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  • Refs!

    Heres a good topic for discussion!!

    Word has it they just truned down the last offer.

    How is this whole thing play out and will it effect games??

    I am not sure how many of you know this, but most of these officals are being advertised as NFL Europe officals and Arena officals. What that means is that they are HIGH SCHOOL OFFICALS!! HONEST!! That is where they get officals from. Its officals HOPING to move up the racks to college. SCAREY!!!

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    Mmm, maybe these replacements have something to prove .... that they can play in the NFL. so maybe they will try harder ???

    Hopefully :confused:

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      Originally posted by RamDez
      Mmm, maybe these replacements have something to prove .... that they can play in the NFL. so maybe they will try harder ???

      Hopefully :confused:

      I hope they do well, if for no other reason then to prevent unfairness and allow the right calls to be made. NO MORE APOLOGIES TO THE TEAMS FROM THE NFL FOR BLOWN CALLS! And that was with the real refs. But oh well. Nothing we say or do is going to really change whatever happens.

      Unfortunately, even if they do better then the old refs, not that they will, I don't see them ever being in the NFL for an extended length of time. The Players' Union is in support of the regular refs and that will have a major effect on this deal. The replacements will start the season. But the regulars will be back. There's too much heat on everyone for them to be able to just replace the regulars. And when they regulars do return, the replacements will be out on their butts. No matter how good they do. Sadly, that's just the way it is. Though, it may not be fair.

      I guess the best thing is to hope this all comes to a an end as cleanly as possible so we can all get back to some football.


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        Re: Refs!

        Originally posted by J-Ram
        Heres a good topic for discussion!!

        Word has it they just truned down the last offer.

        How is this whole thing play out and will it effect games??

        I am not sure how many of you know this, but most of these officals are being advertised as NFL Europe officals and Arena officals. What that means is that they are HIGH SCHOOL OFFICALS!! HONEST!! That is where they get officals from. Its officals HOPING to move up the racks to college. SCAREY!!!

        I sure hope they do ok. I won't be surprised though if some blown calls cost a few games throughout the course of this. Strikes and lockouts are part of sports today in all phases so we just have to get used to it. GO RAMS!


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          they did "good" (aka "B") in the preseason...they're were numerous missed or bad calls, but nothing out and out game deciding.

          I am all for Labor getting what they deserve, but the refs work maybe 15 games a year and they want the same $ as NBA, NHL, and MLB refs/umps who work anywhere from 80-120 games a year. I just have a hard time accepting that and the NFL does too.

          The replacement (interesting how the word scab has never come up) refs should do fine, but they went to one seminar with the NFL as compared to the regulars who work damn near full time at the highest level.

          We need the regulars, but not at the cost they want. I have a feeling the NFL will cave, but i hope they stay steadfast.


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            You won't get any disagreements from me there. An NFL officials job is not full time such as MLB or the NBA or even the NHL. They are asking for a bit to much and probably the NFL sees it as if you give them an inch they will take a mile because I'm sure in 5 years they will want an even bigger increase.


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            • bruce4life
              What the public doesn't know about the union ref negotiations
              by bruce4life
              That the union is trying come away with a kings ransom at the negotiation table. Here is a list of items the union is trying to get away with:

              1) union is haggling over an extra 75-80 million over 6 years
              2) they want full pension plan for part time work. ( full time employees in major corporations do not eve have that)
              3) want tw NFL to put money into 401k plan
              4) wants it to make it harder to fire older referees like the MLB union where you have 65-70 year old umpires with fat beer bellies calling balls n strikes.

              I empathize with roger goodwill because I understand the NFLs position against the union. The NFL should not and will not be bullied against the unions.
              -09-25-2012, 11:27 AM
            • jdpbmo
              reviewing calls from the booth
              by jdpbmo
              Okay, enough is enough. I can usually sit by and hold my piece, but I am so tired of this idiotic process the NFL uses to review calls. It isn't that I'm against the reviewing of questionable calls. I am 100 % for it. I want the call to be right. A noncall or wrong call shouldn't cost a team the game. It all came to a head in the Detroit/GB game when they didn't bother reviewing the touchdown late in the game. How crazy was that? If I was in charge of that part of the game, there would be some people looking for work tomorrow. My main problem with the process is that you are asking officials that make a call, or maybe don't make a call, to reverse their own decision. You are asking them to second-guess themselves or perhaps members of their crew. Now we can sit there and say "well, so what if they have to reverse a call to get it right". Hey, news flash, these officials have egos. They don't want to come out and say "sorry everyone, we just blew that last call". So they look at the replay to satisfy us, then come back and say "indisputable evidence to reverse the call on the field". That's a load of crap. There have been plenty of calls that they show that need to be reversed, but until you get a seperate crew of 2 or 3 people in the booth who do nothing but review a call when it's challenged, you will continue to see this craziness happen. Why wouldn't you have people not associated with the officiating crew reveiwing these calls? If you did, you would find a number of calls overturned when it's obvious they are wrong. You would find calls that are legitimate standing as good calls. People would be satisfied for the most part. Except for the Z E B R A S. They will find they are making a call or two incorrectly in important situations. But you know what else you are doing? You are taking some responsibility from them. What does everyone think? jd
              -11-25-2001, 07:37 PM
            • AvengerRam
              Is Waufle awful... or is it me?
              by AvengerRam
              When I watch Hard Knocks, I cringe every time that Mike Waufle is featured. They guy comes across as a foul-mouthed, borderline abusive, wanna-be drill sergeant. He alone gives the show its TV-MA rating.

