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Warner Could Have Ironic, Favorable Start

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  • Warner Could Have Ironic, Favorable Start

    If the Giants go with Warner as their starter to begin the season, his first game will be at home against the Detroit Lions.

    This would be somewhat ironic, as Kurt's last appearance with the Rams was against Detroit in a relief role after Marc Bulger took a vicious hit.

    It could also be favorable, as Detroit had one of the worst pass defenses in the league last year, particularly on the road, where they were winless.

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    Re: Warner Could Have Ironic, Favorable Start

    Isn't it ironic....don't you think?


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      Re: Warner Could Have Ironic, Favorable Start

      I think the Giants open at Philly.....


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        Re: Warner Could Have Ironic, Favorable Start

        Tx is right they open against Philly, they play Detroit in week five I think right after the bye week.


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          Re: Warner Could Have Ironic, Favorable Start

          I don't know what I was looking at. Never mind.


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            Re: Warner Could Have Ironic, Favorable Start

            Maybe you secretly wanted him to have an easier first game. Now he has to go up against the three-time NFC runner-ups and T.O. Poor Kurt can't get away from that guy.

            Kurt might have a tough time considering the NFC East defenses. Washington has Arrington and a young secondary, the Cowboys were one of the best last season, and Philly is trying their hardest to get to the SB.


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              Re: Warner Could Have Ironic, Favorable Start

              Originally posted by sbramfan
              Isn't it ironic....don't you think?
              "A little too ironic".....I can't believe I just said that. :confused:


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                Re: Warner Could Have Ironic, Favorable Start

                If Kurt does start for the Giants in Week One, I hope that game is much better than his last contest against the Eagles.


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                  Re: Warner Could Have Ironic, Favorable Start

                  Originally posted by NickSeiler
                  If Kurt does start for the Giants in Week One, I hope that game is much better than his last contest against the Eagles.
                  That must have been the irony I was thinking about! :confused:


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                  • Yodude
                    Why Coughlin Picked Warner....
                    by Yodude
                    Horrible game with Rams opened door for Warner to sign with Giants
                    Friday, October 22, 2004
                    By Tom Kowalski

                    ALLEN PARK -- Kurt Warner has won a Super Bowl, a couple of NFL Most Valuable Player awards and has set all kinds of passing records, but he's currently the New York Giants quarterback because head coach Tom Coughlin was impressed with one of Warner's worst-ever games.

                    In last year's season opener, when he was quarterbacking the St. Louis Rams, Warner had a horrific game against the Giants. He was sacked six times, fumbled six times (losing three) and was intercepted once in New York's 23-13 win against the Rams.

                    Coughlin, who became the Giants head coach this year, remembered that performance (after watching game films) when he was deciding whether to sign Warner as a free agent in the off-season.

                    "I looked hard at the game," said Coughlin, whose 4-1 Giants host the 3-2 Detroit Lions Sunday at Giants Stadium. "He had the turnovers, no question, but he also performed with outstanding toughness even well into the fourth quarter, despite the statistics, the turnovers and all of those things. He was battling and competing and had a high percentage completion rate even deep into the fourth quarter."

                    Coughlin, who is a hard-nosed throwback coach, wanted a competitor and that's what he got in Warner, who only wanted an opportunity to play. After his glory years in St. Louis, Warner stumbled hard with the Rams and it appeared his career might be over.

                    "I never had the doubt, from a personal standpoint, about my skills and that I could play at that level," Warner said. "I had some doubt about whether I'd get a legitimate chance to do it. That's where the doubts were. I always felt that if I ever got that opportunity, I could play this game as well as I've ever played it."

                    That's why Warner didn't want to sign with the Lions as a backup to Joey Harrington.

                    "It was kicked around and talked about a little bit but, obviously, they have a young quarterback who they've put some stock in and given him the opportunities to continue to progress," Warner said. "It wasn't the most conducive situation to what I was looking for, but I definitely considered it.

                    "(Lions) Coach (Steve) Mariucci is an old friend of mine and I really love the guy. That would've been a great fit, other than the standpoint that they have Joey there and he has so much talent and he's proven that's the right direction to go."

                    After a close training camp battle between Warner and first-round draft pick Eli Manning, the Giants decided they wanted to go with the veteran. Warner has responded with solid performances, completing 65 percent of his passes and throwing just one interception in five games. However, Warner -- and his three touchdown passes -- is...
                    -10-22-2004, 04:57 PM
                  • RamWraith
                    Warner gets the nod
                    by RamWraith

                    Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has named Kurt Warner as the starting quarterback when the Giants face the Jets this Friday night. Both Warner and rookie Eli Manning will split time with the first team offense, which is expected to play into the third quarter
                    -08-25-2004, 12:11 PM
                  • LaRamsFanLongTime
                    Kurt Warner has been benched
                    by LaRamsFanLongTime
                    After another hard loss for the New Yourk Giants, Tom Coughlin announced that Eli Manning will start for the Giants. After the loss Coughlin said Warner would start but Monday the story changed and so did the starting QB for the Giants.

                    "Eli has been involved in the game plan, he knows the system and he will come in and play the game."

