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  • Salary Cap: team by team

    Team - Cap status

    Arizona Cardinals - $23.4 million under
    Atlanta Falcons - $7 million over
    Baltimore Ravens - $22.5 million over
    Buffalo Bills - $6.4 million under
    Carolina Panthers - $7 million over
    Chicago Bears - $11.9 million under
    Cincinnati Bengals - $10.2 million under
    Cleveland Browns - $8.4 million under
    Dallas Cowboys - $7.3 million under
    Denver Broncos - $8.8 million over
    Detroit Lions - $400,000 under
    Green Bay Packers - $500,000 under
    Houston Texans - $61.5 million under
    Indianapolis Colts - $1.2 million over
    Jacksonville Jaguars - $27.7 million over
    Kansas City Chiefs - $3 million over
    Miami Dolphins - $16.9 million over
    Minnesota Vikings - $6.3 million over
    New England Patriots - $86,000 under
    New Orleans Saints - $6.29 million over
    New York Giants - $11.6 million over
    New York Jets - $19.4 million over
    Oakland Raiders - $19.5 million over
    Philadelphia Eagles - $16.4 million under
    Pittsburgh Steelers - $9 million under
    St. Louis Rams - $3.8 million under
    San Diego Chargers - $7.86 million under
    San Francisco ***** - $1.2 million under
    Seattle Seahawks - $1.6 million under
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers - $8.1 million over
    Tennessee Titans - $22.5 million over
    Washington Redskins - $11 million under

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    This is sad

    This salary cap thing is a necessary evil. Baseball better adopt it or it will be the Mets playing the Yankees and NO ONE WILL CARE ABOUT BASEBALL outside of NY. This coming from a Cardinals fan that used to be able to recite the starting lineups of every Cardinal team from 1964 to 1987.

    Anyway, this salary cap is what keeps the NFL the best league in pro sports. Every year, most teams have hope of the playoffs if not the Super Bowl. Baseball has NY and everyone else. In a way, I see Steinbrenner's point. "If I wanted to buy the Kansas City Royals I would have. I bought the Yankees. You bought the Royals. Why should I share?" The reason: outprice everyone, and no competition means no sport. Baseball, its a free for all. Football, everyone has the same fenced in area. Baseball, people know that the Brewers have no shot. Football, couple FA's and the Packers are back in it. Same market.

    Go figure.


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      I totally agree. Baseball will continue to be flawed as long as Steinbrenner and Selig are in there. It's just not worth watching any more. Until the league starts getting hit in the wallet no one will care.

      Salary cap in baseball and hockey is very difficult to maneuver but is DESPERATELY needed in both sports. The problem with both is the constant calling up and down of players to the minors to fill roster spots. If the brain trusts really sat down to hammer it out it could be done, but what chance is that gonna happen.

      Remove the anti-trust exemption and let the Royals and Cardinals play in the World Series!


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      • HUbison
        Salary cap status of all 32 teams
        by HUbison
        Salary cap status of all 32 teams
        By John Clayton,

        Below is the amount of money each team is under the $85.5 million salary cap for 2005 as of March 4.

        Arizona Cardinals $19.2 million
        Atlanta Falcons $4.3 million
        Baltimore Ravens $14.4 million
        Buffalo Bills $652,000
        Carolina Panthers $3.4 million
        Chicago Bears $8.6 million
        Cincinnati Bengals $8.6 million
        Cleveland Browns $8.9 million
        Dallas Cowboys $11 million
        Denver Broncos $1.7 million
        Detroit Lions $9.1 million
        Green Bay Packers $2.7 million
        Houston Texans $8.9 million
        Indianapolis Colts $7 million
        Jacksonville Jaguars $13 million
        Kansas City Chiefs $2.7 million
        Miami Dolphins $2.4 million
        Minnesota Vikings $31 million
        New England Patriots $3.3 million
        New Orleans Saints $8.7 million
        New York Giants $5.6 million
        New York Jets $5 million
        Oakland Raiders $790,000
        Philadelphia Eagles $14.4 million
        Pittsburgh Steelers $1.5 million
        St. Louis Rams $4.5 million
        San Diego Chargers $11.1 million
        San Francisco ***** $7.6 million
        Seattle Seahawks $6 million
        Tampa Bay Buccaneers $700,000
        Tennessee Titans $2.8 million
        Washington Redskins $9.6 million
        -03-04-2005, 09:48 AM
      • Goldenfleece
        PFT: Rams would be well below salary floor if cap was still in place
        by Goldenfleece
        Plenty of teams would be well below the salary floor
        Posted by Mike Florio on March 14, 2010 2:04 PM ET
        In 2009, each NFL team was required to spend $107 million on player salaries. In 2010, plenty of teams currently would be below the minimum, if there were one.

