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Texans' Babin Is First No. 1 To Sign

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  • Texans' Babin Is First No. 1 To Sign

    Associated Press
    HOUSTON (AP) — The Houston Texans on Saturday signed first-round pick Jason Babin, a converted linebacker from Western Michigan who is being counted on to strengthen the team's weak pass rush.
    Babin is the first first-round pick to agree to terms with an NFL team. It is the second time in three seasons the Texans have been first in the league to lock up a first-round pick.

    The Texans traded their second-, third- and fourth-round draft picks to acquire Babin with the 27th overall selection.

    Financial details were not released, although the contract carries a five-year term with money payable over six years.

    Babin played defensive end in college. If he quickly emerges as the star outside linebacker coach Dom Capers thinks he can be, agent Tony Agnone indicated the sides probably would renegotiate after three years.

    Babin, 6-foot-2 and 260 pounds, is Western Michigan's career leader with 38 sacks and 75 tackles for loss. The Texans hope his mixture of size, speed and agility will give them the legitimate pass rushing threat they sorely lacked last season.

    Houston's defense ranked next to last in 2003 and was last against the pass, largely because the Texans put little or no pressure on quarterbacks.

    Babin credited the coaching staff for helping him make the switch to a new position.

    "They broke it down really simple, really slow, explained everything to us," Babin said. "Now we're to the point we know what we're supposed to be doing."

    In 2002, the Texans also set the pace with their first-round signing. The expansion team agreed to terms with quarterback David Carr before he was drafted No. 1 overall, then signed him on draft day.

    Babin became the fourth of Houston's nine draft picks to sign, joining safety Jammal Lord, linebacker Raheem Orr and receiver Sloan Thomas, all late-round picks.

    The Texans' next priority will be to sign cornerback Dunta Robinson, the 10th overall selection. He will start at right cornerback opposite Pro Bowl player Aaron Glenn.
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  • IsaacBruceFan80
    Texans already getting ripped for this gaffe
    by IsaacBruceFan80
    April 28, 2006
    By Clark Judge
    CBS Senior Writer
    Tell Clark your opinion!

    If the Houston Texans weren't going to draft the best player on the board, then they should have drafted for need. And defensive end Mario Williams is not what they need most.

    Tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson is.

    Ask quarterback David Carr. He's the poor sap who was sacked an NFL-high 68 times last year. And 49 times the year before that. And 76 times in his rookie season. The guy's not a quarterback; he's a piņata.

    David Carr can expect a lot more of this after the Texans' No. 1 pick. (Getty Images)
    But he's Houston's piņata, with the Texans making a commitment to him when they could've chosen University of Texas quarterback Vince Young or USC's Matt Leinart. If the Texans honestly believe he can be a franchise passer -- and they sure act like it -- then why not give the guy a chance to fulfill their expectations?

    Why not give him someone who can block?

    It sounds so simple, yet I could understand where the Texans were going. They would draft Bush because he's the best player in the draft and because he could breathe life into a sluggish offense. And if they didn't, they would trade down -- accumulating picks so they could find the parts necessary to keep Carr in one piece and make the club healthy at the same time.

    Fat chance.

    Instead of bailing out Carr with the best running back to come along in years -- maybe decades ... instead of turning to Bush to take some of the heat off Carr and a beleaguered passing attack ... instead of turning to the best offensive lineman in this year's draft ... instead of trading down to pick up draft picks ... they did the unthinkable and chose Mario Williams.

    Nothing against Mario Williams; I just don't see how he's going to handle Dwight Freeney.

    "We have to look at it on the basis of what our needs are and how that player can add value to our team," owner Bob McNair said on Thursday, foreshadowing what was to happen. "Yes, temporarily, some of the fans might be unhappy with the pick. But, long term, what counts is whether you win.

    "If we pick a popular player, temporarily, everybody is happy. But then if you don't win then they say, 'Well, that was the dumbest pick I've ever seen. Why did you listen to me? You're supposed to be the professional.' The bottom line is we have to win, so we'll pick the best player who gives us the best chance to win."

    Fair enough. But McNair started that discussion by saying the Texans had to look at "what our needs are." Question: Is there anything Houston needs more than an offensive lineman who knows how to pass block? The Texans have holes the size of the Astrodome in their front five,...
    -04-28-2006, 09:33 PM
  • Rambos
    Texans | Team to move down in draft
    by Rambos
    Texans | Team to move down in draft
    Fri, 27 Apr 2007 10:45:45 -0700

    Neil Stratton, of Inside the League, reports that the Houston Texans, as rumored previously, will swap first-round draft picks with the Denver Broncos in this year's NFL Draft Friday, April 27, in exchange for Denver's second-round pick, No. 56 overall. With the Texans' first- and second-round picks, the team is considering four players: Utah FS Eric Weddle, Ohio State WR Anthony Gonzalez, USC WR Dwayne Jarrett and Florida S Reggie Nelson.

    Neil Stratton, of Inside the League, reports that the Houston Texans, as previously rumored, will swap first-round draft picks in this year's NFL Draft with the Denver Broncos Friday, April 27, in exchange for the Broncos' second-round pick, No. 56 overall. The Broncos would select Mississippi LB Patrick Willis with the No. 10 pick in the draft.

