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Gruden the moron on ESPN

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  • Gruden the moron on ESPN

    Referring to Mike Alstott as "The Anvil" saying "have you ever seen an anvil smashing up a house?"

    No, Jon, I haven't. Anvils were used by blacksmiths to provide a surface to pound heated metal into different shapes. They are not used to smash things, unless you are thinking of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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    Re: Gruden the moron on ESPN

    Major idiot-o, Mr. Roboto!

    How many times has he hit his head? SHEESH!! My ex-husband can't even match this one in the stupidity department. :disappoin


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      Re: Gruden the moron on ESPN

      its jon gruden


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        Re: Gruden the moron on ESPN

        Yes, it is Jon. Obviously, I typed "Mike" because I was thinking about Alstott at the time.

        Does not change the fact that Gruden has no clue what an anvil is.


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          Re: Gruden the moron on ESPN

          Ya, and if I were alstott, i would prefer "wrecking ball" over "anvil" I'm sure alstott will set him straight.


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