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    You know I can't tell you how many Titans fans that I've heard talking trash about the Rams because they have beaten us the last 2 years in pre-season now. If a pre-season victory is what they call revenge on us for Super Bowl XXXIV then I have to say they are pretty pathetic. What's worse is half of the Titans fans saying we were lucky to win Super Bowl XXXIV, but they forgett that they were lucky to have even been there, does the playoff game against Buffalo from that year ring a bell Titans fans? You were lucky enough to have made it all the way so just enjoy your cheezy AFC Title from that season and admit you lost fair and square. And if your going to cheer over beating our reserve players in pre-season the last 2 years then get a life! Try beating us when the game actually counts and there are stakes involved. So stop trying to say Eddie George is better then Marshal Faulk, or that "Air" Mcnair is what Warner dreams of being, because we are a better team on and off the field. Warner will have plenty of rings by the time he retires while Mcnair will be sitting there with his precious AFC Title probably fighting for the starting QB job in Seattle in a few years with Trent Dilfer lol Go away Titans fans and let the real games and the scoreboard do the talking!

    GO RAMS!

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    The Titan fans aren't making a big deal out of this preseason win. The Rams are. Mostly Martz. But I think it's more the media then anything else. They want the rivalry because it sells papers. So don't believe everything you hear about the Titans caring nothing about that lost Superbowl. I garrentee you, the most important thing on Fisher's mind right now isn't that lost Superbowl. It's the Superbowl coming up. We know that we have a good chance of taking it all.

    Personally I get tired of people waving the Superbowl rings in the face of the Titan fans like it's a weapon and like the Titans didn't give the Rams a run for their money. It was a great game played by both teams. The fans of both teams need to take it as that and let it go. All this taunting is just creating resentment and taking away from the enjoyment of the game.

    And any body who says that the Titans better get used to the idea of never getting a ring of their own, is sorely mistaken and not a very nice person. I have been told that more then once, and it's a rediculas statement. Anyone who knows anything about football, knows that Titans have as much of a chance of taking it all this year as anyone, be that Ravens, Rams, Broncos, Colts, whoever. Fans who say that the Titans will never get a ring of their own are just resentful and disrespectful to the great athletes that literally put their lives on the line every year to give us this great sport to watch.

    And as for Faulk being better then George, that's anyone's opinion.


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      I couldn't disagree with you more. If you want to defend the Titans so much go post on their board. This is football and we all have the right to defent our team and throw a little smack talk into it. So I still stand by my opinion and I don't know what Titans fans you know but your really not being exposed to the true ones. And Martz isn't making a big deal at all about the Titans, I think you are on the wrong board Atlas sorry.

      GO RAMS!


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        Originally posted by WarnerFan78
        I couldn't disagree with you more. If you want to defend the Titans so much go post on their board. This is football and we all have the right to defent our team and throw a little smack talk into it. So I still stand by my opinion and I don't know what Titans fans you know but your really not being exposed to the true ones. And Martz isn't making a big deal at all about the Titans, I think you are on the wrong board Atlas sorry.

        GO RAMS!
        On the contrary. Tis you who have been inflounced by the media and the wrong fans and now you chose to generalize. Did I come here posting that all Rams fans are jerks and talk topo much smack and that they need to shut up? No.

        And this is an open board in which i was given the impression I was welcome. But since you seem to think it'sa ok to talk a little smack, so be it.

        First of all, the Titans had their starters in a lot less longer then the Rams. I believe it was the Rams 1st stringers getting dragged all over the field by the Titans 2nd and 3rd stringers. And don't tell me that the Titans were blitzing and cheating, because that's a load of bull. The Rams were passing major on their first 12 plays and any team would have blitzed. Hell, evenm the Rams blitzed in that game. It's a two way street.

        I take nothing personal. I love the sport of football and have a great deal of respect for Warner and the Rams. But the Titans are THE team to beat this year. Like it or not. Anyone who feels that the Titans are going to be a pushover, is greatly underestimating the Titans and the evil man, at least to a lot of Ram fans I think, Jeff Fisher.

        I look forward to seeing the Titans win it all and shutting up the fans who gloat over their rings and chose to be what I call "sore winners".

        P.S. I will not post to this thread again and get pulled into a "pissing contest". I'm above that and it's a waste of my time.
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          The only rule I have is NO PERSONAL ATTACKS..... to do that is just not nice.

          Smack talk is always good for a laugh and a bit of an art form if done well.

