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Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

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  • Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

    This was brought up on a few other football message boards I used to post at, and I thought perhaps it might make an interesting discussion topic here now that the Rams-era of Warner's career is over.

    Some have suggested that what Warner has done in his career as a starter makes him worthy of consideration for the NFL Hall of Fame. As we all probably know, Warner boasts the highest quarterback rating of any QB to ever play the game (based on a minimum of 1,500 attempts), and few would disagree that what Kurt and the Rams offense did from '99-'01 was nothing short of amazing.

    But do you feel that he's accomplished enough in his career to be worthy of consideration for the NFL Hall of Fame?
    Yes, he deserves consideration and enshrinement because of what he accomplished in his career.
    He should be considered, but I don't think he's worthy of being enshrined.
    Kurt Warner should neither be enshrined or considered as a Hall of Fame player based on his career thus far.
    I'm undecided on the issue.

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    Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

    No way. A Hall of Fame career must be built on sustained excellence over a prolonged period of time. The only notable exceptions are Gale Sayers and Dwight Stephenson, who both had careers cut short by injury. But even they had runs of longer than three years.

    Warner deserves to one day be placed on the Rams' Ring of Honor for his contributions to the team, but he's not a Hall of Famer.


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      Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

      I think he needs to put up 3 more solid years before he has a shot. I think he's got about 5 years left barring major injury, but he's not going to be a shoe-in unless he wins another Super Bowl.


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        Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

        I'm still not convinced Warner isn't a system QB. To me, this is where the rubber meets road for Warner. If he can be successful, not necessarily put up GSOT numbers but successful, then I'll be convinced.

        I mean, teams weren't exactly beating down his door to get him before the Rams.


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          Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

          Not yet but he will be, and TX bro tell me what QB is not in a system.


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            Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

            c'mon Rambos, you know what I mean. We'll see. Honestly, I hope so. I hope he can play in multiple systems. I just have to be convinced. He had a great three years. Hope he finds that magic in a bottle again.


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              Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

              Since this is probably the only HOF ballot that I will ever receive; I voted yes.

              Hey, he meets all of my expectations for a HOF QB.

              1) He was a Ram

              2) SB Ring

              3) Two time league MVP

              4) Tough as nails in the pocket

              Since you asked a Rams fan, all I can say is:

              What more could a Rams fan ask for?

              Curly ~ Horns


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                Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

                Tough to come up with a concrete answer. I honestly didn't think Dickerson would be shoo-in for the HOF because he basically disappeared once he left the RAMS. I thought he was a HOFer because he was a RAM but I didn't think he'd get in on the first ballot. He had maybe two or three good seasons with the Colts then he was just a role player with the Raiders and Falcons. Of course with what he accomplished with the RAMS that helped him make a run at Jim Brown. He had most of his yards already before he left the RAMS.

                As for Warner if he even has some seasons I think he can put up the numbers to get in. We should be talking about what we think Warner needs to make it in instead of can he. He has one SB ring, good enough, many HOF QB's don't have rings or have only one. He has about 14500 yards at this point, IMO he needs at least 30000. He has 102 TD now, he needs at least another 100, and I think he can maintain his status as the highest rated QB. If he has five decent years of 3000 yards and 20 TD it's not impossible to think he would go into the HOF. But that's a big IF


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                  Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

                  Originally posted by AvengerRam
                  The only notable exceptions are Gale Sayers and Dwight Stephenson, who both had careers cut short by injury. But even they had runs of longer than three years.

                  What if we do find out that KW is "done" and the reason for that is multiple hand injuries?

                  I think he deserves consideration, but that is partly due to Rams bias. Unfortunately, the short three year run will probably keep him out...
                  This space for rent...


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                    Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

                    As I said, Sayers and Stephenson had considerably longer runs than Warner.

                    As for the comparison to Dickerson... ED had seven seasons with 1,200 + yards (4 with the Rams, 3 with the Colts) and 3 of those were 1,800 +, including the record breaking 2,105. He also had 13,259 rushing yards for his career, which is more than both O.J. Simpson and Jim Brown. Not sure how anyone could say he wasn't a "shoe-in" for the Hall.

                    Warner will not make it, and neither will other players that had short lived, albeit spectacular, runs. For example, Terrell Davis, despite being one of only five backs in league history to go over 2,000 yards, probably won't make it because his run was cut short by injury... and Davis would arguably (at this point) be a better candidate than Warner.

                    Like I said... put him on the Ring of Honor, but he's not going to make the Hall.


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                      Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

                      At this moment, yes. He might ruin my vote though if he comes back ans is not successful and wasn't able to see his own demise. If he makes a come back in this league, and at least puts up respectable numbers I say yes. If he comes back and plays like he did for the past 2 years and is unable to see the writing on the wall I say no.


