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Request for opinions on my "first fantasy draft" results

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  • Request for opinions on my "first fantasy draft" results

    Manning, Peyton IND QB Active @NYJ Week 5
    Barber, Tiki NYG RB Active @DEN Week 13
    Anderson, Mike DEN RB Active NYG Week 16
    McCaffrey, Ed DEN WR Active NYG Week 16
    Westbrook, Michael WAS WR Active @SD Week 10
    Pollard, Marcus IND TE Active @NYJ Week 5
    Vinatieri, Adam NE K Active @CIN Week 17
    Titans TEN DT Active MIA Week 4
    Batch, Charlie DET QB Reserve @GB Week 4
    Gary, Olandis DEN RB Reserve NYG Week 16
    Graham, Jeff SD WR Reserve WAS Week 2
    Harris, Jackie DAL TE Reserve TB Week 5
    Hanson, Jason DET K Reserve @GB Week 4
    Redskins WAS DT Reserve @SD Week 10

    I don't know. I think I did pretty good. I got Peyton as my starter and if I'm reading this chart right, it's copied exactly like it is on the website, I think I got the Titans defense. It's says DT, but I think it's my defense.

    I got Mike Anderson, one of my top three choices, behind Eddie and Faulk. Ed McCaffrey was another of my top choices. Not sure if Michael Westbrook, Marcus Pollard, and Adam Vinatieri are good picks or not. What do you think?

    I have both J.J. Stokes to replace Michael Westbrook and Jay Fiedler to replace Charlie Batch as my backup on my waiver list. I get the feeling the pecking order will change, so hopefully, I'll get them both. If I do, I think I'll have a pretty good team. Also Ike Hillard to replace Jeff Graham.

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    There's a few ways to go about FF, personally I like the Double RB road. Take a deuce of solid RBs for the first two picks then a sensible QB. For example, in one of my drafts I picked up Edgerrin James and Stephen Davis of Washington, then got Brett Favre and Aaron Brooks as my QBs. Depends on your type of league though. Overall, I thought you had a good draft though, nice D choice ;)


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      I got REAL lucky and got first draft choice so was able to aquire a good quarterback. I did something I think no one eslse did ion my league and choose a defense on my second pick. i figured with a great quarterback and a great defense, everything else could be only slightly above average and I'd still do well. I didn't think i'd get the EXACT top picks I wanted out ot the Titans and Peyton Manning though. And yes...Kurt Warner and Peyton manning was a hard choice for me, since they are both so close in skill. Both are great and will most likely be the two greatest of our time. So i just went with blood. He's from Tennessee.


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        Yeah, but Warner didn't get punked by Nebraska ;)


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        • Atlas
          Playoff Advice Needed!!!!!
          by Atlas
          Holy cow!!! I made it!!! This is only my first year playing Fantasy Football. I finished with a 10-2 record, the best in the league. But, I'm scared ****less...:rolleyes: I just so happen to be playing one of two teams that beat me in an extremely close game.

          I will list my team and then the opponent. I will also list WR and RB free agents to see if any changes are recommended. Any help will be much more appreciated then you could possibly imagine!!!

          My team-

          Las Vegas Gamblers-
          Player TM Pos Status Next Bye
          Manning, Peyton IND QB Active ATL Week 4
          Barber, Tiki NYG RB Active ARI Week 12
          Martin, Curtis NYJ RB Active CIN Week 11
          Owens, Terrell SF WR Active MIA Week 6
          Moss, Randy MIN WR Active @DET Week 8
          Chamberlain, Byron MIN TE Active @DET Week 8
          Carney, John NO K Active STL Week 2
          Bengals CIN DT Active @NYJ Week 8
          Bettis, Jerome PIT RB Reserve @BAL Week 2
          George, Eddie TEN RB Reserve GB Week 3
          Hilliard, Ike NYG WR Reserve ARI Week 12
          Chambers, Chris MIA WR Reserve @SF Week 6
          Johnson, Kevin CLE WR Reserve JAC Week 7
          Chargers SD DT Reserve OAK Week 17

          Opposing team-

          HoustonStallions2002 NFL-
          Player TM Pos Status Next Bye
          Favre, Brett GB QB Active CLE Week 7
          Alexander, Shaun SEA RB Active @NYG Week 6
          Faulk, Marshall STL RB Active @CAR Week 8
          Rice, Jerry OAK WR Active TEN Week 6
          Bruce, Isaac STL WR Active @CAR Week 8
          Wycheck, Frank TEN TE Active @OAK Week 3
          Richey, Wade SD K Active @KC Week 17
          Buccaneers TB DT Active NO Week 2
          Flutie, Doug SD QB Reserve @KC Week 17
          Brookins, Jason BAL RB Reserve CIN Week 13
          Ismail, Qadry BAL WR Reserve CIN Week 13
          Muhammad, Muhsin CAR WR Reserve STL Week 14
          Price, Peerless BUF WR Reserve @ATL Week 5
          Dolphins MIA DT Reserve @NE Week 6

          WR Free Agents-

          Player TM NEXT
          Jackson, Willie NO @TB
          Shaw, Bobby PIT DET
          Martin, Tony ATL BUF
          Insley, Trevor IND NYJ
          Finneran, Brian ATL BUF
          Terrell, David CHI @WAS
          Dixon, Ron NYG SEA
          -12-19-2001, 12:08 AM
        • TekeRam
          2012: Year of the Week 7 Bye?
          by TekeRam
          Firstly, I want to set the disclaimer that any of you guys who are in the Blue league with me won't be able to discern my draft strategy for our league with this thread(ok, maybe a little...), but I wanted to be able to discuss with friends and competitors a strategy for another league I am in.

