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T.O And Cowboys reach a deal?

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  • T.O And Cowboys reach a deal?

    From the Ranch Report

    Roy Phillpot:

    While Owens has not yet signed on the dotted line, an agreement between him and the Dallas Cowboys has been reached.

    Sources close to the Cowboys confirmed this to just moments ago.

    We are hearing that it is a multi-year deal. Keep in mind that because he has not yet signed, this is NOT official. He could change his mind, or Drew Rosenhaus could pull some sort of last second stunt.

    But right now, he has agreed to terms with the Dallas Cowboys.

    This is an "Unnamed source" so I don't know what to expect.

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    Re: T.O And Cowboys reach a deal?

    Cowboys make a deal with the devil. Lets take a guy that disrespects our logo and now we will embrace him as one of our own.


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      Re: T.O And Cowboys reach a deal?

      If its true, it gives me one more reason to hate the Cowboys.


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        Re: T.O And Cowboys reach a deal?

        Originally posted by Rambos
        Cowboys make a deal with the devil. Lets take a guy that disrespects our logo and now we will embrace him as one of our own.
        Wow I actually forgot about that.


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