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Warner as a color analyst?

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  • Warner as a color analyst?

    I have always thought that when 13 hangs the pads up for the last time TV should be knocking on his door. The man is articulate, humble, entertaining, has a sense of humor, respected and knows the game inside and out. It's easy to listen to Warner describe situations because he doesn't stutter, and always seems to be confident in what he is talking about.

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    Re: Warner as a color analyst?

    Hey, Maybe KW will be reunited with MF on the NFL Network someday? That's a pair to beat a fullhouse for sure!:r :r
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      Re: Warner as a color analyst?

      I'd prefer him as a QB coach. He's done excellently so far with teaching up and coming QBs the ropes. Bulger, Leinart, Manning. Although Manning seems to be struggeling lately.
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        Re: Warner as a color analyst?

        I think he'd be excellent on the air. He's charming, intelligent, warm, sincere, and articulate. Those are qualities that already put him ahead of the current crop of QB/analysts out there who lack at least one of those characteristics (Aikman, Bradshaw, Young, etc.)
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          Re: Warner as a color analyst?

          I have heard him speak at a luncheon and he was excellent. That being said, I think he probably moves on to his religeous work.
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            Re: Warner as a color analyst?

            Personally, i think he has some good years in him as a backup qb. BUt i agree he would be a good announcer. Warner thread to follow

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              Re: Warner as a color analyst?

              Warner has the personality and voice to be an excellent announcer, but I've haerd that several teams will want to go after him as a quarterback coach.


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              • lordwhttgr
                Kurt Warner hired to work as a Color Analyst for the NFL Network
                by lordwhttgr
                "Doing color for NFLnetwork Arena game Friday night of IA Barnstormers and Az Rattlers, all u fb fans check it out and give me feedback!"
                12:39 PM May 18th
                Kurt Warner

                It will be good to hear Kurt as a Color Analyst. I hope he does some Rams games so he can give us some indepth analysis from a real expert, plus it would be great to hear about the best years in Ram football.:ram:
                -05-19-2010, 10:15 PM
              • RamDez
                quote about Warner
                by RamDez
                I think I wanted to write about Kurt Warner after the Super Bowl, but didn't get the chance because he was so average and his team lost. But a few numbers from the last three years shouldn't be forgotten. One: Warner is the most accurate quarterback ever, completing 66.9 percent of his throws, better than second-place Steve Young (64.3). Two: Warner is the highest-rated quarterback ever, at 103.0; Young is a light year behind (96.8) in second place. Three, and this is one for the ages: Warner's career 9.02-yards-per-pass-attempt is almost half-a-yard better than No. 2 Otto Graham, at 8.63. No quarterback who has played football in the last 50 years has had a career yards-per-attempt average of eight yards, and Warner's is over 9. "I mean, do people have any idea what we're watching here?" say his coach, Mike Martz.
                -04-08-2002, 03:31 PM
              • Nick
                Warner's the man, at least to Warner
                by Nick
                Warner's the man, at least to Warner

                First published: Thursday, August 19, 2004

                ALBANY -- He's still the quarterback who takes teams to Olympus. Still the quarterback whose passing statistics are a fantasy of flight. Still the quarterback whose grocery-bags-to-NFL-MVP story felt as good as a kiss.
                Kurt Warner is convinced of this.

                He's gone from superstar to waiver wire. Untouchable to unwanted. At the end in St. Louis, the Rams were as eager to show Warner the door as he was to pass through it. He was signed by the Giants to be a mentor and stopgap, until Eli Manning is ready. Everything in Warner's career has changed -- but him, he insists.

                In nearly every player's career there comes a time when his skills, as Bill Belichick once said of Bernie Kosar's, diminish. Age and injuries make mortals of all. The player knows when he enters the winter of his career, but he won't publicly admit it.

                Warner, now 33, says he's the same quarterback, and because he's friendly, and gracious with his time, you want to believe him.

                But you don't.

                Once, Warner led the Greatest Show on Turf. Now, he's trying to hold Manning at bay long enough to audition for a starting job with another team next season. That's not the same at all.

                There has never been an NFL player like Kurt Warner. From stock boy to wonder boy to oh boy, what happened. It would be as if Greg Maddux had gone from video store clerk to Cy Young control artist to a pitcher who stopped throwing strikes, though Warner doesn't see it that way. The Rams' 0-8 record in his last eight games as a starter didn't change Warner's opinion of himself.

                "You have to say, 'Did Kurt Warner lose those eight games because Kurt Warner didn't play well, or did the Rams lose those last eight games because the team didn't play well?' " Warner said. "I think that's where people sometimes get skewed in their opinion."

                Warner doesn't mention that the Rams were 18-4 the past two seasons when Marc Bulger started at quarterback. Granted, win-loss percentage isn't everything. But it's something. And playing on the same team, with the same players, Bulger enjoyed success while Warner flopped. But if Warner's fumbling 14 times and throwing 11 interceptions with only four touchdowns in those eight games have cracked his confidence, he conceals it behind his disarming smile.

                "I feel like I can play as well as anybody in this league," Warner said. "I can still play this game. I don't plan on being average."

                Thing is, average would be an improvement.

                One trait players like in their quarterback: accountability. They respect a guy who accepts criticism when warranted and shares praise when deserved. But in a recent conversation, this is as close as Warner came to acknowledging he performed...
                -08-22-2004, 12:40 PM
              • RamWraith
                Warner says it best
                by RamWraith
                now can we also follow the great ones lead???

                Warner also said he leaves with no ill will.

                "I'm indebted to the Rams," he said. "They're the one and only team to give me an opportunity, and to be in the position I'm in now, I have no animosity at all.

                "I'll be forever grateful. I leave there with a lot of strong feelings, and that won't diminish."

                In fact, Warner is not leaving the city yet. His stay in New York could be only one year as mentor for Eli Manning, so he'll continue to live in St. Louis until he finds a longterm football home elsewhere.

                Warner also said half of his charitable foundation, "First Things First," will remain in St. Louis.
                -06-03-2004, 05:35 PM
              • ShaneFalco
                Kurt Warner
                by ShaneFalco
                "Im not sure what the Rams are doing dropping down and taking linemen. If I was Bradford I would be wanting weapons, you know, go out and get me some weapons!"

                Warner on NFL network right now.
                -04-26-2012, 10:08 PM