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  • available??

    Is there anyone out there (free agents) that would help the Rams at this point???

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    Carnell Lake was released by Jax for cap reasons. He could add some quality leadership, but we would have to talk down his price since we're pushing the cap envelope.

    He's a proven leader and a Pro-Bowl DB. He was injured last year, but should be ready to go this year. I'd like to pick him up maybe for 1 year or so, but he might be too expensive.

    Other than him, i think we should be all set.


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      Henry Jones ex Buffalo safety is probably worth a look and certainly is agent has had talks with the Rams

      I think the cap is probably pretty tight so we won't see a lot of signings


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        I don't see any signings happening anytime soon either. I think they need to just go with what they have and see what it does for a few weeks. Let's just hope all the starters stay healthy.


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          What in the world do we need another saftey for????
          Henry or Lake....??:confused:


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            I think we might be a tad inexperienced at safety, Bowen, Coady and Arch total something like two NFL starts, which leaves Herring who has been injured as our experienced guy. That's a bit scary.


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              henry jones might have already been picked up, either way i saw no to him and maybe to Lake.

              I agree with DODRAM, we need experience and leadership, but i don't forsee the team going after anybody unless theirs a season ending injury situation. We're good where we are.


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              • Barry Waller
                Free Agency Frenzy - A Commentary on the Crazy
                by Barry Waller
                So here we go into the insanity of the first couple days of free agency. Hopefully Rams fans won't be made to suffer the drawn out Jake Long affair. I don't know if I have it in me to "twitter stalk" any more players wives like I did poor Jackie Long. Sorry sweetie, but we needed the big fella, and you DO love Italian food !!

                The extra cap space teams got added 15 teams like the Rams that would not have done much in free agency to the teams that had huge amounts, up to $45 million of so for Oakland.

                The opinions on what the Rams should do is more varied than mock drafts. Even with the cap largesse the next three years, which changes everything in many ways I have mentioned and will again list later, some fans, as well as ex-GMs, and present ones, don't want their team in that crazy auction t hat happend early.

                In a regular auction that tends to make one buy an old table that turns out to be just an old table worth what an old table is worth, that you overpaid to acquire. That feeling of beating the other bidders that felt so good at the time, turned out to be false pride, quickly replaced by buyers remorse.

                Just look at the guys who signed huge deals a year or two ago, deals that, with the new cap money, won't seem so crazy now, who are still getting cut, even with the new cap numbers.

                In the minds of GMs, age means more injuries, less production, and the nature of the new CBA have made abig difference. Just look at Sam Bradford's cap number now, versus Cam Newton's, and you will see how much difference the way lower rookie deals have made.

                The biggest surprise, other than the bar set by the teams retaining even just solid young starters, is the devaluation of seemingly anyone over 30, former big names who still seem to have a lot left in their tanks, guys who will go to contending teams for one year, cap friendly deals and help them win in many ways.

                Some, perhaps many may return to their teams at a lower rate, especially where cap number was the only reason for the cut, as well as age.

                You could put together an All-Star team from this bunch, especially if the Jets cut Sanchez, Dallas cuts Ware, the Steelers cut Woodley.

                How about this team of cuts, lower priced UFA and probable cuts

                QB Shaub, McCown
                RB Jones-Drew, McFadden, A. Bradshaw
                WR Nicks, J. Jones, K. Britt. S. Holmes
                TE Chandler, Keller
                OT - Levi Brown, W. Justice, S. Locklear, E. Winston, B. Mckinnie
                G/C Willie Colon, H. Dahl, S. Satele, A. Gurode, C. Spencer

                DE - J. Allen, D. Ware, J. Tuck
                DT Z. Hood, H. Melton, R. Starks, P. Soliai, K. WIlliams
                LB L. Woodley, Will Smith, S. Phillips, E. Sims, N. Barnett, D. Connor, J. Beason, Daryl Smith, DJ Williams, J. Vilma, B. Spikes, E. Henderson
                DB Champ Bailey, A. Cromartie, D Rogers-Cromartie, R. Marshall, Q. JAmmer,...
                -03-11-2014, 07:05 AM
              • Guest's Avatar
                Anyone know?
                by Guest
                1. Approximate cap dollars for Free Agents this coming off-season? (I realize the cap figure has not been set)

                2. Ways we might try to free up cap space?

                3. What free agents might we go after?

                I know this is rather early but I am sure the organizations are thinking about what needs to be upgraded and how to go about it as they evaluate the players the rest of the way out.
                -11-25-2005, 07:22 AM
              • THOLTFAN81
                D'Marco Farr on 101: Rams plan to have 3x amount of cap space they currently have
                by THOLTFAN81
                Yesterday on The Fast Lane on 101 ESPN, our very own D'Marco Farr had something very interesting to say:

                Now I don't know what this all means, but I like it. I wonder if Sam (I hope), offered to restructure his contract so they could use that money on assets that can help him win football games. Wonder who will be cut, or if a long term deal is in the works with Chris Long to reduce his cap number this year?

                Many possibilities, but the fact DFarr hears our cap space will be around the 30 mil range by the time free agency rolls round is very interesting.

                Whether it proves to be true or false, we will soon find out. Just thought I'd pass along what I heard, but 30 mil could buy a pretty penny with this deep FA class....
                -02-15-2012, 12:25 AM
              • txramsfan
                Not much value will be had after June 1
                by txramsfan
                I really don't see much value coming out of the second round of free agency which begins June 1. Reason: the cap is so big that teams will be able to keep players at the position the Rams are in need.....D line. I really don't think any team is going to be so cap strapped that they have to let a stud on the D line go.
                -03-11-2007, 01:50 PM
              • Mooselini
                About the CAP salary...
                by Mooselini
                Ok, I understand we have a 9 million dollar cap salary...

                With that what are we able to do? We have to resign our players, we must sign our draft picks and maybe even a free agent.

                What are our restrictions and what can we do with this much money? I'm not sure if we can do TOO much with this kind of salary.

                Anyone have input on this?
                -01-03-2008, 03:21 PM