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  • 2002 Draft Nuggets

    Thought I would start a thread that allows everyone to give their opinion on the upcoming draft. I was just browsing on early signees and a couple of running backs stick out to me that could make impacts early in the NFL. The Rams I don't think are looking for a RB, but considering their draft position and past draft history (Canidate) don't put it past them.

    T.J. Duckett from Michigan St. is an intriguing RB. Good speed and pretty good size. Clinton Portis from Miami is interesting also. Really was a major factor in the Canes Championship run.

    I don't think these guys are first round choices, but don't be surprised if Duckett falls to the 3rd round and Martz grabs him.

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  • mikhal5569
    Confused about the supplemental draft
    by mikhal5569
    I haven't had a ton of time to look into this, but to the best of my knowledge the Supplemental Draft recently happened a week or two ago, correct?

    What is the status of the running back everyone seems to want, Harvey Unga? Do the Rams have the first rights to drop a fourth or fifth round pick down for him or is this more of the highest bidder type thing?

    Also, how long do the teams have to make their bid for Supplemental Draft players?

    All I know is we could really use a back like Unga.
    -07-14-2010, 06:40 AM
  • general counsel
    The one draft day comment i despise......
    by general counsel
    One inevitable comment (not seen very often on this board due to the high level of intelligence) that drives me crazy on draft day. "If we wanted that guy (fill in name), we could have had taken him in round _____ (fill in future round)"

    I always have the same response when i hear that comment, no matter what player it relates to, what team or what position. My response is the following: "If you have those kind of psychic powers, why are you watching the nfl draft when you could be out buying winning lottery tickets."

    Unless anyone has prior knowledge of every other teams draft board, which is of course impossible, there is no definitive way to know when a player would be taken if you dont pick him. Sure, you can use your own insight and your own inside knowledge of what others might do, but there are certainly no guarantees and for sure the tv talking heads dont have that information (as they are the masters of knowledge of inside "disinformation").

    Ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    -04-22-2013, 08:32 PM
  • TheBritishRam
    Can some explain what the supplemental draft is?
    by TheBritishRam
    I just read an article about upcoming supplemental draft, I've never heard of it before. Why aren't these players part of the regular draft?
    -06-23-2006, 02:49 PM
  • Rambunctious
    Question for our draft Gurus
    by Rambunctious
    Long time listener first time caller...

    It seems like several teams could use a quarterback or a wide receiver but how many are really in the market for a good running back?

    I can't think of many that aren't set at that position. So will this drop some talented rbs down into the later rounds? How far can we go and still get a steal? Or do enough teams adhere to BPA to let quality far too far?

    I will hang up and listen now.
    -12-15-2010, 08:55 AM
  • Karl-Baker
    I Was Thinking....
    by Karl-Baker
    It's Saturday AND I'm Bored - Extremely BORED !!!

    "Evil Disco Man" - I Know You Don't Like To Talk About The Draft, So You Can Stop Reading.... Unless You're Bored Also (He, He).

    And I Was Thinking....

    What If, The Rams DON'T Draft A Wide Receiver With Their 1st Pick In The Draft (Number 31 Overall).

    I Mean, We've All Been Assuming That's How They'd Pick.
    Or At Least - I Have.

    But, The Wide Reciever Position Is Very Deep In This Year's Draft.... Or At Least, That What We've All Heard or Read Somewhere (Right.).

    But, What If (Big Jump Here Karl - You KNOW How Mike Martz Loves His Offense), The Rams Don't Draft A Wide Receiver In The 1st Round.
    What Position, Other Than Wide Receiver Would They Take ???

    Offensive Tackle - Probably Not. The Rams Have A Need Here, But They Don't Like To Play Rookies (With Kurt's Health on The Line).
    Their Philosophy Has Been To Draft Them In Later Rounds, And Develope Them Under Jim Hannifan (Right ??).

    Cornerback - Maybe. Jacoby Sheppard Is Still on The Roster (Why, I Have No Idea). So There Is A Need Here As Well.

    Linebacker - Maybe. We'll Have To See If The Rams Sign Anyone Else Here In Free Agency (This Holdman Guy From Chicago).

    Defensive Tackle - Yes, There Is A Need There. Maybe This Will Be Our First Pick Overall.
    But We Drafted SO HEAVY Last Year, With Defense..... It's Hard To Think Mike Martz Will Do That Again This Year.
    It Just Hurts My Mind To Think of It.

    Quarterback - Probably Not. They Just Signed Jamie Martin To A Two Year Extension, And Marc Bulger Is The New Up-and-Coming Kid on The Block.
    Well, If Joey Harrington Falls This Far - There'd Be No Way To Pass Him Up. But That Won't Happen.
    Might As Well Ask For The Winning Lottery Numbers.

    Long Snapper - No, Not In The First Round.

    Defensive End - This Is Also Another Possibility !!!
    I'd Love To Have Julius Peppers !!!
    But Everyone Tells Me I'm A Bozo For Thinking The Rams Will Trade Up To Get Him.
    There's A Big Drop Off In Talent After Peppers - So It Wouldn't Merit A First Round Selection.


    Back To My Question.

    If The Rams DON'T DRAFT A Wide Receiver With Their First Overall Pick, What Is The Next Type of Player The Rams Will Probably Select ????

    Please Help Me Out Here.
    Anyone & Everyone !!!
    I Want To Know Your Thoughts !!!

    Thanks In Advance,

    -03-16-2002, 11:39 AM