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Cuts - Trotter and Canidate

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  • Cuts - Trotter and Canidate

    Most of us were glad to see Canidate go. Now I see that the Skins dumped him. I think Martz gave him a fair chance but Canidate couldn't hold onto the ball.

    I also see that a LB named Trotter, who was supposed to be a stud has also been cut. Is he a guy the Rams should go for? Let's face it, our LB corp is thin and we definately need some beefing up there. But I don't know enough about Trotter.... what do you guys think?

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    Re: Cuts - Trotter and Canidate

    I've heard Trotter may be a Giant. I'm not sure what his asking price would be. That's Tx's dept. I can't imagine we could afford him although it would be a nice addition. He is still only 26 I think and very quick. He didn't seem to work well with all the egoes on the Redskin linebacking corp. Arrington was the stud and Armstead(also gone) was the veteran. Interesting to see if the RAMS grab any of the after June 1st cuts.

    P.S. If the front office reads this, I know we have signed a lot of ex-RAMS. PLEASE, do not include Trung in that area.


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      Re: Cuts - Trotter and Canidate

      Speaking of ex-Rams we don't want Martz to pick up....

      Packers | Crouch Released - from
      Wed, 2 Jun 2004 09:16:35 -0700

      The Green Bay Packers have announced the release of S Eric Crouch.


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        Re: Cuts - Trotter and Canidate

        The Green Bay Packers have announced the release of S Eric Crouch.
        Well, that didn't last long.


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          Re: Cuts - Trotter and Canidate

          Whats Crouch going to DO retire again!!!!!!!

          steve :ramlogo:
          "The breakfast Club":helmet:


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            Re: Madden 2003

            Funny, as I was playing Madden, I traded Candidate to Buffalo after the first season. This season, he is in the running for League MVP. John Madden must of had high hopes for him...LMAO.


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              Re: Cuts - Trotter and Canidate

              Trotter had a 5 million a year contract for 7 years with the Skins. He may get half of that from someone.

              Supposedly, he tends to be a cancer in the locker room. I remember Arrington having diarrhea of the mouth last year but not Trotter.

              Wonder if he would take 2 million with incentives????


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                What cuts should the Rams look at?
                by Country
                What recently released players should the Rams look at as developmental players or players that can come in and contribute?

                One player that I am interested to look at is DT Jimmy Kennedy who was released by the Broncos he has nice size and should help against the run.

                Just Kidding

                One guy I would like them to look at is Oakland cut DE Quentin Moses, this guy as all world talent if a coach could get it out of him.
                -09-02-2007, 12:04 PM
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                With all the cuts will we make a move?
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                Do you think we will go after any cornerbacks or Linebackers for depth since everyones roster has been trimmed to 53? I mean the bengals cut Deltha Oneal and i seen some other names that could possibly contribute to our depth issue... any opinions one what we should go after?
                -08-30-2008, 02:56 PM
              • ramsbruce
                Wow We Are In Trouble
                by ramsbruce
                I guess my 1st question is why did we not spy Vick? Not that it would have given us the win but how do you leave him unaccounted for. This loss was the whole teams fault coaches included. Martz still baffles me by wasting challenges. He even tried to challenge a play that you couldnt challenge, so I dont know what to think about that. Like I said in another post maybe we need a challenge/timeout coach LOL. Special teams almost looks worse thatn when April was here. Note to Martz: Steven Jackson is NOT a kick returner, he is too slow for that job. Dont we all remember the days of Tony Horne, he was a game changer, he was fast, he had a shot to break it every time. Tony Horne was Dante Hall before Dante was. Martz must remember Horne and Hakim (yes he fumbled alot) but he had speed and made game changing plays. I guarantee Jackson or Arlen Harris will never run a kick off back for a TD. We need some game changing plays from anyone. Our defense is horrible, these players need to step up. They just dont look motivated. Pisa gets credit and AW too but overall we need work. Every week Bruce and Holt bring it, Looker is doing ok. I hope Pace gets into camp next year cause he didnt look too good today. With our tough schedule if we dont get better we are in big trouble. Its a shame with all the talent we have, that we look this bad. Bulger needs more time from the O Line, some of his decisions are questionable but you gotta help the guy out too O Line. I hope we can pull through but its going to be tough. :ramlogo: :helmet:
                -09-19-2004, 08:02 PM
              • RamWraith
                Martz on the Mike
                by RamWraith
                Head Coach Mike Martz
                Tuesday, August 31, 2004

                (On where he still sees the need for improvement)
                “We can get better everywhere. I think If you’re satisfied with where we are at in any position, then you’re in trouble.”

                (On if it’s a relief to only have one more preseason game before the regular season starts)
                “I guess you can say that, but I look at it more as an opportunity to get better. We’re not as good as we need to be in the opener. This week and this game gives us a chance to continue to get better and tune up, and that’s how we look at it. We’re not just trying to get through this thing, I think if you do that then you have problems. We’re going to take a good look at as many players as we can in this game, and put them in difficult situations, and see who can make a play for us, and they may not or they may. There’s some guys that we just don’t have enough information on to know whether or not they belong on this roster, so this game will be heavily scrutinized. We will make an effort on both sides of the ball, and special teams, to get guys in position where they have to be counted on to make a play, and we’ll see what happens.

                (On if you can get enough information about a player off of only a few plays)
                “Absolutely. You can have a rookie free agent in for five or six plays, whether it’s on special teams or either side of the ball, and you can get a pretty good idea, especially if he’s involved in the play. That’s what happened to Kevin Garrett last year, Kevin was really struggling, he got on special teams, and he turned into a different person. That got everybody’s attention, and then we got going with Kevin, he got going, and it makes a big difference. These preseason games are very important to evaluate these guys, and for particularly the first group, to come together.

                (On if T Orlando Pace would be able to play in the Oakland game if he showed up tomorrow)
                “I think that would be pretty hard to do. We would be irresponsible putting him in a football game. He has no practice time, and he’s certainly not in any kind of hitting shape.”

                (On the last roster cut)
                “Jeremy Phillips I think we we’re able to injury settle today. He had a neck problem, and that was just non-stop.”

                (On how RB Steven Jackson handled the amount of work he received)
                “No question about it. You look at Steven in that game when he got tired, mentally. We did that to him on purpose. And now you get a guy that is used to carrying the load when he is exhausted. You see he made one or two mental errors and got really tired. I talked to him today and it was a good learning experience for him. That’s when you have to reach down and find something that you didn’t know was there.”

                (On how much RB Lamar Gordon will play on Thursday)
                “I don’t know. There is a chance he can play. I want him to take as many...
                -09-01-2004, 04:42 AM
              • majorram
                by majorram
                Whats happened to Trung guys!!!! it's gone really quiet on his front, is he in Martz doghouse or what. I know he had a bit of a fumble problem but I thought I would of seen him in the Packers game somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!

                P.S Okay I'm starting to feel anxious about the game coming up, anybody feel the same, it's churning!!, I know we are DAM GOOD but by sunday I will be collapsed on the floor!!!!!!!!

                :lid: Eleven men believed in 99 and they will in 2001
                -01-23-2002, 04:31 AM