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Vikings get the sleeper of 2004

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  • Vikings get the sleeper of 2004

    Vikings have just signed Brock Lessner. This will be an interesting signing and fun to watch.

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    Re: Vikings get the sleeper of 2004

    He is a physical freak, no question about it. But if the NFL was all about physicality, the best players would be those Icelandic powerlifter from the strongman competitions.

    Personally, I hope he makes it. It might be fun to see that kind of transition.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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      Re: Vikings get the sleeper of 2004

      The kid has a lot more than just strength.

      He is and all around athlete. He has heart, determination and most important dedication. If he doesn't make it. It will be because of lack of opportunity. It might talk a couple years for him to catch on, but his potential is a hell of a lot better than 70% of the meat that is thrown around the NFL this time of year.


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        Re: Vikings get the sleeper of 2004

        Originally posted by RamWraith
        The kid has a lot more than just strength.

        He is and all around athlete. He has heart, determination and most important dedication. If he doesn't make it. It will be because of lack of opportunity. It might talk a couple years for him to catch on, but his potential is a hell of a lot better than 70% of the meat that is thrown around the NFL this time of year.
        Don't get me wrong, the kid is obviously an athlete. And I have no reason to question his heart, determination, or dedication. He made it to the top of wrestling both the amateur sport and the professional sports entertainment. But even if with all that, I can't imagine that he would have the technique or understanding of the game required to play in the NFL. Even if he is a quick study, he would still need (as you said) a couple of years. Well in a couple of years, he's going to be, what about 28. Getting kind of old to be an NFL rookie.

        But as I stated above, I'm pulling for him. I just think he's got a lot to overcome.
        The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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          Re: Vikings get the sleeper of 2004

          Lesnar turned 27 this year, I believe. Let's assume he spends a year on the practice squad or as a back-up just getting used to the feel of professional ball. By that time he's 28, arguably past his prime. Consider that he's coming off some serious injuries from an auto accident in April which forced him to postpone workouts. I just think it's too late for Lesnar.

          Plus, with his attitude, it's only a matter of time before he either gets into a training camp or locker room fight or says some that's not quite PC to the media and gets his ass in trouble. According to an ESPN article, after a blonde woman came up and told him her friend Shawn thought he was good looking, Lesnar turned to a reporter and said, "I don't like gays. Write that down in your little notebook. I don't like gays."

          It's a no lose situation for Minnesota. They could find a diamond in the rough for their poor defensive line. If not, all they have to do is cut him. I doubt his contract is anything more than a one-year minimum deal.


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            Re: Vikings get the sleeper of 2004

            Stephen Neal who was a champion wrestler from here in Bakersfield made the Patriots squad as an O-line man..with no college football experience...He also whipped Lesner's ass in the 1999 NCAA Heavyweight championship :tongue:


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              Re: Vikings get the sleeper of 2004

              Well, I'm thinking the NFL has a little bit tougher of a steroid policy than the WWE.

              Yeah, it'll be to watch until the first cut down day.


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                A league source tells us that the Minnesota Vikings will soon be agreeing to terms with receiver Todd Pinkston.

                We're told that Pinkston will sign a one-year deal for the veteran minimum, possibly later tonight. Though other details are sketchy, it's our understanding that the team will be protected in the event that Pinkston isn't healthy.

                The team will owe Pinkston nothing if they decide before the first regular season game that, for whatever reason, it's not going to work out.

                Though there are lingering concerns in league circles regarding Pinkston's Achilles tendons, his familiarity with the complex West Coast offense makes him an attractive option to stretch the field across from Troy Williamson, who figures to draw double coverage.

                Likewise, a healthy Pinkston's ability to run deep routes could help open things up underneath for other receivers.

                The key, as we see it, is whether Pinkston can still run. If he can, then he'll end up on the roster. If he can't, then the Vikings will look elsewhere.

                The move will reunite Pinkston with Brad Childress. The current Vikings head coach was the offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, where Pinkston filled the field-stretching role for several seasons.
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                By BILL COATS
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops won't soon forget the day he first saw the rock-solid, laser-quick running back from Palestine (Texas) High on film.

                "Your jaw hits the floor," Stoops said. "The guy's just so explosive and so powerful, plays so hard. All the positive adjectives you can think of, he was every one of them. It's just exciting to see a guy like that."

                Adrian Peterson, the consensus national player of the year as a high school senior and a record-shattering All-American for Stoops at OU, continues to bring the excitement. On Sunday, his venue will be the Edwards Jones Dome, where the winless Rams meet the unbeaten Minnesota Vikings at noon. MORE RAMS

                Containing the 6-foot-1, 217-pound Peterson will be the top priority for a defense ranking 24th in the 32-team NFL against the run. Defensive end Chris Long called Peterson "a once-in-a-generation back. ... (He's) going to be our biggest focus."

                That was Green Bay's approach, too, on Monday night. It worked sort of.