          Most smack talk is not. My personal opinion is for GOOD smack talk that

          1) makes me laugh
          2) makes me laugh (and pisses me off) if done to us
          3) is not offensive

          So please, it is an open forum and please continue to smack talk but also remember we are all here for the football

          GO DEM RAMS

          Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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            I don't think anyone has said anything offensive so far in this thread. And as you can see Mr. Titans fan up there is just loving coming into our board and starting some Titans v.s. Rams chat. Hey I started this topic though so I'm just as against the Titans as he is to the Rams. My opinion is this, the new open board is no longer as fun because it's no longer like a private club so the Titans fans in here are throwing subjects off course. Anyhow now that Mr. Titan Atlas has made his point and Dez you made your point which is well taken, can we get back to the main reason of this thread. And that is our St. Louis Rams are the best team in the NFL on and off the field, and we earned the right to smack talk against the Titans.
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              Again, point taken.

              Maybe I will start a forum for gereral NFL talk ??

              What say you all??

              Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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                I would say that is a great idea. That way it can contain all the general NFL smack talk that me and Atlas were starting, but it will leave these Rams threads such as mine strictly to defense of our team. Thats how the ClanRam should be.


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                  Boy,if I would have known this thread was this heavy I would have posted along time ago.I dont know how it slipped past me.Anyway the only thing I have to say is that the Super bowl between the Rams and the Titans was,by far,the most exciting SB ever,and I would love nothing more than to see a rematch in the upcoming Superbowl.The rivalry between the teams and fans is starting to remind me of the Steelers/Cowboys rivalry of the 1970's.

                  GO RAMS! GO RAMS!
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                    Welcome to this thread my friend. And I'm also surprised more people have not posted to this thread. Nothing wrong at all with a little Rams vs Titans chit chat. Although both me and you know who the better team is hehe


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                      There is nothing wrong with talking a little smack,but right now I'm not worried about the Titans.The only AFC teams that worry me are the Dolphins,Colts,Jets,and Patriots since we face them during the regular season.If the Titans make it to the Super Bowl,then I'll worry about them,cause we know the Rams will be there(Miss Cleo told me so.)LOL!

                      GO RAMS!


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                        I'm not worried about the Titans at all either. Infact that was the whole basis around this thread when I started it. Their fans make such a big deal over beating us in preseason and I think it's hilarious because some teams can just never face the fact when they were beat fair and square in the Super Bowl. Either way the Titans will choke once again this year.


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                          Originally posted by WarnerFan78
                          I'm not worried about the Titans at all either. Infact that was the whole basis around this thread when I started it. Their fans make such a big deal over beating us in preseason and I think it's hilarious because some teams can just never face the fact when they were beat fair and square in the Super Bowl. Either way the Titans will choke once again this year.
                          No ones made a big deal out of the preseason except Mike Martz. And the ram fans. Theyre the ones who keep bringing it up like it's something to be defensive about. Take you for example. ;)
                          Come one, man! It's been almost three weeks and your still hung up about that?? :p


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                          • AvengerRam_old
                            Remember the Titans?
                            by AvengerRam_old
                            One yard.

                            That was all that separated the Rams and the Titans in 1999/2000.

                            One yard, that gave the Rams their first championship, and left Tennessee wondering "what if?"

                            Since then, the teams have travelled similar paths. The Rams have gone (including this year) 52-30 in the regular season since. The Titans have gone 49-33. Both teams have won their respective divisions twice. The Rams have also made the playoffs twice as a Wild Card, the Titans once. The Rams are 3-4 in the playoffs since the 1999/2000 season (and have made it back to the Super Bowl), while the Titans are 2-3.

                            Similar...yes. But, objectively, the Rams have fared a bit better than the Titans. Also, while the Rams are coming off an 8-8 season in which they made the divisional round of the playoffs, the Titans collapsed last year and went 5-11.

                            You know where I'm going with this.

                            Given these facts, you have to ask... why do so many criticize Mike Martz and the Rams organization for supposedly failing to capitalize on the momentum of 1999/2000, while Jeff Fisher and the Titans organization seem to get nothing but praise?

                            I'm sure it has a lot to do with the different styles of the teams' head coaches. Martz is the the flashy mad scientist who seemingly thumbs his nose at convention. Fisher is the throwback coach who stresses toughness and smash mouth football.

                            Rather than dwell on whether this is fair, I'll make this point instead. Looking at the how the Titans have fared in the five years since "the tackle," you can't help but notice what a good job the Rams organization has done to sustain a quality run.

                            We all know they have not made it back to the top of the mountain. But (the Patriots success notwithstanding), we should be reminded of just how tough it is in the NFL to stay in contention year in and year out.

                            The Titans have done a fairly good job in that respect.

