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Smith, Bears contract talks reach stalemate

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  • Smith, Bears contract talks reach stalemate

    Barring what Lovie Smith's agent calls an "unforseen breakthrough," the Chicago Bears coach expects to return for the 2007 season without a new contract.

    Frank Bauer, Smith's agent, told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that talks between the team and coach were at a "stalemate."

    "We're not close, we're not encouraged and based on where talks have gone recently, Lovie will be a free agent after next season," Bauer said on Wednesday night.

    Smith has one year remaining on his original contract. He was the league's lowest-paid coach at $1.35 million in 2006 and will remain No. 32 on the paylist at $1.45 million in '07.

    Smith suspended contract talks shortly before the playoffs when he led the Bears to their first Super Bowl appearance since 1985 after a 13-3 regular season. Negotiations picked up shortly after the Bears lost to the Colts in the championship game, but Bauer said there were significant gaps on the contract terms between management and the coach.

    "It would take an unforseen breakthrough for this to get done," Bauer said. "And we are being more than reasonable in this market."

    Coaches that have taken their teams to the Super Bowl, even in a losing effort, are making at least $5 million per year, such as Carolina's John Fox.

    The Ravens just signed Brian Billick to a four-year extension. The deal, with one year left on his current contract, is valued at $28.5 million over the next five years, a league source said.
    Smith needs to dump current agent Frank Bauer and hire Jack Bauer. I'm sure he would have a new deal in no time.

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    Re: Smith, Bears contract talks reach stalemate

    Just pay the man, jeez. How far removed is Chicago from the Dick Jauron era? You'd think they'd want to get this done.


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      Re: Smith, Bears contract talks reach stalemate

      Never realized the Bears were penny pinchers.
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        Re: Smith, Bears contract talks reach stalemate

        Originally posted by laram0 View Post
        Never realized the Bears were penny pinchers.
        Actually that's been their rep. for quite some time now. Yeah, it's odd that the team in the 2nd largest market in the NFL is that way, and you'd think that they'd have no excuses; but they have stiffed players in the past and now I guess we can add Lovie's name to the mix. That is why I was kinda surprised that they franchised L. Briggs. Didn't figure they would want to pay top dollar for a LB, even though he's probably worth it.

        WHAT SAY YE?


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          Re: Smith, Bears contract talks reach stalemate

          Originally posted by Nick View Post
          Just pay the man, jeez. How far removed is Chicago from the Dick Jauron era? You'd think they'd want to get this done.
          Agreed. I know the Bears are the chaeapest team in the NFL, but it's hard to understand how they can rationalize treating Lovie like this. What could their reasons be for not taking care of a guy that built the team into a winner, was the NFL Coach of the Year in 2005 with a 24-8 record over the last two seasons and got them to the Super Bowl? The Bears ownership just doesn't get it.


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            Bears fire GM Angelo
            by Rammed
            OPENING HIT:*The*Bears*fired Jerry Angelo, the team's general manager, and a team source said the reason why was simple:"The organization was growing stale."Interesting. Not sure I'd agree with that and it seems that Angelo was far from the main problem with the Bears. The firing of Angelo seems completely and utterly reactionary to not making the playoffs. Angelo isn't blameless but the reason Chicago*didn't make the postseason*is because their two offensive stars,*Jay Cutler*and*Matt Forte, were injured. Let's be real. A healthy Bears team is probably still playing.Let's put it this way. As Bears general manager Angelo was 95-41 overall. Under him the Bears won four division championships and went to a Super Bowl. Does that sound like a man who should have been fired?But this is the NFL. Being sensible or patient is against league rules. I actually think teams get fined for that.The team announced on its website that Smith would coach in 2012. A source had earlier told me that Smith was in trouble and I still think he is. I'm still not convinced Smith will coach the Bears next season and I'm extremely skeptical he'll coach beyond that.A new GM wants his guy and it's only a matter of time before the new GM, well, pushes for his guy. Smith is not that person.We'll see.
            -01-03-2012, 11:57 AM
          • ramsbruce
            Bears | Briggs re-signs with team
            by ramsbruce
            Bears | Briggs re-signs with team
            Sat, 1 Mar 2008 18:25:44 -0800

            Brad Biggs, of the Chicago Sun-Times, reports the Chicago Bears have re-signed free-agent LB Lance Briggs (Bears) to a six-year contract worth $36 million.
            -03-01-2008, 08:03 PM
          • RamWraith
            Bears Quietly Shopping Briggs
            by RamWraith

            Although teams technically aren't allowed to use the franchise tag solely as a means to obtain trade value for a player who is eligible for unrestricted free agency, there's growing talk/speculation in league circles that the Chicago Bears don't plan to keep linebacker Lance Briggs, and that they applied the franchise to him for the sole purpose of facilitating a trade.

            Per a league source, the Bears have talked with several teams about a trade for Briggs. The veteran outside linebacker, who has become a star in the Tampa Two defense, technically will not be under contract until he signs the one-year tender offer that the team has extended to him.

            This means that Briggs can skip the entire offseason, training camp, and the preseason before reporting, while still receiving the full amount of the $7.2 million that will be guaranteed as soon as he signs it.
            -02-25-2007, 05:52 AM
          • bigduke18
            Lovie Smith
            by bigduke18
            Am I the only one to be pissed about the success that the Bears are enjoying, thanks to the Rams losing Lovie Smith from the coaching staff?
            -12-16-2005, 06:49 AM
          • Bruce=GOAT
            Lovie Smith's son a Missouri Tiger
            by Bruce=GOAT
            From InsideMizoo's board:

            "If thereís one thing everyone knows about recent Missouri football commit Miles Smith, itís that heís the son of Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith. But thatís all we knew, so we made a few calls and got the scoop on Smith, who recently decided to accept an offer to become a preferred walk-on at Mizzou."

            To read the rest of the story, you must be a subscriber
            -02-14-2008, 08:48 PM