        Indeed, seven franchises would be under $100 million, if there were a salary cap in place.

        We've obtained the salary cap numbers that would apply if the cap were still in place. Based on the numbers, the following franchises are, to date, taking full advantage of the lack of a salary floor: the Chiefs ($79 million), the Buccaneers ($79 million), the Jaguars ($81 million), the Bengals ($85 million), the Cardinals ($91 million), the Rams ($92 million), the Bills ($98 million).

        Five other teams currently are below last year's minimum.

        Salary cap report, if there were a salary cap
        Posted by Mike Florio on March 14, 2010 1:39 PM ET
        [Editor's note: Here are the team-by-team salary cap figures, if there were a salary cap in place this year. The numbers are current, but some contracts from the past couple of days are not yet reflected.]

        AFC East

        Buffalo Bills: $98 million.

        Miami Dolphins: $112 million.

        New England Patriots: $112 million.

        New York Jets: $120 million.

        AFC North

        Baltimore Ravens: $117 million.

        Cincinnati Bengals: $85 million.

        Cleveland Browns: $101 million.

        Pittsburgh Steelers: $116 million.

        AFC South

        Houston Texans: $114 million.

        Indianapolis Colts: $124 million.

        Jacksonville Jaguars: $81 million.

        Tennessee Titans: $115 million.

        AFC West

        Denver Broncos: $105 million.

        Kansas City Chiefs: $79 million.

        Oakland Raiders: $132 million.

        San Diego Chargers: $104 million.

        NFC East

        Dallas Cowboys: $153 million.

        New York Giants: $118 million.

        Philadelphia Eagles: $124 million.

        Washington Redskins: $134 million.

        NFC North

        Chicago Bears: $132 million.

        Detroit Lions: $106 million.

        Green Bay Packers: $126 million.

        Minnesota Vikings: $134 million.

        NFC South

        Atlanta Falcons: $117 million.

        Carolina Panthers: $104 million.

        New Orleans Saints: $135 million.

        Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $79 million.

        NFC West

        Arizona Cardinals: $91 million.

        St. Louis Rams: $92 million.

        San Francisco *****: $109 million.

        Seattle Seahawks:...
        -05-03-2010, 02:07 PM
      • RamWraith
        Cap Space as of 3-18
        by RamWraith
        This is per KFFL and is current through March 18th

        Tampa Bay $39.64 million
        Philadelphia $38.92 million
        Kansas City $34.63 million
        San Francisco $30.77 million
        Green Bay $29.88 million
        Chicago $28.62 million
        Cleveland $22.02 million
        Minnesota $21.91 million
        Jacksonville $21.29 million
        Denver $19.22 million
        Cincinnati $16.35 million
        N.Y. Jets $14.33 million
        Tennessee $13.99 million
        Miami $13.86 million
        Houston $13.69 million
        Atlanta $13.55 million
        St. Louis $12.42 million
        Detroit $11.78 million
        Dallas $10.88 million
        Oakland $10.35 million
        Buffalo $10.30 million
        San Diego $8.56 million
        Indianapolis $7.15 million
        N.Y. Giants $6.78 million
        Washington $6.57 million
        New England $6.07 million
        Baltimore $5.99 million
        Seattle $5.87 million
        Carolina $5.11 million
        Arizona $4.14 million
        Pittsburgh $3.91 million
        New Orleans $1.38 million
        -03-23-2009, 10:34 AM
      • rampete
        Salary Cap Numbers as of 4/11 wednesday
        by rampete
        According to Paquarelli's Insider Tip Sheet

