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CCFL - A New Football League?

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  • CCFL - A New Football League?

    After reading the thread about Michael Vick, I had an epiphany.

    We need to start a NEW football league. One JUST for players like him.

    We shall call it the "CCFL"...Crybaby and Convict Football League. The players would get paid a percentage of club profits, up to a maximum of $100,000 per year. How would a player get into such a league? Easy.

    1. Any player suspended by the NFL twice for any violations of the rules in the current season.
    2. Any player who whines about how he's better than the team he plays for.
    3. Any player who is convicted of a felony within the past two seasons.
    4. Any player who gets fined more than twice during the season for conduct.
    5. Any player who knowingly causes injury to another player.
    6. Any player who violates the terms of his contract twice in any season.

    Of course, such a league will need coaches. Here's how they get them:

    1. Any coach who throws a fit unbecoming of an NFL coach.
    2. Any coach who repeatedly defends players who fit the above rules.
    3. Any coach who repeatedly shows ineptitude at his job.

    And, we need officials. Here's their criteria for entrance into the CCFL:

    1. Clearly makes calls that are contrary to the visual evidence.
    2. Suspected of favortism.
    3. Too blind to see what is going on.

    Therefore, I suggest the following players and coaches to be admitted into the CCFL immediately.

    1. Michael Vick.
    2. T.O.
    3. Warren Sapp
    4. Ricky Williams
    5. Koren Robinson
    6. Chad Johnson
    7. Albert Haynesworth
    8. Denny Green
    9. John Gruden
    10. Bill Parcells

    Persons admitted into the CCFL will be able to return to the NFL after completing two seasons without acting like children. The question is....would any team want these guys even after they grow up?

    As you can see, there is already a good start for this new league. Feel free to nominate more players/coaches/officials for the CCFL, and I'll pass them along!

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    Re: CCFL - A New Football League?

    I agree with all the players exept....chad johnson, the guy is just funny, he brings flavor to the NFL I love the dude, I have his jersey, the dude is hilarious, so all the other players can go
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      Re: CCFL - A New Football League?

      Randy Moss, Jamal Lewis, and Chris Henry probably deserve to be in it.
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        Re: CCFL - A New Football League?

        Originally posted by RamsFanSam View Post
        The question is....would any team want these guys even after they grow up?!
        I'll take Chad Johnson and Bill Parcells.


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          Re: CCFL - A New Football League?

          The officiating crew is easy. The crew that officiated Superbowl XXXVI. Obviously accepted the bribe from Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.
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            Re: CCFL - A New Football League?

            Randy Moss and Rodney Harrison.
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              Re: CCFL - A New Football League?

              Keyshawn Johnson should be added.


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