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Kurt and Eli's first talk...

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  • Kurt and Eli's first talk...

    Kurt: "Hey, meat!"

    Eli: "Why'd you call me that?"

    Kurt: "Because that's what you are, meat. Now what the Hell are these?"

    Eli: "Those are my shower shoes."

    Kurt: "They're disgusting. Look at this fungus! Look, meat, when you win a Lombardi Trophy, you can wear moldy shoes and they'll call it 'character.' Until then, you're just a slob. Now, sit down and take notes."

    Eli: "About what?"

    Kurt: "I'm going to give you your first lesson on interviews. Take this down. 'I'm just here to help the team and take it one game at a time. The Good Lord willing, everything will work out."

    Eli: "That's pretty boring..."

    Kurt: "Of course its boring, but that's what you're going to say."

    Eli: "I don't think I want to. In fact, I don't want to listen to anything you have to say!"

    Kurt: "Oh, a tough guy. Well, I'll tell you what, tough guy. Why don't you show me that million dollar arm and hit me in the face with this football. Or is that too compliated for your five cent head?"

    [Eli fires ball at Kurt, misses, then tries to punch Kurt and hits locker instead]

    Kurt: "Which hand did you try to hit me with?"

    Eli: "Ow! My... my left!"

    Kurt: "Good, you never punch someone with your throwing arm. At least your learning. Look, meat, you have to play this game with fear and arrogance."

    Eli: "Fear and ignorance..."

    Kurt: "No, you moron, I said arrogance!"

    Eli: "I know, I just like seeing you get worked up... meat."

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    Re: Kurt and Eli's first talk...

    LOL....Great adaptation from Bull Duram

    Curly ~ Horns