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Nead awarded to Falcons

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  • Nead awarded to Falcons

    Falcons | Nead Awarded Off Waivers - from
    Tue, 15 Jun 2004 13:22:08 -0700 reports the Atlanta Falcons have announced they had claimed and were awarded TE Spencer Nead (Rams) off waivers from the St. Louis Rams.

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    Re: Nead awarded to Falcons

    Oh no! Well we claim...Vick!


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      Re: Nead awarded to Falcons

      Looks like they are building up depth with our rejects


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        Re: Nead awarded to Falcons

        rejects?? Isn't the whole team rejects in your mind.

        and I quote;
        (elAcky 6-16-04) "i.e. we are a group of mercenaries only worried about money.. no heart in this team.... first time I have felt this about the rams in quite a while... I don't know why this is exactly... maybe its because there are few characters.. Bulger is so laid back (no urgency)... Pace is only worried about feeding himself... no true leader on either offense or defense (less so without Wilstrom).. a group of fat lazy buggers on the DL... I don't know... football is about passion and I'm not seeing it in this team this year.. hopefully archuleta or pisa will step into that role."


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          Re: Nead awarded to Falcons

          what has atlanta picking up our rejects got to do with the leadership of the rams ?


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            Re: Nead awarded to Falcons

            I thought in your mind the whole team is a bunch of rejects. Atlanta could take the whole works.


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              Re: Nead awarded to Falcons

              I'm not that negative :smile:


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                Re: Nead awarded to Falcons

                Some days I wonder ;-)


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