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  • Arizona Cardinals lose player

    Cardinals lose tackle Oliver Ross to knee injury
    Cardinals lose tackle Oliver Ross to knee injury

    August 2, 2006

    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) -- Arizona Cardinals right tackle Oliver Ross will miss at least three weeks, and possibly as many as 10, because of a right knee injury.

    Coach Dennis Green said Ross may have torn his meniscus. The club was awaiting test results.

    "We'll just have to see what's going to take place," Green said. "They can get a little more examination of the information and make a decision on him."

    Ross, an eight-year veteran, said he hurt his knee during a blocking drill Wednesday morning during practice at Northern Arizona University. "My foot slipped, and then I felt something," he said. "I was just like, 'Football.' I kind of tried to work through it. It started getting tighter and tighter as practice went on."

    Ross, who signed a five-year free agent contract last year, missed four games a year ago because of a broken hand.

    Green said Fred Wakefield could replace Ross in the lineup.

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    Re: Arizona Cardinals lose player

    The cards go from a horrible line, well you can't get any worse than that. Also, people say Edge will be an impact for the cards, well he won't be with that o-line.


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      Re: Arizona Cardinals lose player

      Originally posted by Zero Cool
      The cards go from a horrible line, well you can't get any worse than that. Also, people say Edge will be an impact for the cards, well he won't be with that o-line.
      Edge wasn't gonna be much even with that guy. Now, it's just worse.
      Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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        Re: Arizona Cardinals lose player

        Ross isn't exactly a great tackle, but there's a pretty significant drop off between he and Wakefield, IMO. I wouldn't be surprised if Green seeks more talent or if Elton Brown slides over to try and play RT.


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          Re: Arizona Cardinals lose player

          Thanks for the info! That Sucks for he Cardinals. They just got horrible even more on the line. Wheres that one guy they Drafted play?


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            Re: Arizona Cardinals lose player

            you mean duece latui? he plays og.


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            • DJRamFan
              [Cardinals] Cards feeling defeated
              by DJRamFan
              4-9 record takes its toll on Green

              Tim Tyers
              The Arizona Republic
              Dec. 14, 2004 12:00 AM

              The demeanor of Cardinals coach Dennis Green on Monday was that of a man ready to cut loose with a refrain from an old country song: "You ripped my heart out and stomped that sucker flat."

              The man who predicted a winning season and possible playoff berth upon his arrival had nothing good to say about his four-win team, or the way the season has transpired during his first season with the Cardinals.

              San Francisco, with only two wins, is considered the worst team in pro football. But both of its wins have come against the Cardinals, including Sunday's 31-28 win in overtime, so where does that leave the Cardinals? advertisement

              Emmitt Smith, the NFL's career rushing leader, said after Sunday's loss that the team is making elementary mistakes and insinuated that some of the problem is coaching.

              "You know," Green said, "everybody has their own opinion. I will reserve mine."

              To his credit, Green didn't dodge the issue when asked if he was worried about losing the attention of his team.

              "Absolutely," he said. "You worry about losing everybody. I don't think (owner) Mr. Bill Bidwill is very happy right now. I don't think he counted on hiring a new coach and having the new coach be 4-9. It's everybody. I don't think the fans counted on being 4-9. I know I didn't count on being 4-9 . . .

              "There is a chance to lose everybody when you get into a situation where you are not winning . . . "

              Green took on a huge task when he came to Arizona in January to rebuild the franchise. Yet, Sunday's loss guaranteed the Cardinals their 15th losing season in the past 17 years. The question now is, how much progress has been made?

              "I would hope to say a lot of things are better, but you know . . . sometimes we are in a bottom line business. In fact, most of the time we are.

              "We only had 35,000 people there (Sunday). That's not a very big crowd, not a lot of people for the fifth-largest city in America. That's not a lot of people who want to come and watch you play in your stadium."