    Wow the Whinners wanted him, good....
    -04-27-2007, 11:19 AM
  • RamsFan4ever
    Texans exchange proposals with Bush, Williams
    by RamsFan4ever

    In a move that further ratchets up their public stance of indecision over the first pick in the NFL draft, the Houston Texans on Friday exchanged contract proposals with the agents for Southern California tailback Reggie Bush and North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams, learned through multiple league sources.

    Because they own the first choice, the Texans are free to speak with any of the prospects and to conduct simultaneous negotiations. The aim of the Texans, it appears, is to have an agreement in place before the start of the April 29 draft.

    Houston general manager Charley Casserly said earlier this week that the Texans would likely not settle on a top pick until next week. Like most teams, the Texans are deep into their draft evaluation meetings, which will continue this weekend. The choice, Casserly all but acknowledged this week, comes down to Bush or Williams, but the consensus in the league is that the Texans will choose the former Trojans star.

    The Texans have yet to receive any firm offers from other teams trying to trade up to the top spot. Certainly they have the right, and ability, to financially leverage Bush and Williams against each other by negotiating with both at the same time and to strike a deal most advantageous to the team.

    The events of Friday, at least with Bush, followed a Thursday evening discussion in which the two sides broached contract parameters for the first time. None of the sources contacted on Friday had knowledge of any of the financial details of the proposals exchanged earlier in the day. Bush said Thursday that rumors he was seeking $30 million in guarantees were erroneous and reiterated at the time that no numbers had been discussed.

    It is not known when parameters were first suggested to Ben Dogra, the agent for Williams, a dominating pass rusher who is regarded as the premier defensive player in the talent pool.

    Bush's agent, Joel Segal, told last week that "it would be the ultimate for both sides" to have an agreement in place before the draft begins. It does not appear, sources said, that an agreement is imminent with either player based on the Friday discussions.

    Even with the recently approved extension to the collective bargaining agreement, there are still several restrictions that will call for creativity from the Texans and whoever is the first choice in the draft.

    In the last 10 drafts, the top overall choice has reached a contract agreement before the start of the lottery on three occasions. Houston agreed with the top choice in the 2002 draft, quarterback David Carr, before the draft commenced. The other No. 1 overall selections who had deals in place before the draft began were Tim Couch of Cleveland...
    -04-21-2006, 07:27 PM
  • Guest's Avatar
    Prisco picks 1-9 Texans over Rams 21-20
    by Guest
    Prisco picks 1-9 Texans over 4-6 Rams

    Here is what he had to say:
    Texans 21
    Rams 20
    Two teams going nowhere get together in this one. Both are having major defensive issues, so look for a lot of points. Yes, even by the Texans. It should be fun for the small group of fans who actually care.
    -11-25-2005, 08:41 PM
  • Nick
    GM for day: Houston Texans
    by Nick
    GM for day: Houston Texans
    February 4, 2014
    By Russ Lande

    Starting today, Sports on Earth's NFL writers will be providing an offseason assessment of all 32 NFL teams -- identifying the most important problems facing every franchise, and proposing solutions for each. Our series kicks off with the Houston Texans.

    The Texans pulled the plug on the Gary Kubiak regime and went in a drastically different direction by bringing in Bill O'Brien. O'Brien brings fresh blood and ideas to a team that had become stale and predictable. While many point to injuries as the reason for the Texans drop-off, the reality is that every team suffers injuries: If Matt Schaub had continued playing good football and they had a better pass rush, then Kubiak would still be the coach. Although many talk of the Texans being a quarterback away from being a playoff team again, they are much further away than that.

    Problem: Finding a pass rusher other than JJ Watt.
    Solution: JJ Watt was the Texans' only dominant pass rusher in 2013, which made him less effective because offenses were able to scheme completely around him. No doubt Jadeveon Clowney is viewed as a potential easy solution, but Coach O'Brien has spoken often about his respect and admiration for Tom Brady's incredible work ethic and insatiable desire to get better; it would be a surprise to see him cast his lot with a player whose motor does not go full speed every snap and is rumored to have not-so-great practice habits.

    The Texans may bypass Clowney in the first round and draft Alabama outside linebacker Adrian Hubbard or Arkansas' Chris Smith at the top of the second round. Although Hubbard is not a dynamic pass rusher, he has the height, long arms and athleticism to be a perfect fit as an outside linebacker in Romeo Crennel's big 3-4 defense. Smith does not have the height that Crennel prefers, but he has the bulk/strength to be a rock solid run defender and is an explosive edge pass rusher.

    Problem: Finding a quarterback for the future.
    Solution: While the Texans have only $6,100,000 in cap space, cutting Matt Schaub is no done deal: they will wait until they feel 100% confident in one of the quarterbacks available with the first overall pick. According to trusted sources, the Texans are initially leaning towards taking either Blake Bortles or Johnny Manziel with the top pick. Although Manziel would obviously be the choice of owner Bob McNair, O'Brien is not sold that Manziel possesses the work ethic and intangibles necessary to be the face of a franchise.

    As mentioned above, it has been suggested that the Texans may take a pass rusher with the first selection and try to select their quarterback in the second or third rounds. While this is definitely a possibility, it makes more sense to take a quarterback first overall if they believe one has frontline starter traits/tools, as waiting is a huge risk. Selecting...
    -02-04-2014, 08:22 AM