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Plowboys' QB [B]COACH[/B] suspended ......

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  • Plowboys' QB [B]COACH[/B] suspended ......

    IRVING, Texas - On the same weekend the Cowboys trimmed 22 players from the roster, they also lost quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson to a five-game suspension for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances.

    Wilson, who also received a $100,000 fine, will be eligible to return Tuesday, Oct. 9 - the week of the Cowboys' Oct. 14 home game against New England. His suspension, effective immediately, prevents him from any contact with the organization for that five-week period.

    According to a statement by an NFL spokesperson, Wilson "acknowledged purchasing and using such prohibited substances", though evidence supports Wilson's statements that it was for personal use only and not distributed to others.

    Wilson said via conference call Saturday he took a banned product last fall while serving as the Chicago Bears quarterbacks coach to help reduce his complications with diabetes, a disease he has lived with for more than 20 years.

    "I was never taking the product to enhance performance," said Wilson, whose 19-year NFL career, which included a three-year stint in Dallas as Troy Aikman's backup, ended following two more years with the Raiders (1998-99). "I'm way past that. I was taking it to try to improve my quality of life.

    "At no time did I think that I was doing anything illegal or against league policy. I've been fully cooperating with the league, disclosing any documents that they want."

    Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and offensive assistant/quality control coach Wes Phillips will handle Wilson's duties during his suspension. Wes Phillips spent last season at Baylor coaching quarterbacks.

    Wilson, 48, served as the Bears' quarterbacks coach from 2004-06 before taking the same position with the Cowboys in February. He also coached Cowboys quarterbacks from 2000-02.

    Wilson said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones informed him of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's decision Friday night.

    "We understand and support the commissioner's decision," Jones said in a statement. "Wade Wilson accepts responsibility for his mistake in judgment and recognizes the importance of the NFL's performance enhancing-substance policies. After learning of his error, he cooperated fully with all of the parties involved in this matter.

    "In reviewing the facts, we know that Wade had absolutely no intention of breaking any league rules. He has a long track record of quality service to the NFL and community service to the cities where has played and coached. We recognize and support the importance placed on these matters by the National Football League. We also support Wade Wilson during this time and look forward to his contributions to the future of the Dallas Cowboys."

    Wilson, who met with Goodell in New York to explain his actions, said he was "taken aback" by the severity of the penalty given his clean record in 26 years as an NFL player and coach.

    Patriots safety Rodney Harrison on Saturday received a four-game suspension - one fewer game than Wilson - for violating the league's substance-abuse policy. But according to Wilson, Goodell told him authority figures such as coaches are held to a higher standard than players.

    Published reports said Wilson and Harrison were linked to an Albany County (N.Y.) District Attorney's office investigation of an Internet pharmaceutical distribution ring for performance-enhancing substances. According to a story in the New York Daily News, Wilson admitted to league officials he received human growth hormone and anabolic steroids while the Bears' quarterbacks coach.

    But when asked about HGH, Wilson said, "I don't think that I've ever said I took HGH. I said I took a banned product. There's products out there . . . the things that I was taking said that they would improve the symptoms that I was having due to complications from diabetes."

    Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips said he supports Wilson and is looking forward to his return. He said Wilson provides "another set of eyes" for the quarterbacks upstairs on game day, but Garrett has direct communication with them from the sideline.

    "Luckily we have Jason Garrett who's also worked with the quarterbacks," Phillips said. "And they've been in the same meetings and Jason has been in all the meetings that Wade's been in. And Wes will be able to help some. He's coached quarterbacks and been a quarterback coach in college, so we'll utilize him some."

    But until Oct. 9, Wilson can only wait to join the rest of the coaching staff. He admits it won't be an easy five weeks.

    "It's very tough because I'm a Dallas kid, Commerce," Wilson said. "And since I've been out of school I played for the team I love. I'm coaching for the team I love. I'm in the same hometown as my kids now. It's very embarrassing that I would bring embarrassment to the Cowboys and to my kids. That part is very, very tough. And then to be taken away five games from something I love, that's very, very difficult as well.

    "But there again, I understand that the commissioner holds us in high regard and players and if it's five games and a $100,000 fine, then who am I to say that's wrong."
    From the Plowboys' site....:x

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Plowboys' QB COACH suspended ......

    That's lame.....the rules seem to be too tight to me.


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      Re: Plowboys' QB COACH suspended ......

      Originally posted by UtterBlitz View Post
      That's lame.....the rules seem to be too tight to me.
      I agree 100%. What was he trying to do improve his strength/stamina. It's tough to hold onto that clipboard for 4 quarters.
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        Re: Plowboys' QB COACH suspended ......

        Methinks Martz may be the next Coach found with performance enhancing drugs in him... ive thought for years now that the way he gets creative with his play-calling etc...the guy must be on acid!


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          Re: Plowboys' QB COACH suspended ......

          i thought Wade Wilson was the superhuman mercenary with the advanced healing factor...