                            The Rams have done an even better job.
                            -09-19-2005, 08:43 AM
                          • Aries51
                            Titans fall brings back memories.
                            by Aries51
                            After watching the Titans fall to 3-5 last night I started remembering the Rams 1990 season.The Titans were early season favorites to go to the Super Bowl.In 1990 our Rams were early season favorites to go to the big game.The Titans have been hit by a rash of pre-season and early season injuries.In 1990 the Rams defense was also hit with many injuries.At the halfway point this year the Titans are 3-5.At the halfway point of the season in 1990 the Rams were 3-5.I can honestly say that I feel for Titan fans.I remember how I felt when the Rams fell apart in 1990 and it didnt feel good.Anybody remember the overtime loss to the Bengals when Jim Everett almost led us to a comeback win.Man,that was heartbreaking.Sure makes me grateful to our Rams team of today.Makes me appreciate them all the more.

                            GO RAMS!STAY FOCUSED! WIN!
                            -11-13-2001, 01:56 PM
                          • TitanJeff
                            Greetings from
                            by TitanJeff
                            I'm from over at your F2FA affiliate this week - We invite all to come over and scout the competition. I've know Dez for a long time. He's a good guy who has helped out my site more than once which I think may indicate he feels some pity towards me for Dyson coming up a yard short. But I digress...

                            Here's a quick overview of the game from a Titans fan perspective:

                            1. We're young at the corners. Though we have talent there, we have a combined 11 starts between the two. Woolfolk is a first-round pick who has been hurt much of his early career. Beckham is inconsistent though has shown flashes. I think Beckham and rookie Pacman Jones will alternate on Sunday. Covering the Rams WRs will be the biggest challenge for the Titans on Sunday. The key will be generating a big pass rush so those speedy guys you have don't have time to get the big separation. The Titans DL is young but was very effective last week. It appears the Rams OL has had some problems so a huge key to the game is getting pressure on Bulger.

                            2. The Titans have to keep the ball away from the Rams offense. OC Norm Chow has put in a fast-paced offense designed to get the ball out quickly. You'll see a lot of formations Sunday with RBs and TEs out wide. There will be a lot of shifting and motion before the snap with the idea being to keep the defense off-balanced. But I think the key will be running the football for the Titans. Chris Brown and Travis Henry must get the running game established, milk the clock and push the ball into the endzone. The Titans have only two offensive TDs so far this season that red zone scoring has been a problem. FGs won't get it against the Rams who will put up the points.

                            3. Little will get a rookie blocking him Sunday. Michael Roos is a second-round pick who has played very well so far but may need a TE beside him to handle the load. The Titans kept in Travis Henry often last week to slow down the pass rush which removed a weapon from the offense.

                            4. The Titans have been very inconsistent to this point on defense. They looked flat in Pittsburgh but very intense last Sunday against the Ravens. Tackling was very poor the first game against a fast RB which means Faulk might be very effective. The screen pass killed the Titans in their first game which, best I remember, is something the Rams have done well using in the past. Titans DT Haynesworth was the key to the Titans defense last Sunday but he is questionable against the Rams with a knee sprain. He is a key to the success of the Titans D on Sunday.

                            5. Stopping the big play will be very important for the Titans. They can't afford to go down by two TDs because it takes them out of their offensive game plan and it doesn't appear the Titans WRs are effective when defenses pull back their safeties to defend the deep pass. Chow wants to stay in his gameplan, keep the game close, and give the Titans a chance to...
                            -09-22-2005, 06:04 AM
                          • HUbison
                            Remember the Titans
                            by HUbison
                            The Titans provide a good model for "drastic turnarounds" on defense. They spent '04-'06 hovering never more than a spot or two above the bottom of the league in defense. Then in '07 they jumped to #8, and this year they sit at #2.

                            Schwartz was the DC all along, so that didn't change. And while some positions have been in flux throughout (DE opposite VandenBosch, and MLB), the core remained the same.....VandenBosch, Haynesworth, Thornton, Bullock, Hope.

                            I'm no expert, but it seems the formula is something like this.....

                            1. Put trusted veteran leaders in the LB corp (Thornton, Bullock)
                            2. Recognize your strongest position and exploit it (Haynesworth)
                            3. Let the emotional leader, lead emotionally (VandenBosch)
                            4. Fill the secondary with players that aren't afraid to light up a receiver AND run support (Harper, Finnigan, Griffen, Hope)
                            5. In the draft, don't roll the dice early (Griffin) or turn a blind eye late (Finnigan)
                            6. Get rid of the numbnuts (PacMan)

                            I don't know what the exact answer is, but it seems analyzing the Titans, who did exactly what we want to do, would be a good start.
                            -12-10-2008, 11:59 AM
                          • itsguud
                            Keyshawn meets with titans.
                            by itsguud

                            Sounds like this is where he may go. Not a bad pick-up if they get him, kinda the same player as Bennet I think.
                            -05-19-2007, 07:39 AM