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  • Warner Interview

    I know that 99.999% of you guys are tired of Warner, but.....

    Someone at work told me that Dan Patrick interviewed Warner on Sportscenter on Tuesday evening. I missed it, but on Wednesday I was listening to the Dan Patrick show on ESPN Radio, and Patrick was saying that when he got home on Tuesday, he was chastised by his wife (and daughters, for that matter) for being too hard on Warner. He said his family met the Warners at some charity function a few years back and they really got along, thus the harsh words from his wife and kids about the interview. Apparently he grilled Warner pretty good.

    Did anyone see the interview and know what transpired?

    Just curious.

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    Re: Warner Interview

    I know Warner was interviewed by Trey Wingo for NFL Live on Tuesday, but I didn't see either.


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      For everyone who thought Warner was washed up needs to watch KW just having a hay day against the ****** He looks great! can't help it I have always believed that MM should have been canned instead of KW! I love MB but, he is NO KW!
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      From Peter King's Monday Morning QB column:

      Good Guy of the Week

      Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner.

      Karen Crouse of the New York Times wrote a good feature on Warner in last Friday's paper, with a prescient story as the lead. Seems that Warner, wife, Brenda, and one or more of the Warner children have a practice the night before football games. They sit at their table in a restaurant, look over the dining room, and pick out one family. Warner then informs the wait staff that, anonymously, he'd like the dinner tab of that family of strangers added to his.

      Crouse wrote the Warners have been doing this for several years "as a way of instilling in their children the joy of giving,'' and quoted Warner thusly: "We want our kids to grow up knowing that because of football we are so blessed.''

      Just another reason why you can never say enough good things about Kurt Warner.
      -09-29-2008, 09:39 AM
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      I WATCHED the Cardinals look like the team we used to be.....

      Who was it that decided Bulger was better than Warner?


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      Super happy to know that he began his career as a Ram and brought them to the SB twice with a 1-1 record (would've been 2-0 if the cheats were'nt cheats) And who knows, if Mad Mike didnt pull the plug too soon we could've probably gotten more. All Warner was missing yesterday was some DBs and STEVEN JACKSON!!!
      -01-17-2010, 01:41 AM