GO RAMS:helmet:


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        On drafts and french fries...

        There's much I don't know about the business side of the NFL (and a few other things too -- just a few).
        As of a year or two ago, I began hearing more and more about this "FRANCHISE player" deal concerning one player per team that is so labeled ... apparently to his disadvantage?

        So rather than researching the internet for an answer, I must resort to the right Ramsource, as always, to find out among my Ram buddies what these french fries are all about.

        Not sure if or how a team franchise player status affects the overall draft or trade scenario. I've just read again that our fine LB London Fletcher might be the Rams' choice this year.
        :confused: ???

        Thanks for your help on this. :helmet:


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          Can you repeat the question...

          Maybe I need to take the question to another section here in the Clan forum: what is a "franchise player?"

          How will this affect the Rams and/or London Fletcher if he does get labeled as such? Is it good or bad...
          Come on, I need to know before the season starts.

          :nerd: Thanks.


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            1. Franchise players are players a team has designated as a player they want back next year, but need more time to negotiate. What happens is, the player is locked in for one year on that team making the average salary of the top fives guys at his position [Fletcher would get the average of the top five salaries of LBs]. If other teams want the player they must give up at least a first rounder. [i.e. Kevin Carter]

            2. Transitional players are players that are not exactly free agents - they get the average of the top five salaries in their position, but other teams are able to talk to them and offer them a contract. If the original team wants to they can counteroffer. BUT, if no one seeks out the player, they are locked into the franchise player contract.

            3. No one was named franchise player for the Rams yet and i don't anticipate anybody, especially since the deadline was yesterday at 4:00 Eastern. So all this will have no effect on the Rams


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              Stay D! Go Rams!...

              Thanks DJ! I sure appreciate that info... :cool:

              :ram: Now then, let's keep London and our Dee! Any rookies in the plan?


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                no prob jorge, glad i can help....

                this probably explains it more/better....