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  • More Colts/LA Rumblings

    Colts may fill NFL's L.A. void
    Staff Writer

    At the league meetings in Amelia Island, Fla., this past week NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue dropped the anvil-like hint that every city with both an NFL team and a stadium problem should take quite seriously.

    Tagliabue said he would like to choose a site for a new, state-of-the-art stadium in Los Angeles by next May and have that stadium up and running in 2008.

    Then he will need a team to put in it.

    So, consider the fate of the Indianapolis Colts.

    Colts owner Jim Irsay says he's falling a little more behind each day in the league's financial race because he plays in the NFL's smallest stadium the 55,306-seat RCA Dome. He said he has sold just 40,000 season tickets for 2004 despite last season's 14-5 finish that included a trip to the AFC Championship game.

    ''From my perspective it's how much longer you can keep putting your own money into a situation with no foreseeable change in the future,'' Irsay said.

    Irsay dug deep into his own personal wealth to pay Peyton Manning's record $34.5 million signing bonus earlier this year. He is now trying to determine if there is enough long-term interest in his team in Indiana to even begin what will be a decidedly uphill fight for a new stadium.

    ''The Peyton Manning deal was a good football decision, but it was not a good business decision,'' Irsay said. ''When you have a political leadership that is really trying, but the market isn't there, that is the problem.''

    And not so coincidentally while the Colts lease at the RCA Dome runs through the 2013 season, Irsay does have an escape clause in 2007. Or just about the time Tagliabue would like a stadium in Los Angeles to be ready.

    There are too many TV sets in L.A. for the league not to be there and a new stadium would certainly put the city squarely in the Super Bowl rotation.

    And Irsay, without a firm plan for a new stadium in Indy, would be just one of several owners lining up to try to get there.

    ''I'm 44 now,'' Irsay said. ''I don't want to sign (a deal in Indianapolis) until I'm 74 unless we have a strong long-term plan.''

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    Re: More Colts/LA Rumblings

    The LA Colts? Just doesn't sound right. Move the Rams back to LA and the Colts to Stl. :1:

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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      Re: More Colts/LA Rumblings

      Originally posted by RAMMAN68
      The LA Colts? Just doesn't sound right. Move the Rams back to LA and the Colts to Stl. :1:



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        Re: More Colts/LA Rumblings

        As some may know, I was orginally from Baltimore. Nothing would make my day more than to have the Colts move to L.A. I just hope they do it in the middle of the using Mayflower Vans



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          Re: More Colts/LA Rumblings

          Originally posted by RAMMAN68
          The LA Colts? Just doesn't sound right.
          I'm sure a lot of people said the same thing about the Indianapolis Colts in the early 80s, but now we've all gotten used to it.


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            There is definitely going to be 2 teams.

            The stadium is going to be the AEG stadium next to staples center.

            It is already trying to attract interest for PSLs and giving pricing.

            This is by far the most real this has every been since the team moved.

            Really exciting as a LA Local.

            GO RAMS!!
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            LA move is unlikely for Rams
            by RamFan_Til_I_Die
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            By Jim Thomas

            Eli Broad, Michael Ovitz, Ron Burkle, Ed Roski and more. The names mean little or nothing to St. Louisans. But they were among the big money men, the movers and shakers, who came and went in Southern California all determined to bring pro football back to the Los Angeles area. Eventually, they were toppled like so many tin soldiers.

            Along the way, there have been proposed stadiums and stadium sites with glamorous pasts and glitzy names from the Rose Bowl to the Coliseum, to Hollywood Park, to Chavez Ravine. And some not so glitzy from the gravel pits in Irwindale to the former toxic waste dump in Carson, to the city of Industry.

            Amazingly, 14 years have passed since the Rams and Raiders left Los Angeles in 1995.

            Amazingly, the nation's second-largest market has gone twice as long without a National Football League franchise as St. Louis which went seven seasons without a team from 1988 to 1995 between Bill Bidwill's Cardinals and Georgia Frontiere's Rams.

            Despite Roski's current effort to build a stadium in tiny Industry (pop. 800), the prospect of getting an NFL team back in the LA area seems as remote as ever. The reasons remain unchanged, with lack of unified political leadership and absolutely zero appetite for any public taxpayer support heading the list.

            Leigh Steinberg, the one-time super agent who co-chaired a Save the Rams group in the early 1990s that tried to keep the team in Anaheim, hates to say I told you so, but ...

            "I recall saying at the time that if we lost the Rams, we would lose the Raiders," Steinberg told the Post-Dispatch on Friday. "And it would be 20 years, if ever, before we got an NFL team back in Southern California. And people said, 'Oh no, no, you're wrong. The NFL has to have a team back in the nation's second-largest market. The television contract would demand it.'"

            But the television ratings for the NFL have been just fine, thank you, without a franchise in LA. In fact, each new television contract has been more lucrative than its predecessor. As the years roll by, the NFL is doing fine without LA. And LA doesn't seem to miss the NFL.

            "Here we are (in 2009)," Steinberg said. "And we're not one step closer to having a team. In some ways we're further away."

            Just don't tell that to the angst-ridden gridiron fans of St. Louis. Spurned once by Bidwill's Big Red, they're wondering if lightning will strike twice. With the Rams' franchise now up for sale, and with lease issues looming at the Edward Jones Dome, could the Rams somehow find their way back to Los Angeles?

            "It would kind of be poetic to have the Rams go back to Los Angeles, but a billion dollars for a stadium isn't poetry," said Charlotte...
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