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Reffing the refs: is it "official?"

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  • Reffing the refs: is it "official?"

    Any thoughts on how the NFL's lockout of the Refs will affect the game?

    Is it official -- pun intended-- that Arena league striped-shirts will work in lieu of the regulars?

    Just imagine a questionable call is made that may determine the outcome of a game. Riots ahead? Chaos? :p

    I understand it may be only for a few weeks, is this correct? As they say, "should be interesting to watch!" :rolleyes:

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    I can not believe that the NFL would take such a risk. If a player were to get hurt or some call were to go badly wrong, I can see EVERYONE second guessing them.

    Seems nuts to me.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Are we going to get some o' them Scottish Football Hooligans?! ;-)


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        I'm going to try to look on the bright side. The new refs have been doing it for years, though in college, and football is football. The NFL is just faster. Plus a few little rule changes. But many coaches aren't really that worried. Wouldn't it be funny if the replacements did a great job? Then not only would the NFL tell the refs to shove off, all those threats about never being in the NFL...the replacements would BE THE NFL!! :p


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        • VegasRam
          Sung to the tune of...
          by VegasRam
          "Happy days are here again", (for those who are so inclined);)

          Rams are turning things around at last
          Shaw and Ziggy’s crap is in the past
          Spag's is here to stay, the die is cast
          Rams are back on track again

          Billy’s got his eyes upon the draft
          Showing everyone he’s honed his craft
          In our drafts before, the pundits laughed
          Rams are coming back again

          Bulger’s finally smiling just a bit
          His new center is a perfect fit
          Now at last he won’t get hit and hit
          Rams are going to win again

          Ron Bartell has got his corner spot
          And Atogwe’s going to still be hot
          Hill and Butler both will get their shot
          Rams are on the attack again

          D-Line’s finally got a touch of gray
          Looks like they may finally have their day
          Anyway, it’s clear they’re here to play
          Rams may get more sacks again

          Steven Jackson’s glad he’s now a Dad
          Contract’s done, so he’s no longer mad
          Gonna run like hell, and catch a tad
          Rams got running backs again

          Our receivers seem to lack some age
          Maybe so, but wait ‘til they engage
          Other team’s DBs, they will upstage
          Rams'll scare some D's again

          As a team, this all will take some time
          Lot of work ahead, an uphill climb
          And I just ran out of things that rhyme
          Rams are fun to watch again

          So OK, I hope this finds you well
          We’ll no longer hear the tolling bell
          Looks like character will finally tell
          Rams'll kick some 'A' again
          -03-25-2009, 04:23 PM
        • RealRam
          Common spelling mistakes -- for the fun of it.
          by RealRam
          Although proper spelling is certainly not a "requisite" and it may not necessarily improve the QUALITY of the CLAN, the opposite, bad orthography [i.e., spelling as a subject or science], may contribute a negative effect.

          Clan Moderators do not look for this, of course. And that is fair and good -- even though we do have a spelling checker. It is an open forum. But I believe that a post is not only its content, but its image, an image that may enhance or deteriorate the overall QUALITY of our CLAN. I'm not talking about typographical errors; those are mainly accidental.

          One of the ways I learn a different language is by paying close attention to the spelling of the vocabulary. It is a good linguistic tool (I still have other people find my errors when I don't myself). That has helped me considerably in learning English.

          For the fun of it, following are some common spelling mistakes observed in casual English writing. They are NOT mentioned here for the sake of criticism, rather as an observation that hopefully, will help us learn and/or exercise the nuances of written communication in and outside of this forum:


          believe / beleive
          receive / recieve ... Kevin Curtis is a fine receiver.
          then / than (or vice versa)
          effect / affect (or vice versa)
          there / their (or vice versa) / they're
          are / our (or vice versa)
          lose / loose (or vice versa)

          Do all NFL players spell correctly? Yeah, right!
          But as everyone else ought to, they should get their spelling checked when they write a Resume! It is common courtesy and respect for the reader.

          Please feel free to add correct / incorrect terminolgy. Thanks.
          -07-04-2006, 04:56 PM
        • RamsSB99
          Purge the roster of older players we have a minimum 3 year process.
          by RamsSB99
          If we really care about this team we will look at whats best for this team to build a team that can be competitive year after year. We can't expect a dramatic difference next year or the year after that. We need to plan on starting the rebuilding process now and continue the next two years. We need to hope that three years from now we can field a team that will be competitive and yet have enough young nucleus that we won't have to many holes to fill to remain competitive. That is why I believe we should look at our players that turn 30 next year and seriously consider getting any value we can for them in trade and release the ones we can't. We should target younger players via free agency but be conservative in our spending. Don't commit to large contracts on older players until maybe the second and definently the third year.

          We have 24 players on our roster that will turn 30 years old or older next year. Here is a list of those players with their ages.

          Trent Green QB 39
          Gary Stills LB 35
          Leonard Little DE 35
          La'Roi Glover DT 35
          Orlando Pace LT 34
          Dane Looker WR 33
          Torry Holt WR 33
          Chris Draft LB 33
          Jason Craft CB 33
          Corey Chavous SS 33
          Marc Bulger QB 32
          Dan Kreider FB 32
          James Hall DE 32
          Fakhir Brown CB 32
          Anthony Becht TE 32
          Dante Hall PuntReturn/WR 31
          Brandon Gorin T 31
          Drew Bennett WR 31
          Brett Romberg C 30
          Travis Minor RB 30
          Randy McMichael TE 30
          Chris Massey LS 30
          Todd Johnson S 31
          Josh Brown K 30

          Kickers normally live forever I would not mind keeping Josh Brown but his contract would be up before his value could even help us. We should try to get something for him as well.
          -11-09-2008, 05:45 PM
        • OldRamsfan
          Combine tests the the rookies must go thru for the NFL Drsft
          by OldRamsfan
          Combine tests consist of body measurements, physical tests and position-specific drills. Physical tests are used to determine a player's size, speed, quickness and strength. Position drills allow players to demonstrate their ability in fundamental skill areas necessary for their position...I know most of you know what they test just in case for those who dont , Heres what the Nfl look for ...