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                        Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

                        AV, plenty of great players do not get in on the first ballot. I never said Dickerson did not belong, I just though his later years might hold him back. In my mind Jack Youngblood was a shoo-in but it took him longer to get in than it took for Dickerson.


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                          Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

                          Warner's future will probably determine if he gets in.

                          But you do have to take into consideration this: If someone hit the most home runs in a season, would you not HAVE to consider that person for the Baseball HOF? Regardless of their other stats or longevity?

                          If a running back had the most yards from scrimmage in a single season on their resume, you have HAVE to at least consider that person for that accomplishment. - ED.

                          Warners 3 years were record breaking. If he had broke Marino's single season record for TD's (47?) in '99 I think that year alone would make him a consideration. Unfortunately he didn't, but the multiple records he set are impressive. Also, who else from this time period should get in if not him?

                          Rice... fo sure.
                          Emmitt Smith...probably will be eligible a few years before Warner.
                          Chris Carter...maybe, again he's already out of the game.

                          Other than a few lineman, I think Warner's name should be up there right after these guys.


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                            Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

                            I think if Warner can put together 3 more solid years - they don't have to be stellar, just solid as a starter - he's got a shot. If he doesn't do this, he will forever be as much remembered for his fall as he is his ascent.


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                              Re: Do you consider Kurt Warner Hall of Fame worthy?

                              well at least i know that one scenario wont happen...warner signs with kc...trent green goes down in the pre season and warner wins a that point i think trent green would just shoot himself...once was enough :king:


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                                Kurt Warner hall of fame
                                by bigtiger737
                                It's for his arena team.. the ole stormers.. He is also begining his broadcasting debute.. watching it now.. he doesn't sound to bad at all
                                -05-21-2010, 06:15 PM
                              • AvengerRam_old
                                Is Kurt Warner a Hall of Fame player?
                                by AvengerRam_old
                                This question has come up a lot with Kurt's MVP performance this year in Arizona. Certainly, Kurt's path to a potential HOF induction has differed from the typical path but, looking at it objectively, how does he rate?

                                Here are a few interesting stats I came up with:
                                • Kurt has a higher career passer rating than many HOF QBs, including (just as examples) Dan Fouts, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Joe Namath.
                                • Kurt has more TD passes and fewer interceptions than Aikman and Staubach had in their careers.
                                • Kurt has more career passing yards than Staubach, and will pass Namath this year.
                                • Kurt's completion percentage of 65.7 is better than all the HOF QBs listed above.
                                If Kurt wins the MVP this year and wins a playoff game this year, I think his resume will be HOF-worthy even if he never plays again. Why he'd retire now, I have no idea. He can certainly play at a high level for another 2-3 years, thereby bringing his career totals to an undeniable HOF level.

                                So... is he a HOF player? Absolutely.

                                Only two questions:

                                1. Does he go in as a Ram, Giant or Cardinal?

                                2. What will Matt Leinart do?
                                -11-19-2008, 09:52 AM
                              • Yodude
                                Is Warner a Hall of Famer?
                                by Yodude
                                3 questions: Is Warner a Hall of Famer?

                                By Josh Weinfuss |

                                It's been a debate since he retired in 2009: Will Kurt Warner make the Hall of Fame?

                                There are plenty of arguments one way or the other, but the consensus is far from clear. Warner's Hall worthiness regained the spotlight on barstools around the country this week when the Arizona Cardinals announced Warner would be added to the team's Ring of Honor -- an accomplishment in the vein of which hasn't been bestowed by the St. Louis Rams, the team Warner won a Super Bowl with.

                                Cardinals reporter Josh Weinfuss and Rams reporter Nick Wagoner discussed the merits of Warner's inclusion in -- or exclusion from -- the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

                                The first question was obvious -- Is Warner a Hall of Famer? And if so, does he deserve to be inducted on his first ballot?

                                Wagoner: Yes, I have little doubt in my mind that he is a Hall of Famer. I'm not sure he'll go on the first ballot, but I certainly wouldn't disagree if he did. There seems to be a certain mystique that goes with getting in on the first try. Not that it's reserved only for the elite of the elite, but there are still a lot of good players waiting their turn, and for someone to surpass them, they need to have extensive resumes, perhaps one that exceeds Warner's. On top of that, Warner will have plenty of other strong first-time nominees who will also be trying to push their way into the mix. I definitely think he'll get in. I'm less certain it's on the first try, but either way it's just a matter of time, in my opinion.