          The league is 16 teams, mostly standard scoring, with QB's scored as 1pt/20yds, 4pt TD, -1pt interception. No PPR, and all 2pt conversons count 3pts(throwing too). 1Q, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1R/W/T, 1K, 1D.

          In any case, because the depth is going to be so strained in this league(no PPR to at least hope for a point or two from every player), I am considering a strategy where I forget one week(in this case, week 7) and try to be full strength every other week. The reason I choose week 7 is because it's the one week that has 6 teams on a bye, and they are pretty heavy in terms of fantasy potential.

          SD, Den, Phi, Atl, Mia, KC.

          In a 16 team league you're going to have depth issues no matter what, but these teams between them can be quite good in my view.

          QB's: Vick, Rivers, Manning, Ryan, Cassel, Tannehill/Garrard/Moore. Four or five of them are starters in smaller leagues so no worries there. Further, I can maybe get away with waiting until round 4 or 5 to grab Ryan, Rivers or Manning, in that order.

          RB: A lot of stars, and some potential as well. Starters: Matthews, McGahee, McCoy, Turner, Bush, Charles. Backups of: Brown/Brinkley/McClain, Hillman, Dion Lewis(?), Jaquizz Rodgers, Thomas, Hillis. While I probably won't pay for Turner(2nd round in a 16 team?), there are numerous options all the way down the draft. McGahee in the 3rd? Bush or Thomas could be servicable. Matthews' backups could get some play. Hillis is a RB2 in my eyes for this league. He'll get the rock inside the 10 and is looking good behind that line.

          WR: Tons of options. Decker, Thomas, Floyd, Meachem, Royal, Bowe, Baldwin, DJax, Maclin, Avant, Jones, White, Douglas, Bess. Can go early through late. I think the Philly receivers are going much too low and will be bargains.

          TE: Some of the top are in this set, with Gates, Gonzalez, Tamme. Moaki could do well and is forgotten after his season on IR. Celek could be top 7, if one of the other options gets hurt or if Vick finally finds him. Even as it is, he does get the ball enough to make him a good option. I want to go early with this position, and possibly will go with 2 TE, which will fill my flex spot. Go Gronk or Graham in the first and go with a week 7 guy a bit later?

          K/Def: No big deal either way, but I'd go with Denver or Philly for both if I could.

          So what do you guys think? One, can I pull off a roster in a draft without reaching too much, and two, can it work for the season? I won't talk about injuries because they can hit anyone. But while the rest of the league struggles through the bye weeks with one or two starters...
          -08-21-2012, 12:54 AM
        • krist042
          My current fantasy roster
          by krist042
          QB: Donovan McNabb (yes, I started him last week. I know, I'm horrible, but he got me a ton of points)
          QB: Brett Favre
          WR: Plaxico Burress (yes, I will start him this week)
          WR: Laveranues Coles
          WR: Bernard Berrian
          WR: DeSean Jackson (started him too...shhh)
          WR: Eddie Royal
          RB: Frank Gore
          RB: Maurice Jones-Drew
          RB: Matt Forte
          RB: Chris Johnson
          TE: Antonio Gates
          K: Rob Bironas
          DEF: Dallas
          DEF: Buffalo

          I know I have a lot of rookie talent but they have been looking good already. I think this is the best team after week 1 that I have had yet.
          -09-10-2008, 08:51 PM
        • UtterBlitz
          Looking for some advice
          by UtterBlitz

          I have the following RBs and I can play 2 of them. Who would you play?

          Gore against Denver
          Westbrook against Atlanta
          LT against Arizona

          I have the followig QBs. Who would you play?

          Palmer against Pittsburgh
          V Young against NE
          Jay Cutler against SF

          Vince did very well for me last week, but I think NE has a good enough defense to stop him. I was thinking Cutler for this week.
          -12-31-2006, 09:47 AM
        • RAM-BO
          My team as of Week 10 2007-08 Season
          by RAM-BO
          Ninher Killers on

          Pos. Starter / Reserve
          QB - Derek Anderson / Matt Hasselbeck
          RB1 - Willie Parker
          RB2 - Reggie Bush / Maurice Jones-Drew
          WR1 - Donald Driver
          WR2 - Steve Smith
          WR3 - Shaun McDonald / Chris Henry
          TE - Kellen Winslow / Heath Miller
          Defense - Packers / Colts
          Kicker - Nick Folk

          So yeah let me know what you think if you have the time. This is my first time doing FF and I want to know if you have any suggestions or questions/comments. Thanks.
          -11-15-2007, 04:04 PM