          Body Measurements
          Height and weight measurements determine a player's size. Height is measured to 1/8th of an inch accuracy...


          Weight is measured to the nearest pound...

          Body Photo

          The body portrait provides a visual image of a player's body type and build. Players are photographed from the front wearing shorts only...

          Hand Span

          Spread hand is measured from tip of thumb to tip of pinky...

          Arm Length

          Extended arm is measured from shoulder blade to tip of middle finger...

          Physical Tests (40 & SS Filmed)
          40 Yard Dash

          The 40 yard dash is a measure of straight ahead speed. Each player runs twice. Two times are recorded for each run. The best time is used for scoring purposes. Timing is done by pro scouts... (Filmed)

          20 Yard Short Shuttle

          The 20 yard short shuttle is a measure of quickness. Each player is timed twice, once to the left and once to the right. Both times are recorded. The best time is scored...

          Vertical Jump
          The vertical jump is a measure of lower body strength. The test is conducted using the Vertec measuring device. Each player jumps twice. The highest jump is scored....

          225lb. Bench Press
          The 225 pound bench press is a measure of upper body strength. Each player completes as many repetitions as possible...

          Position Drills (All Filmed)

          QB's perform a series of 3, 5 and 7 step drops while throwing to stationary receivers...
          QB’s throw to to TE’s, RB’s and WR's during the 1-on-1 coverage drills...

          RB's run routes against LB's in 1-on-1 pass coverage...

          Tight End
          TE's run routes against LB's in 1-on-1 pass coverage...

          Wide Receiver
          WR's run routes against DB's in 1-on-1 pass coverage...

          Offensive Line
          OL are timed in 10/20 yard dash...
          OL perform agility and pass block drills...Defensive Line

          DL are timed in 10/20 yard dash...
          DL perform agility and pass rush drills...

          LB's cover RB's in 1-on-1 pass coverage...

          Defensive Back
          DB's cover WR's in 1-on-1 pass coverage...

          Punters perform the Baseline Strength Test and Random Selection Scenario Test. During the Baseline Strength
          -02-13-2006, 08:51 AM
        • OldRamsfan
          Rams History
          by OldRamsfan
          For some of our younger Rams fans who might not know here are some facts about our Rams or for some of the newer fans who might not have known about >>

          Rams History :

          Back in 1934, the St. Louis Gunners joined the NFL by purchasing the defunct Cincinnati Reds NFL team. The Reds had lost their first 8 games before they were suspended from the league for defaulting on payments. The St. Louis Gunners, coached by Charles "Chile" Walsh, went 1-2 in their remaining 3 games. Then the Gunners, too, were dropped when they went bankrupt...
          In 1937, the Cleveland Rams were founded by Homer Marshman, a Cleveland attorney. The NFL placed the Cleveland Rams into the NFL Western Division to replace the St. Louis Gunners. Dan Reeves, the son of a New York grocer, purchased the Rams in 1941. Chile Walsh was hired in 1942 as an assistant coach, and was promoted to general manager in 1944. He offered a finders fee of $100 to anyone recommending a player who made the team. Chile hired his brother, Adam, (adam was very good friends with my Uncle's) as head coach in 1945, whereupon they promptly won the NFL championship, going 9-1-0 on the season. Rookie QB Bob Waterfield passed for 1,609 yards an 14 TDs. Top receiver was Jim Benton, with 1,067 yards and 8 TDs. The title game was played on Dec. 15, 1945, in Cleveland. The Rams defeated the Washington Redskins 15-14 in a showdown pitting the Rams rookie QB Bob Waterfield against the Redskins veteran QB Sammy Baugh...

          On January 11, 1946, Reeves asked permission to move the team to Los Angeles, California. Many owners were concerned about the added cost of cross-country travel expenses. Beginning a fine tradition, Reeves offered to pay to the owners an additional $5,000.00 over the existing guarantee when their team played the Rams on the West Coast. The deal was approved, and the Rams became the first NFL team to move West. This began a trend that would spill over to other professional sports, and continue for decades...

          The Rams post a record of 6-4-1 in their first season in Los Angeles, 1947...

          In 1948, the Rams became the first team in the NFL to have a team emblem on their helmets when halfback Fred Gehrke painted horns on the helmets...

          In 1949, the Rams win their first division title in Los Angeles. QB Bob Waterfield and Rookie QB Norm Van Brocklin led the team to an 8-2-2 record. Elroy "Crazy Legs" Hirsch caught 22 passes as the league's first flanker. Tom Fears had 77 receptions for 1,013 yards. In spite of this, the Philadelphia Eagles (11-1-0) held the Rams to only 10 completions for 98 yards, and allowed only 21 yards rushing to defeat the Rams 14-0 in the NFL Championship Game...

          The Rams became the first NFL team to have all their games - both home and away - televised in 1950...

          In 1951, the Rams reversed their television broadcast policy and televised
          -02-07-2006, 10:30 AM