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cardinals find another way to lose...

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  • cardinals find another way to lose...

    wow how many ways can you lose a ball game??? wow... i feel sorry for cardinal fans

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    Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

    Originally posted by bruce4life View Post
    wow how many ways can you lose a ball game??? wow... i feel sorry for cardinal fans
    Yeah, that was a tough one to lose, but I don't feel sorry for them. They booed me every time I went to get a beer during the Ram game.

    Leinart really killed them with a horrible pass that was intercepted late in the fourth, although he played much better than I predicted. I still think he's going to have a tough road.


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      Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

      Yeah, they laid the whole "NFC West goes through Glendale!" crap on a little thick at the beginning of the season for me to feel sorry for them. I'm still of the opinion that they need to actually do something before declaring themselves the new sheriff in town.

      Everybody knows this division is a fight between two teams and neither one of them wears red. Choke on your own hype, Cardinals.

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        Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

        Take note media, Cards fans, and whoever else jumps on the Cards bandwagon every year. Until the Cards address that sorry excuse for an O Line, I don't want to hear anymore Cards will be good this year, next year, or whatever year.


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          Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

          I admit I bought into the hype this year, but not in an uninformed way. I really thought the o-line would be improved this year. Last year they were decimated by injuries and had no chance for continuity. This year, they have had all of their projected starters playing together and healthy(for the most part) which, in my mind, was all they needed last year to at least be "good enough". Boy, was I wrong about that one!

          Leonard Davis, who's going to make a great free agent pickup for someone in 2007, is playing out of position. He is NOT a tackle. Put him at his natural positon of LG and watch how well he does. Ross, who came from the Steelers, is also playing tackle instead of guard. Alex Stepanovich is not an NFL center. Period. Wells, I don't know a lot about but I do know that he too is playing out of position.

          Leinart on the other hand, is pretty much the most polished rookie qb I've seen...ever, I guess. You may say Big Ben deserves that title and I wouldn't fault you, but if you put Leinart behind the Steelers' o-line and ask him to manage a game and Ben behind the Card's o-line and ask him to win the game I think the differences would become obvious. Leinart had the Card's poised for at least a tie and for the most part played like a vet in his first career start.

          Add to that, he lost Fitzgerald during the game and had Bryant Johnson drop a relatively sure td. After all of that though, he still came up big in the two minute drill, getting the Card's in field goal position with very little time left on the clock. This is a rookie in his first start without a full training camp. He looks damn good so far. I fear the Bears might ruin him though.


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            Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

            ya that is stupid i dont know why they dont move davis to guard. he was a guard in college correct? they drafted him so high up there actually use him in his natural position. The cards over the years has had some talent just no o-line to help the offense. they had thomas jones who is now a good running back, david boston, jake plummer. they've had talent but they have drafted too many adrian clement's in the o-line to be productive


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              Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

              They drafted the og from USC this year, a guy named Deuce Latui. Does anybody know what happened to him and why he is not starting? He was a stud at SC and was a big reason why Bush and White were as good as they were.

              WHAT SAY YE?


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                Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

                There is a lot of season left and they do have enough talent to win if their O line can protect Leinhart from being torn apart by the Bears and give James some running room. I'm not saying they'll win the division, I'm just saying they won't be an easy win.


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                  Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

                  cards suck


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                    Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

                    yes they do


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                      Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

                      agreed taco-man


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                        Re: cardinals find another way to lose...

                        i am only doing this so i can get to 15 posts, so i can do a tribute to cory lidle and post a picture of him.


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