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Theismann not making friends with Giants O-line

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  • Theismann not making friends with Giants O-line

    Updated: Sunday August 22, 2004 5:30PM

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- If something is bothering New York Giants guard Rich Seubert, he doesn't hide it.

    So seconds after answering a question about his continuing fight to recover from a broken leg, Seubert decided on Sunday that he would address ESPN analyst Joe Theismann's declaration that the Giants have the NFL's worst offensive line.

    "You can tell Joe Theismann to shut up," Seubert said, adding an expletive for emphasis.

    No one asked Seubert for his opinion. He just didn't like what Theismann said during Saturday night's game between the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo.

    In discussing running back Willis McGahee's request to be traded if he doesn't start for the Bills, fellow ESPN analyst Paul Maguire said that the former first-round pick should be shipped to the team with the worst line.

    When asked to pick the worst line, Theismann hesitated, and then he nominated the Giants.

    "Everybody is entitled to their opinion," Giants left tackle Luke Petitgout said. "I don't want to get into a war of words. I can say some things, but I won't. I'll refrain.

    "Yeah, we're working on it," Petitgout added. "His opinion is his opinion. I really don't care what he says or what he thinks."

    Coming off a 4-12 season, the line is one of Tom Coughlin's biggest concerns in his first season as head coach.

    Only two starters are returning, and all five linemen are learning a new system.

    Petitgout is the only position holdover. David Diehl, who started last year at right guard, has been moved to right tackle.

    Free agents Shaun O'Hara and Barry Stokes are playing center and left guard, respectively, and rookie Chris Snee is at right guard.

    Through two preseason games, the line looks like a work in progress. There are still too many assignment errors and mistakes caused by a lack of communication.

    A perfect example came late in the first half against Carolina on Thursday night, right after Kurt Warner replaced Eli Manning at quarterback.

    The Panthers showed a new wrinkle up front and Warner was sacked on the first play when a Carolina linemen was not blocked.

    Warner also was sacked on the next play when none of the receivers got open.

    "We had a couple of plays at the end of the half that kind of overshadowed the rest of the half," O'Hara said.

    Guard Wayne Lucier, who has been playing left guard since Stokes pulled a muscle last week, said that criticizing the line is easy, especially when one looks at last year's statistics.

    The Giants lost their final eight games and their quarterbacks were sacked 44 times. Even the seemingly indestructible Kerry Collins was sidelined for the final three weeks with an ankle injury.

    What people forget, Lucier said, was that the line was solid for the first half of the season, giving up only 12 sacks.

    Things went downhill after injuries sidelined Petitgout, Seubert, Lucier and tight end Jeremy Shockey.

    "All these guys, they prepare, they do research, their job is to know what they are talking about," Lucier said of Theismann's comment. "For them to say that is frustrating. Let's see how the season goes."

    O'Hara said it might be best to use Theismann's comment as motivation.

    "You can't let your underwear get in a bundle because someone said something," he said.

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    Re: Theismann not making friends with Giants O-line

    I can't help myself...I think this is funny. :redface:


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      Re: Theismann not making friends with Giants O-line

      Theismann should watch the tape of last night's game if he wants to see a truely pathetic offensive line in action.
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        Re: Theismann not making friends with Giants O-line

        I'll second that Yodude.

        To the Giants...the truth hurts.