                                Winfusse: I feel very similarly. Yes, I think he's a Hall of Famer and I don't think he'll wait long to don that yellow blazer, but it may not be in 2015. I think the mystique of a first-ballot Hall of Famer is an interesting topic. In Warner's case, he took two teams to three Super Bowls. That alone is an accomplishment, but to start doing it at 28 years old with the kind of backstory Warner had makes it even more mystical. Obviously that doesn't determine whether Warner will make the Hall of Fame, but it makes his success all the more impressive and adds to his Hall of Fame-worthy resume.

                                What would get Kurt in the Hall? Subsequently, what would keep him out?

                                Wagoner: There are a few really strong arguments to get him in. First, he led two franchises to the Super Bowl. That just doesn't happen, especially so far apart. To add to that, the Cardinals and Rams were in pretty bad shape when he took over and got them to the promised land. It's important he won Super Bowl XXXIV with the Rams, so he has that on the resume, too. Second, in terms of numbers, Warner led some of the most prolific and dynamic offenses in league history. The group in St. Louis was record-breaking, and he won two MVPs in that time. Third, and this isn't as tangible as the others, but I'm a big believer...
                                -06-20-2014, 07:13 PM
                              • bruce4life
                                Is Kurt Warner a H.O.F.???
                                by bruce4life
                                This could be in NFl talk but since Kurt Warner might be the best Rams QB of all time and he is still loved by all Rams Fans i'm posting it in Rams talk. Is Kurt a Hall of Famer? He has all the stats, the Super Bowl appearances, and that special want to that a player brings to the NFL.

                                Kurt is a 2 time MVP and has 3 superbowl appearances. He has the top 3 yardage numbers in Superbowl history. He is in top 5 in 300 yard passing games and % numbers.

                                IS HE A HALL OF FAMER?
                                -02-01-2009, 07:36 PM
                              • r8rh8rmike
                                Thomas: Is Warner A First-Ballot Hall of Famer?
                                by r8rh8rmike
                                Is Warner a first-ballot Hall of Famer?

                                4 hours ago • By Jim Thomas

                                PHOENIX • There are 25 quarterbacks in the NFL Hall of Fame, but there have been no inductees at the position since Troy Aikman and Warren Moon in 2006.

                                Dick Vermeil has no doubt the nine-year drought ends Saturday with Kurt Warner.

                                “I’m confident for sure that Kurt will go in,” said Vermeil, Warner’s coach on the Super Bowl XXXIV championship Rams. “It’s almost impossible to leave him out.”

                                Given his unusual background and the totally unforeseen start in the NFL, Warner’s accomplishments “will never be done again,” Vermeil said. “What other qualification do you need?”

                                Well, there were the two NFL MVP honors. The gaudy numbers. Guiding a pair of woebegone franchises to the Super Bowl — the Rams (twice) and the Arizona Cardinals (once).

                                His playoff numbers deserve special emphasis. Warner is the only player to throw for 300-plus yards in three Super Bowls. Included in that trio of games is a record 414 yards passing in that Super Bowl XXXIV victory over Tennessee to cap the 1999 season.

                                “His playoff numbers, his quarterback efficiency rating, are better than anybody that’s in the Hall of Fame,” Vermeil said. “And if you took all the quarterbacks that are gonna be Hall of Famers in the future and included his quarterback efficiency rating in playoff games, yards thrown and everything, it’s better than those guys. It’s better than Tom Brady’s, it’s better than anybody’s.”

                                Mike Martz, Warner’s offensive coordinator in ‘99 and then his head coach, feels the same way about his first-ballot chances.

                                “How could he not?” Martz said. “He’s a two-time MVP. Took two teams, went to three Super Bowls. Won one. How could he not? And you know, the two that he lost were lost on the final play of the game.”

                                But there are some voters who wonder about the so-called “hole” in his career, specifically the 2004 season with the New York Giants that bridged the time between his Rams’ tenure (1998-2003) and his Arizona stint (2005-09).

                                Warner began that Giants season as the starter and played OK, but then was benched in favor of rookie and No. 1 overall draft pick Eli Manning.

                                “That’s been held against him a little bit from rumors I’ve heard,” Vermeil said. “But if that’s true, then my gosh you’ve got to eliminate everybody. Then neither one of the coaches going into this Super Bowl game can go (to the Hall of Fame) because they’ve been fired before. One of them (Pete Carroll) was fired twice.

                                “And (wide receiver) Cris Carter, who’s all-everything on television now, was run out of Philadelphia for criminy sakes — for bad reasons. And he’s already in the Hall of Fame.

                                “So it doesn’t make really good sense. There are no legitimate negatives against Kurt going in.”

                                -01-30-2015, 09:45 AM