                    "Kurt will be very supportive of Eli."
                    This sucks for Kurt, man I was pulling for him.
                    -11-15-2004, 11:37 AM
                  • Nick
           Analysis of Warner Situation
                    by Nick
                    Fantasy Notebook: Fool Me Once, Shame On You. ...
                    By Bob Harris - Senior NFL Analyst -

                    Well, the latest reports filtering out of the Big Apple say Kurt Warner
                    looked sharp during his initial mini-camp workouts this week. His passes
                    were crisp and mostly on target. But as New York Daily News staffer Ralph
                    Vacchiano noted, the surprise was that Eli Manning's passes looked even

                    After struggling through his first mini-camp as a pro early last month,
                    Manning put all that behind him Monday with a much-improved performance
                    that caught the eyes of his coaches and teammates.

                    According to Vacchiano, "his command in the huddle was better and he had a
                    much greater knowledge of the offense. And as a result, he was able to
                    show off the right arm that the Giants worked so hard to acquire in their
                    blockbuster draft-day trade."

                    Wow. Sounds pretty darned good. ...

                    Unfortunately, Manning didn't fare as well Tuesday. Which should come as
                    no surprise. Once again, we're talking about a rookie trying to get up to
                    speed at the league's most difficult position to master.

                    Which is why, I suspect, we'll see a growing media drumbeat surrounding
                    the Warner/Manning competition with Warner putting increasing pressure on
                    his younger teammate as he becomes familiar with the Giants' system and
                    his NFL MVP experience begins to factor into the equation.

                    But that doesn't mean I believe Warner is the best man for this job. Nor
                    am I sure he's not. And I'm not alone in my confusion.

                    In fact, after reviewing some of the opinions being floated by those "in
                    the know," I've come to the conclusion that Warner is as mysterious to the
                    rest of the world as he is to me.

                    A sampling follows. ...

                    In an article published Monday, Sports Illustrated insider Peter King
                    advised readers: "I think Kurt Warner, whatever happens, will be a team
                    player and will help Eli Manning as much as he can with the Giants. Warner
                    is one of the few people I know in football who truly would help the guy
                    behind him even if it meant it might hurt his situation."

                    But former Giants quarterback Phil Simms disagreed.

                    "The perfect guy (for the Giants) was Neil O'Donnell," Simms told the
                    Newark Star-Ledger. "It's not a knock against Kurt, but the agendas are
                    different. Kurt Warner still wants to be a franchise quarterback. He wants
                    to be the guy. ... Kurt Warner will give information to Eli, but he's
                    going to be more concerned about his performance, his knowledge and what
                    he's doing."

                    Another Sports Illustrated writer, NFL guru Paul Zimmerman, took things a
                    step further,...
                    -06-13-2004, 08:36 PM
                  • Nick
                    Warner's the man, at least to Warner
                    by Nick
                    Warner's the man, at least to Warner

                    First published: Thursday, August 19, 2004

                    ALBANY -- He's still the quarterback who takes teams to Olympus. Still the quarterback whose passing statistics are a fantasy of flight. Still the quarterback whose grocery-bags-to-NFL-MVP story felt as good as a kiss.
                    Kurt Warner is convinced of this.

                    He's gone from superstar to waiver wire. Untouchable to unwanted. At the end in St. Louis, the Rams were as eager to show Warner the door as he was to pass through it. He was signed by the Giants to be a mentor and stopgap, until Eli Manning is ready. Everything in Warner's career has changed -- but him, he insists.

                    In nearly every player's career there comes a time when his skills, as Bill Belichick once said of Bernie Kosar's, diminish. Age and injuries make mortals of all. The player knows when he enters the winter of his career, but he won't publicly admit it.

                    Warner, now 33, says he's the same quarterback, and because he's friendly, and gracious with his time, you want to believe him.

                    But you don't.

                    Once, Warner led the Greatest Show on Turf. Now, he's trying to hold Manning at bay long enough to audition for a starting job with another team next season. That's not the same at all.

                    There has never been an NFL player like Kurt Warner. From stock boy to wonder boy to oh boy, what happened. It would be as if Greg Maddux had gone from video store clerk to Cy Young control artist to a pitcher who stopped throwing strikes, though Warner doesn't see it that way. The Rams' 0-8 record in his last eight games as a starter didn't change Warner's opinion of himself.

                    "You have to say, 'Did Kurt Warner lose those eight games because Kurt Warner didn't play well, or did the Rams lose those last eight games because the team didn't play well?' " Warner said. "I think that's where people sometimes get skewed in their opinion."

                    Warner doesn't mention that the Rams were 18-4 the past two seasons when Marc Bulger started at quarterback. Granted, win-loss percentage isn't everything. But it's something. And playing on the same team, with the same players, Bulger enjoyed success while Warner flopped. But if Warner's fumbling 14 times and throwing 11 interceptions with only four touchdowns in those eight games have cracked his confidence, he conceals it behind his disarming smile.

                    "I feel like I can play as well as anybody in this league," Warner said. "I can still play this game. I don't plan on being average."

                    Thing is, average would be an improvement.

                    One trait players like in their quarterback: accountability. They respect a guy who accepts criticism when warranted and shares praise when deserved. But in a recent conversation, this is as close as Warner came to acknowledging he performed...
                    -08-22-2004, 11:40 AM