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Arizona Cardinals playing in Pink Taco Stadium?

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  • Arizona Cardinals playing in Pink Taco Stadium?

    Pink Taco's owners make bid to name Cards stadium
    Louie Villalobos
    The Arizona Republic
    Aug. 21, 2006 02:55 PM

    First, they shook up the Scottsdale establishment. Now the family behind the Pink Taco restaurant chain is rattling the Arizona Cardinals' cage.

    Would you believe Pink Taco Stadium? That's what the Morton family, famous for creating the Hard Rock Café and Morton's Steakhouse, is saying they want to name Cardinals Stadium.

    They are offering $30 million for 10 years as evidence of their commitment and are promising to pursue an agreement with the Arizona Cardinals.

    One problem. The Cardinals, who control the stadium's naming rights, said they want no part of that name.

    Harry Morton, president and CEO of Pink Taco, said his group is prepared to use the $30 million as a starting point. He held a press conference Monday to announce the stadium proposal.

    The family said it offered the Cardinals a $5 million good faith check during a meeting last week to show that they are serious about the proposal.

    The Cardinals took the presentation as a joke and dismissed the Monday press conference by the family as a publicity stunt.

    "There is zero chance of this happening," said Mark Dalton, director of media relations for the Cardinals. "We are in serious and legitimate naming rights discussion with several companies, this is not one of them."

    Locally, the restaurant, named after a slang term for the vulva, caused a stir in Scottsdale when Mayor Mary Manross objected to the restaurant's opening in Scottsdale's Waterfront project.

    Dalton said the team doesn't wanted to be associated with the Pink Taco brand, but wouldn't say exactly why.

    Morton said on Monday that his family is very serious about the naming deal. He plans to meet with the Arizona Cardinals in the coming days. The Cardinals said there is no scheduled meeting.

    The family dismissed the team's reaction as a "knee jerk" one and stated the proposal was not an attempt to get more publicity for the restaurant.

    "We're talking about $30 million," he said. "That's an expensive publicity stunt."

    A Pink Taco restaurant will be opened in Los Angeles early next year. The company is working on building a second restaurant in Arizona and looking at future sites in San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas.

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    Re: Arizona Cardinals playing in Pink Taco Stadium?

    Too funny, but $30 mil. for a struggling franchise may be too much to pass up. Now if they put a Morton's Steak House inside the stadium that would be very good.

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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      Re: Arizona Cardinals playing in Pink Taco Stadium?

      There's NO pink in football, and there's especially no "pink taco" in football!!! If the Cardinals went for this, they would be the laughing stock of not only the football world, but the entire world.

      They've already invested their future in the new stadium and are making a major push to develop a new attitude. This deal would make all their efforts null and void. They'll be able to get a naming deal that is comparable to anything "Pink Taco" has to offer.

      Absolutely no way the Cardinals will ever be playing in Pink Taco Stadium.


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        Re: Arizona Cardinals playing in Pink Taco Stadium?

        They could paint the stadium pink for $30 mil.

        Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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          Re: Arizona Cardinals playing in Pink Taco Stadium?

          Originally posted by RAMMAN68 View Post
          They could paint the stadium pink for $30 mil.
          That's not a bad idea. Then it would look like a $455 million pink UFO!


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            Re: Arizona Cardinals playing in Pink Taco Stadium?

            The NFL would never allow this to happen. I mean, if you have a Pink Taco Stadium, you'd have to schedule home games around every 28 days. (Everyone knows you don't get to play in the pink taco every 28 days).


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              Re: Arizona Cardinals playing in Pink Taco Stadium?

              Locally, the restaurant, named after a slang term for the vulva, caused a stir in Scottsdale when Mayor Mary Manross objected to the restaurant's opening in Scottsdale's Waterfront project.


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                Re: Arizona Cardinals playing in Pink Taco Stadium?

                (Everyone knows you don't get to play in the pink taco every 28 days).

                Too funny BRM.
                JUST WIN ONE FOR THE FANS

                "HIT HARD, HIT FAST, AND HIT OFTEN"
                Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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                  Rams Insight: Lassiter praises Tillman
                  by RamWraith
                  By Bill Coats
                  Of the Post-Dispatch
                  In 2000 and 2001, Kwamie Lassiter and Pat Tillman played together with the Arizona Cardinals, Lassiter as the starting free safety, Tillman as the starting strong safety.

                  In May 2002, Tillman gave up his NFL career and joined the Army Rangers.

                  "That was Pat Tillman," said Lassiter, signed by the Rams last week as a free agent. "If anybody would do that, it would be him. It wasn't a surprise to me at all."

                  Tillman, 27, was killed April 22 in Afghanistan.