        The list: As of Wednesday evening, there were a dozen teams in the league with more than $10 million each in available salary cap room, and that included three franchises with more than $20 million apiece in spending room. The remaining cap room, by team, from top to bottom:

        Minnesota, $25.0 million; Buffalo, $22.6 million; Cleveland, $21.8 million; Tennessee, $19.6 million; Green Bay, $15.8 million; San Francisco, $13.7 million; Jacksonville, $12.9 million; Dallas, $11.9 million; St. Louis, $11.2 million; New Orleans, $11.1 million; Philadelphia, $10.4 million; New York Jets, $10.1 million; Miami, $8.9 million; Oakland, $8.3 million; Cincinnati, $7.8 million; Carolina, $7.0 million; Seattle, $6.6 million; San Diego, $6.4 million; New England, $6.3 million; New York Giants, $5.8 million; Chicago, $5.1 million; Tampa Bay, $4.9 million; Kansas City, $4.6 million; Denver, $4.3 million; Washington, $3.9 million; Indianapolis, $3.7 million; Baltimore, $3.6 million; Detroit, $3.6 million; Atlanta, $3.1 million; Arizona, $2.8 million; Houston, $2.6 million; Pittsburgh, $1.4 million.

        my apologies if this is out of place in this forum...
        -04-13-2007, 07:50 PM
      • RamsSB99
        Team Salary Cap numbers
        by RamsSB99
        The new agreement looks like a $120 million cap for 2011. I found the following salary caps per team. I am not sure they are 100% accurate but likely close.

        Looking at 2011 salary-cap figures

        By Pat Yasinskas

        I just reached into the NFC South mailbag to start reading the post-Super Bowl notes. Iíll come back with some hot spots later this afternoon, but one note caught my attention because itís worthy of an individual post.

        Jonathan in Pleasant Grove, Utah, referred back to my Jan. 13 post in which I listed what each team has committed to the 2011 salary cap. He asked if I could provide numbers for the entire league. Iíll do that in a minute, but let me just clarify a couple of things. First off, some of the NFC South numbers are a bit different than they were Jan. 13 because teams have signed players to futures contracts.

        As you all know, thereís a lot of uncertainty about the labor situation for 2011. These numbers donít include what restricted free agents, exclusive-rights free agents or franchise players would count toward the cap because we donít know that -- and wonít until there is a labor agreement in place. And, although we know there will be a 2011 draft no matter what, these numbers donít include rookie salaries. The numbers below are only for players currently under contract for the 2011 season.

        Also, we wonít know what the 2011 salary cap for all teams will be until thereís a deal in place. For reference, the salary cap in 2009, the last capped year was right about $130 million.
        • Arizona $83 million
        • Atlanta $102.1 million
        • Baltimore $101.3 million
        • Buffalo $96.4 million
        • Carolina $73 million
        • Chicago $104.9 million
        • Cincinnati $90.7 million
        • Cleveland $99.2 million
        • Dallas $136.6 million
        • Denver $125 million
        • Detroit $113.8 million
        • Green Bay $129.8 million
        • Houston $118.4 million
        • Indianapolis $115.5 million
        • Jacksonville $78.1 million
        • Kansas City $74.7 million
        • Miami $103.1 million
        • Minnesota $108.4 million
        • New England $102.3 million
        • New Orleans $105.2 million
        • New York Giants $126.3 million
        • New York Jets $128.5 million
        • Oakland $85.8 million
        • Philadelphia $80.8 million
        • Pittsburgh $116 million
        • San Diego $85.8 million
        • San Francisco $100.9 million
        • Seattle $81.1 million
        • St. Louis $102.4 million
        • Tampa Bay $59.7 million
        • Tennessee $107.4 million
        • Washington $115.2 million
        -07-19-2011, 05:35 PM