              In Sunday's game there were five major errors on special teams, the offense didn't report for duty until the second half and Arizona's gambling defense was once again porous against the run. Nondescript Maurice Hicks, an undrafted free agent, not only became the eighth rusher to top 100 yards against Arizona, but his 139 yards came within 5 yards of matching his season total entering the game.

              Green said the Cardinals are not physical enough at the point of attack against the run. They've tried to offset that with blitzes, but sometimes the formation takes away the blitz and the lack of physicality...
              -12-14-2004, 10:30 AM
            • RamsFan16
              Cardinals | Dansby concerned toe injury could end his career
              by RamsFan16
              Cardinals | Dansby concerned toe injury could end his career
              Tue, 22 Aug 2006 16:24:01 -0700

              Charles Goldberg, of The Birmingham News, reports Arizona Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby (toe) is concerned his NFL career could be over due to a toe injury. Dansby said team officials told him the problem could be a "career-ending injury," according to the Arizona Republic. Dansby said the injury has caused problems in his leg muscles. While he claims treatment is helping and expects to eventually return, the problem is spreading. "It's moving up under my other toe, and it's causing my muscles in my left leg to shut down. I'm having a real tough time right now. It's been like this for a couple of years now, and my body just can't take it anymore," said Dansby.
              -08-22-2006, 05:51 PM
            • ramsbruce
              Cardinals Bertrand Berry Out for the Year
              by ramsbruce
              Cardinals | Berry Out for the Year
              Mon, 7 Nov 2005 15:32:59 -0800

              Darren Urban, of the East Valley Tribune, reports Arizona Cardinals DE Bertrand Berry (pectoral) will miss the remainder of the season with a torn pectoral muscle.
              -11-07-2005, 04:07 PM
            • Nick
              Cardinals' Shipp may be out entire season
              by Nick
              Injuries may sideline Shipp for season
              Kent Somers
              The Arizona Republic
              Aug. 8, 2004 12:00 AM

              FLAGSTAFF - Marcel Shipp's ankle injury is more serious than first thought, and there's a strong chance the backup running back is out for the season.

              Additional tests revealed a fractured left fibula that will require surgery. Shipp also suffered a dislocated ankle when he was tackled during Friday night's scrimmage.

              Doctors probably will have to insert pins to repair the fracture, coach Dennis Green said Saturday. Shipp won't be able to do much for two to three months at least, which would put his return into October, at the earliest.

              It's unlikely the Cardinals would keep a roster spot open for him that long. If he's placed on injured reserve, it would mean he's out for the season.

              "I think we'll just take our time and make sure he's on the mend," Green said, "and then we'll look at the rest of it later."

              The Cardinals have no plans to add a running back, Green said. Josh Scobey and Damien Anderson, both of whom joined the team in 2002, will compete for the No. 2 job behind Emmitt Smith. Rookie free agent Larry Croom has been impressive early in camp.

              "I'm just really sick to my stomach," Scobey said of Shipp's injury. "It's going to be pretty tough to fill those shoes."

              Anderson has the most experience, having played in 26 games since making the team as an undrafted rookie two years ago. He was involved in a serious car accident in January but has fully recovered.

              Scobey, a former sixth-round pick, returned kicks last year but has never carried the ball from scrimmage.

              "Josh and I have competed since we got here," Anderson said. "It's nothing new. Just being in this game, you are going to have to compete every year."

              Green wouldn't say if Scobey or Anderson had an edge for the job.

              "We don't have to worry about that right now," he said. "We've got guys who want to be good players. Right now we're just going to worry more about Marcel."
              -08-08-2004, 10:04 AM
            • Nick
              Cardinals keep on signing, this time S Robert Griffith
              by Nick
              The way the Cardinals were spending, you'd think they had the kind of cap space Minnesota has been looming around ($30+M) but I don't think that's the case. Wonder if Hovan is the next to go to Arizona.
              -03-09-2005, 12:01 AM