                  "That was a surprise," Lassiter said. "A guy like that, who's going to give everything for you, not only for the team, but for his country, you want to see him come back home. But Pat, if he's going to die, he's going to die hard."

                  Lassiter signed with the Cardinals as an undrafted rookie out of Kansas in 1995. Tillman arrived three years later as the team's seventh-round draft pick, No. 226 overall.

                  Tillman, an All-Pacific 10 Conference linebacker at Arizona State, impressed with his hard hitting and soon was a mainstay in the lineup.

                  "People would say, 'He can't do this, he can't do that,' and he proved them wrong. He overachieved," Lassiter said. "He would get the game plan, focus on it, study it, and then go out there and get the job done. He was that type of guy. The game became second nature to him."

                  In 2001, the Rams tried to sign Tillman as a restricted free agent. Tillman decided to return to the Cardinals for less money. A year later, he turned down a three-year, $3.6 million offer from Arizona and enlisted.

                  "A lot of guys aren't able to walk away from fame and fortune," Lassiter said, "but Pat was a different guy."

                  Lassiter remained with the Cardinals through the 2002 season. Though he'd started every game for four seasons in a row, Lassiter was waived in February 2003.

                  "It's a business," Lassiter said. "I found that out a long time ago, when guys like Larry Centers, Lomas Brown and Aeneas Williams left (the Cardinals). Those are guys you want to retire at your place."

                  San Diego signed Lassiter, and he started the first 10 games before a torn knee ligament ended his '03 season. The injury didn't require surgery, and Lassiter was with the Chargers throughout the preseason. He was released Sept. 5, apparently because the team wanted to go with younger players.

                  "I never really got an answer when I left there, so I couldn't really tell you exactly what it was about," said Lassiter, who has 25 interceptions and 572 tackles during his career.

                  Sitting out the 2 1/2 weeks before the Rams called wasn't easy.

                  "I wasn't panicked, but ... this is what I like to do," said Lassiter,...
                  -09-26-2004, 04:47 AM
                • Nick
                  Cardinals' Shipp may be out entire season
                  by Nick
                  Injuries may sideline Shipp for season
                  Kent Somers
                  The Arizona Republic
                  Aug. 8, 2004 12:00 AM

                  FLAGSTAFF - Marcel Shipp's ankle injury is more serious than first thought, and there's a strong chance the backup running back is out for the season.

                  Additional tests revealed a fractured left fibula that will require surgery. Shipp also suffered a dislocated ankle when he was tackled during Friday night's scrimmage.

                  Doctors probably will have to insert pins to repair the fracture, coach Dennis Green said Saturday. Shipp won't be able to do much for two to three months at least, which would put his return into October, at the earliest.

                  It's unlikely the Cardinals would keep a roster spot open for him that long. If he's placed on injured reserve, it would mean he's out for the season.

                  "I think we'll just take our time and make sure he's on the mend," Green said, "and then we'll look at the rest of it later."

                  The Cardinals have no plans to add a running back, Green said. Josh Scobey and Damien Anderson, both of whom joined the team in 2002, will compete for the No. 2 job behind Emmitt Smith. Rookie free agent Larry Croom has been impressive early in camp.

                  "I'm just really sick to my stomach," Scobey said of Shipp's injury. "It's going to be pretty tough to fill those shoes."

                  Anderson has the most experience, having played in 26 games since making the team as an undrafted rookie two years ago. He was involved in a serious car accident in January but has fully recovered.

                  Scobey, a former sixth-round pick, returned kicks last year but has never carried the ball from scrimmage.

                  "Josh and I have competed since we got here," Anderson said. "It's nothing new. Just being in this game, you are going to have to compete every year."

                  Green wouldn't say if Scobey or Anderson had an edge for the job.

                  "We don't have to worry about that right now," he said. "We've got guys who want to be good players. Right now we're just going to worry more about Marcel."
                  -08-08-2004, 10:04 AM
                • RamWraith
                  Former St. Louis football Cardinals can clinch title -- against St. Louis Rams
                  by RamWraith
                  By Jim Thomas
                  ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH
                  Thursday, Dec. 04 2008
                  For Bill Bidwill's football franchise, moments like this appear with the
                  frequency of Halley's comet. But a victory Sunday by Bidwill's Arizona
                  Cardinals clinches the franchise's first home playoff game since Harry S.
                  Truman was president.

                  One must go back to Dec. 28, 1947, when the Chicago Cardinals defeated
                  Philadelphia 28-21 in the NFL championship game at Comiskey Park, to find the
                  one and only Cardinals home playoff game.

                  That's not the only long playoff drought that's about to end for the team known
                  as the Big Red during its 28-season stay in St. Louis.

                  — The Cardinals haven't appeared in a playoff game since 1998, the longest
                  active playoff drought in the league.

