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Ray Lewis Is ONE tackle away from 1,000.

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  • Ray Lewis Is ONE tackle away from 1,000.

    Let him have # 1,000 is proper attire, some horns.

    Go Rams. :helmet:

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    Re: Ray Lewis Is ONE tackle away from 1,000.

    Um, no thanks.


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      Re: Ray Lewis Is ONE tackle away from 1,000.

      Who????????? heh


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      • Truth
        Ray Lewis Available???
        by Truth
        Just read a story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune saying that Ray Lewis is looking to be traded. Ravens won't re-negotiate his contract, so he wants out.

        I know he's not the same Ray lewis he was a couple of years ago, but what a leader on the defense. I'd take him in half a heartbeat if we could get him. I wouldn't sell the farm, but I'd certainly look at what we might have to offer for him.
        -02-22-2006, 02:06 PM
      • Rip32
        Ray Lewis
        by Rip32
        The Ravens are still shopping around middle linebacker Ray Lewis as trade bait, possibly to the Denver Broncos for one of their two offensive tackles, Matt Lepsis or George Foster.
        -- Baltimore Sun
        -03-16-2006, 07:15 AM
      • RAM-BO
        Ray Lewis back after injury, 7 solos and a sack.
        by RAM-BO
        Good job and welcome back Ray.
        -09-10-2006, 01:35 PM
      • THOLTFAN81
        Ray Lewis
        by THOLTFAN81
        I really want the Rams to sign him. Given he is asking for a lot of money but he brings more then any linebacker you will see in a Rams uniform for the next five years. He is a freak player, and not only that he is an emotional leader who can ignite a defense with his mouth. The Rams got the emotional coach that isn't afraid to yell and isn't passive, lets get that leader on defense.
        -02-27-2009, 12:16 PM
      • sbramfan
        D' Lewis
        by sbramfan
        Just my thoughts on D' Lewis:

        I've never been a big fan of picking up free agents from teams that have an entire good unit s because you can't be sure the player is a stand-out. Guys like Kim Herring and Jamie Duncan who, while they were on defenses that were awesome, it was their supporting cast that made them not only look better, but actually be better, since other players were getting the focus or double teams, etc..

        But when you put those guys on another team, they look average at best. It seems a lot safer to get a guy who stands out on a poor unit, because he'll only be that much better with other players to compliment him.

        Point being, D' Lewis is starting to look better now because the players around him are now making things happen, which also opens doors for him. So whether he has atually got better or not, the play of the rest of the front 7 is a great thing for all of them.
        -09-25-2005, 07:28 AM