              As a 48 year old who has spent his adult life working in professional offices, I don't get this method of motivating people. I would never use such a method, and if it were ever used with me, my only reaction would be to update my resume and start looking for a new job.

              That said... I'm not sure I'm qualified to evaluate whether this method might be effective. I've never played organized football, and I certainly don't claim know what makes 20something professional athletes tick. Perhaps Waufle's fear/intimidation approach is what these guys need after growing up on a pedestal. Perhaps the biggest impediment to success on the field is complacency, and Waufle's method is on point.

              Ultimately, as a fan, I'd have to say that this part of Hard Knocks does not resonate with me. I like having insight into the team's preparations, but maybe this is too "inside" for my taste. I'd liken it to a Food Network show displaying the slaughtering of a cow in addition to the cooking of the steak.

              I'm curious how others react to this part of the show. Maybe I'm on an island on this one. Maybe not....
              -08-24-2016, 08:06 AM
            • RamsInfiniti
              Interesting perspective on why injuries seem to be more widespread these days?
              by RamsInfiniti
              Hey all. I am stuck in Utah on business, so I've had some time to just sit around and ponder. Me and a buddy were sitting around talking football last night, and got into a dicussion about why there seems to be so many injuries around the league these days. Thinking about it, injuries really do seem to be more prominent than ever. I see player after player going down in training camp and in preseason, and it's really startling. I thought back over the years, and really couldn't remember this happening in the 90's ...

              So, what is the cause for the increase of serious injuries? Well, I came across an article actually concerning pro wrestling. This guys, of course, are pumped up on steroids, and train every day to look as good as they can. It's a part of the business: they need to look good to be a star since it is essentially a soap opera. However, the stronger and more ripped they get, the tighter and shorter their muscles get, and you see many injuries to pro wrestlers like torn quads and triceps, biceps, and pec muscles. They overtrain and become so stiff that they no longer have the range of motion they did before ...

              So, what does this have to do with football? It's the same concept. Today's athletes feel they have to train, train, and train more to get their combine type skill numbers to insane levels. They want to have 3% body fat, and be faster than a rocket. Do these things equate to a football player being successful? Absolutely not. Football is the consummate team game. You have to be smart to play this sport. Sometimes, the greatest professionals are not the greatest athletes, look at Joe Montana and Jerry Rice for instance ...

              Ultimately, I think the evolution of free agency has contributed to this. Player's always feel they need to get the edge on another guy to get the money they want. They train so hard, even obsessively, to the thing to where they are no longer athletes, they are rock hard machines. However, becoming rock hard can sometimes make you fragile. These guys work out all summer long, get ripped, come into camp, put on pads, make the work move, and blow a knee or pop a hamstring, because they haven't been training for football: they have been training to look like Mr. Olympia. They say image is everything ...

              Think about the 70s, 80, and even 90s. Player's back then didn't look like they did today. They were stout and big and strong, but not ripped like bodybuilders. Today, athletes have so many supplements to help them get stronger and faster. This makes their bodies dependent on chemicals and they become machines, machines enclosed with ticking time bombs. Maybe I am just getting old, but I never remembered players looking like total freaks, at least not from a physical standpoint, in the 80s and 90s. Nor do I remember them dropping like flies due to injuries. Really, it was commonplace back then for players to come to camp completely out shape. They would work their...
              -08-21-2008, 03:17 PM
            • Varg6
              Would the Rams show fire if...
              by Varg6
              Someone threatened to kill themselves if they didn't win next Sunday?

              Can this team show any intensity? Or care? If someone's life was at stake, would they care? Would they try...

              In no way am I trying to be funny, because this is no laughing matter. This team is awful and my point is that we have many, many bad seeds that need to be cut. I can't see myself claiming more than 15 players on a 53 man roster to continue playing for this team. And I'm not sure if I'd even put Bulger (I think his career is over as a result of poor offensive line play, not because I don't think he was a great QB, just not anymore...) in the 15...

              So, perhaps if someone's life was at stake, maybe they'd show some care for 4 quarters rather than when the game is already over. Garbage time, as so many of you have elegently put it.

              We need this team sold, plain and simple.

              Our season, our playoffs and Superbowl is unfortunately this offseason. If we don't make major smart, and professional changes fast, I don't think we'll be able to have a good team for another 5-10 years. I truly believe that this offseason is the time for the Rams to rebuild entirely. If we're going to spend the big bucks, it's now, this offseason.

              I want to see trades, big FA acquisitions that make sense, big name draft picks that make sense and I want a new attitude to this lifeless team.

              New owner, new FO, new coaches, new staff, and most importantly, new players.
              -11-23-2008, 02:19 PM