                The Packers limited Peterson whose 412 rushing yards are second in the league to the 434 amassed by Tennessee's Chris Johnson to 55 yards on 22 carries. But quarterback Brett Favre exploited the openings on the outside left by the load-the-box scheme, passing for three touchdowns in a 30-23 victory.

                "It's kind of a two-headed monster," Rams defensive coordinator Ken Flajole said. "I'm hoping one of those guys misses the team charter."

                'A DIFFERENT BEAST'

                College talent scouts swarmed to Palestine, a hardscrabble town of about 18,000 about 110 miles southeast of Dallas, to try to woo this high school phenom, this workout warrior, to their campus. The trek to the Peterson trailer outside of town was challenging.

                "When I say I stayed out in the country, I'm talking about the regular street turns to gravel and that street turns to dirt," Peterson said in an interview with Muscle & Fitness magazine, which displayed his rippling physique on its cover.

                Peterson built that body despite lacking the money to buy weights. He improvised, using water-filled jugs, jerry-rigged barbells, and doing countless runs up the steepest hill he could find nearby.

                He developed his regimen by watching his father, Nelson Peterson, rise at 5:30 every morning to work out. Nelson played basketball at Idaho State; Adrian's mother, Bonita Jackson, was a sprinter at the University of Houston.

                Peterson also was steeled by misfortune. He was just 7 when his bicycle-riding brother, 8, was killed by a drunk driver. Adrian witnessed the accident. His step-brother was shot to death. His father spent eight years in prison on a money-laundering conviction.

                Still, Peterson kept...
                -10-10-2009, 09:30 AM
              • PurplePharaoh
                Vikings are better against the run..So I hope
                by PurplePharaoh
                The Rams try and run on the Vikings....I predict Vikings 31 Rams 24.:football:
                -12-07-2005, 04:22 AM
              • RAMMAN68
                by RAMMAN68
                A friend sent me this joke, and I about fell out of my chair. This may be an old joke, but I thought it was too funny not to pass on.

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                Q: What do you call 47 millionaires sitting around a
                TV watching the Super
                A: The Minnesota Vikings.

                Q: What do the Minnesota Vikings and Billy Graham have
                in common?
                A: They both can make 70,000 people stand up and yell
                "Jesus Christ."

                Q: How do you keep a Minnesota Viking out of your
                A: Put up goal posts.

                Q: Where do you go in the Twin Cities in case of a
                A: To the dome - they never get a touchdown there.

                Q: What do you call a Minnesota Viking with a Super
                Bowl ring?
                A: A thief!!

                Q: Why was the Minnesota coach upset when the Vikings
                play book was stolen?
                A: Because he hadn't finished coloring it.

                Q: What's the difference between the Minnesota Vikings
                and a dollar bill?
                A: You can still get 4 quarters out of a dollar bill.

                Q: How many Minnesota Vikings does it take to win a
                Super Bowl?
                A: Nobody knows and we will never find out.

                Q: What do the Minnesota Vikings and possums have in
                A: Both play dead at home (and get killed on the

                -02-19-2007, 12:44 PM
              • dgr828
                Feeling Minnesota
                by dgr828
                This friday nights openning preseason match up in Minneapolis between the Rams and the Minnesota Vikings is sure to be played with heavy hearts and mixed emotions as the twin cities continues to deal with the collapsed bridge tragedy.

                Hopefully the Rams can come to town, put on a good exhibition and take everyones mind off a bad situation, if only for a few hours. (No word as if yet, if this game will be cancelled, scheduled for Friday August 10, 2007 8pm, at the MetroDome.)

                As for the Vikings, they are lead by their 2nd year Head coach Brad Childress, who finished his 1st season with a (6-10) record last year.
                The last time Childress and the Vikings faced the Saint Louis Rams at the MetroDome was last years season finally on New Years Eve, the Rams won 41-21 to finish with an (8-8) record for their 2nd year Head coach Scott Linehan.

                These are not your Fathers Minnesota Vikings......Who are these guys?
                Where's Randy?, Where's Culpepper?, Where's Chris Carter?, Where's Coach Green Or Mike Tice with that pencil sticking from his ear? And what's the latest on that 'Love Boat' scandal?
                The only recognizable player associated with the Vikings is Tight End Jim Kleinsasser.
                First round draft pick Adrian Peterson could start his NFL experience against the Rams, although he is listed as questionable with a hip pointer.

                Tarvaris Jackson and Brooks Bollinger are fighting for the Vikings starting job at QB.
                Chester Taylor is a decent running back for the Vikes, who finished with 1,216 yards rushing, averaging 4.0 yards a carry with 6 TDs.
                Long time Green Bay Packer Ryan Longwell is now the Vikings Kicker.

                Zygi Wilf is the owner of Minnesota Vikings in his 2nd year.

                In the recent collapsed bridge tragedy in Minneapolis, not far from the MetroDome, the death toll stands at 5 with over 100 injured and 8 still missing.
                The Saint Louis Rams will be returning this city, since last years finally, with no doubt, condolences for the victims and definitely feeling for MINNESOTA.
                -08-04-2007, 11:04 PM