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Madden joins "Monday Night Football"

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  • Madden joins "Monday Night Football"

    By The Associated Press
    02/28/2002 11:08 AM

    NEW YORK -- John Madden is joining ``Monday Night Football.''

    The gregarious announcer agreed to a four-year deal with ABC and will team with veteran play-by-play man Al Michaels to form a two-man booth on the show.

    ``There is only one John Madden and he is now part of ABC Sports,'' ABC Sports president Howard Katz said Thursday.

    Madden had one year remaining on his contract with Fox Sports, but that network agreed late Wednesday to free him from that deal.

    He and ABC then quickly finished hammering out a contract which is worth about $5 million per season, an industry source told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Madden could wind up making much more from the marketing opportunities that will arise thanks to his weekly prime-time
    appearances on ABC.

    ``This is something that came very quickly. I'm numb, but even through the numbness I realize how lucky I am, going from playing to coaching to broadcasting,'' Madden said Thursday. ``Every broadcaster would love an opportunity to be part of 'Monday Night Football.'''

    Madden's arrival means the departures of comedian Dennis Miller and color analyst Dan Fouts from ``Monday Night Football.'' Miller was offered the chance to stay on the program in a minor role, another industry source said, also on condition of anonymity. Sideline reporter Eric Dickerson also will leave the show.

    Madden, who coached the Oakland Raiders to the 1977 Super Bowl championship, had been at Fox since 1994. Before that, he and longtime play-by-play partner Pat Summerall were at CBS, where they were paired in 1981. Summerall said a week before this year's Super Bowl that he and Madden would part ways after calling the game for Fox on Feb. 3.

    Mirroring a general trend in television, the ratings for ``Monday Night Football'' have declined each of the past seven years, including a 9 percent drop this season to a new low average rating of 11.5 (each rating point represents a little more than 1.05 million TV homes). Fox's NFL games averaged a 10.2, down 4 percent from last season, while CBS was steady at 9.5.

    ``This is something John has always had an interest in doing,'' Madden's agent, IMG's Sandy Montag, said Thursday. ``He's going to miss his association with Fox and the NFC. But from a marketing standpoint, this is huge for John.''

    The partnership between Madden and Summerall evolved into the signature sound for pro football on TV. Summerall's reserved tone contrasted well with Madden's free-flowing opinions and jokes.

    They announced eight Super Bowls together. Their first was the 1982 NFL championship, which remains the highest-rated sports telecast ever.

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    Madden should be doing the big show, props to him. If he can't sit next to Pat, Al is the n.b.t. I'll never forget Dennis first game in Canton,I think it was the brownies&cowpies, one of his witty replies,wich was shades of things to come. "Here I am in Canton, and can't find any good cantonese." Put the bong down and walk away babe.


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      Does that mean that Al will be on Madden 2003?


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        I love John Madden doing the games. we are luck in that we get him a lot over here .


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          ugh, i can't stand madden, he has diarrhea of the mouth. His overexplanations are a bit annoying. I do like al michaels though.


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            Now that Madden has signed on for 7 more years, is this a good or bad thing. You can't argue with his passion for the game, but honestly he has lost his touch and also has a serious case of HALF-zheimer's. I am getting pretty tired of listening to "that was a nice route by Isaac Holt". Or "The Los Angeles Rams are for real". :tut
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            I skipped last years madden but found myself eagerly awaiting this years. I gave the demo a bash last night and it seems pretty good, although i would need to be able to change the control settings to something im more familar with in order to fully appreciate the game.

            How do you think the Rams will fare in ratings? Seahawks and ***** are both 90 or over if i remember correctly!!:eek:
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            There appears to be a pretty comical glitch in Madden 15. The only other explanation being that EA Sports designers implemented some XFL cutting-room-floor idea to plant ejection buttons around the playing field.

            "Why... why does the guy go flying in the air?" the confused Madden player asks. "What?"

            As if heightened enforcement on contact past 5 yards with offensive players wasn't going to make life hard enough on defenders.

            The bug will get fixed, or, perhaps this is the next great NFL innovation like the forward pass and the Red Zone Channel.

            Based on Madden 2015, it looks like our new offensive lineman may make a HUGE difference. Of course, the QB still got sacked....
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            Registration 10:00am to 12:00pm
            Kickoff 12:00pm
            Pre Registration.....Call 227.5052
            5555 St. Louis Mills Mall #577
            Hazelwood, MO

            You may preregister before the tournament date...
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