                  — They haven't won a division title since 1975, when coach Don Coryell's St.
                  Louis Cardinals went 11-3 in the regular season.

                  Jim Hanifan, current Rams radio analyst, was offensive line coach for that '75
                  team, which featured three Hall of Famers (offensive tackle Dan Dierdorf, tight
                  end Jackie Smith and cornerback Roger Wehrli).

                  The thunder-and-lightning backfield consisted of Jim Otis and Terry Metcalf.
                  Mel Gray was the deep threat at wide receiver, with Jim Hart at quarterback.
                  The offensive line yielded only eight sacks, which was an NFL record until the
                  1988 Miami Dolphins allowed only seven. Jim Bakken was the clutch place-kicker
                  for a team known as the Cardiac Cards: five of their 11 victories came by a
                  touchdown or less.

                  "It was a fun team and it had a tremendous attitude about itself," Hanifan
                  said. "They felt, as time went on in that season, that they would not ever be
                  denied. That they were going to win every game."

                  But back then, only four teams made the playoffs in each conference, so winning
                  your division didn't guarantee a home game. Alas, the Cardinals were the No. 3
                  seed and lost their first-round game at Los Angeles against the Rams 35-23.

                  Between 1974-76, the Cardinals went 31-11. That was the best it would get for
                  pro football in St. Louis until a group known as the Greatest Show on Turf
                  arrived in town a quarter-century later.

                  But back then, in the mid '70s, "I thought we were going to continue on,"
                  Hanifan recalled. "We had a great nucleus of football players."

                  The success didn't last, nor did the Cardinals in St. Louis. The franchise
                  moved to the Phoenix area after the 1987 season, where the best record it could
                  manage was a 9-7 wild-card finish in '98.

                  But that's all about to change. If the heavily favored Cardinals (7-5) defeat
                  the Rams (2-10) Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium, they...
                  -12-04-2008, 05:37 AM
                • Guest's Avatar
                  Congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals
                  by Guest
                  This may not be were it belongs but this is worthy of posting a World Series win by the same town our beloved Rams come from in the most viewed forum.

                  There have been many years we have had better regular season success. But I can not remember a team pulling together and relying on each other more then this team did this postseason. They have four starting pitchers that are going to be free agents and their CF may not be back. Eck, Rolen, and Pujols were playing hurt. Pujols only has one RBI in the NLDS and was not hitting well in the World Series. But Yadi who was there worst batter all year was perhaps one of their best from the start of the playoff. They barely made the playoffs after Houston had a huge winning streak to try to come from behind but they did just enough to hold them off. Weaver was released by the Angels and turned into an Angel in the postseason. He looked like a bust in his first month in a Cardinal uniform. But he turned into another great acquisition by Jocketty (GM). He had the highest regular season ERA of any pitcher to get the win in the World Series clinching game. The Cardinals 83 wins were the lowest ever total by any team to win it all. The Cardinals lost players they came into the season counting on along the way such as Mulder the #2 pitcher entering the season Izringhausen their closer for several years now. Pujols went down for a month during a stretch where he was playing better baseball then any player ever had he was on pace for a monstrous season. Edmonds went down for an extended period of time and did not play hardly at all near the end of the season. But two veteran castoffs Spiezio and Preston Wilson stepped in and played well and the pitching coaches son Duncan a rookie came in and chipped in with over 20HRs. Jocketty the GM was criticized for not pulling off his magic at the deadline and after the deadline. He only got players such as Belliard, Weaver, and Preston Wilson and they did not resign Grudzielanek to play second in the off-season. The front office has a new stadium and more revenue coming in but they held their budget at where it was. People kept asking about why we did not get a proven second baseman, outfielder and a better starting pitcher when we let Mark Grudzielanek (2nd), Reggie Sanders (OF), and Matt Morris (SP) walk via free agency and they failed in the pursuit of a big name pitcher and outfielder they got out bid on. Well Walt did come through at second he picked up Belliard for almost nothing, Duncan and Wilson provided good production in the outfield, and Weaver became one of our best post-season pitchers.

                  We have our own David and Goliath. David Eckstein the smallest guy on the field at 5 foot and some change wins the world series MVP he was a walk on in college.

                  Congratulations Cardinals on a true team and organizational World Series Championship. Rams lets do the same in 2006 any one in can win the Cards proved that.

                  -10-28-2006, 07:55 AM
                • The Jerm!
                  GL Tomorrow vs the Cardinals
                  by The Jerm!
                  I know you guys will fly under the radar this season and I hope you pull out a win against the Cardinals to send there fans flying for cover. We'll take care of the seahawks and I can't wait to come by later tomorrow and talk about both games with ya guys!
                  -09-11-2010, 06:54 AM