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Ricky Williams coming back already?

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  • Ricky Williams coming back already?

    Dolphins | R. Williams Already Considering Comeback? - from
    Wed, 25 Aug 2004 19:53:20 -0700

    Ethan J. Skolnick and Alex Marvez, of the Sun-Sentinel, report former Miami Dolphins RB Ricky Williams called head coach Dave Wannstedt earlier this week and is considering a comeback in the future. It's believed Williams broached the subject of returning to the Dolphins if they met certain conditions including renegotiation of his contract. A return in 2004 would be unlikely unless Williams were to register a favorable appeal with NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

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    Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

    Gee... I wonder if this has anything to do with the Dolphins seeking $8 Million in signing bonuses back from Ricky.


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      Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

      Originally posted by AvengerRam
      Gee... I wonder if this has anything to do with the Dolphins seeking $8 Million in signing bonuses back from Ricky.
      If it is, he's a wuss. The Dolphins should be embarrassed asking for the pro-rated portion of the signing bonus back that he already earned. He ought to stay retired, turn it around, and claim the moment he signed, the entire bonus became vested, and he is due the rest of it and file a countersuit for "pain and suffering" and "soft tissue damage" and any other vague claim.

      In effect, the signing bonus is a guaranteed contract. If the Dolphins had released him, he still would be entitled to the bonus so just because he released himself doesn't give the Dolphins greater entitlement. It just negates Ricky's entitlement to the rest of the bonus. When will justice begin to prevail in this great country of ours?


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        Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

        Well, I haven't seen Ricky's contract, but my understanding is that there is a clause in it that provides that Ricky would be required return some portion (not sure how much) of the signing bonus if he retired during the contract's term.

        If that is the case, Ricky's only options would be to try to void the clause either citing to public policy (which almost certainly would not work under Florida law) or under the collective bargaining agreement between the Players' Union and the NFL.

        Whatever the outcome, I've lost any respect that I might have had for RW. Its one thing to walk out on your team because you want to "find yourself." But the man has young kids. I seriously doubt they're going on his "sample the herbs of the World" tour with him.


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          Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

          Ricky quells comeback rumors
          [email protected]

          Ricky Williams said Wednesday night he contacted the Dolphins earlier this week at the request of agent Leigh Steinberg, but the retired running back said he has no plans to return to the team anytime soon despite numerous reports he is coming back.

          Williams hasn't completely ruled out a return, but he made it clear that under the current state of the coaching staff and of his contract that ``it's not in my best interests to play football right now.''

          Beyond that, Williams is facing a suspension of at least one year from the NFL for violations of the league's substance-abuse policy.

          Williams, who is in Australia and said he plans to travel to India soon for ''a couple of months,'' said the Dolphins basically forced the conversation after sending a letter last week demanding repayment of $8.6 million by Monday.

          ''Yeah, it's true that I called them,'' Williams said. ``You need to understand that I didn't call them to see if I could come back. I was just causing a conversation to happen.

          ``They sent me the letter, and [Steinberg] told me it's in my best interests to call them.''

          Asked if he was prepared to repay the money or return to the team by Monday, Williams said, ``That's really up to the Dolphins about the money . . . this whole thing gets crazier by the day.''


          Williams said a number of factors weighed into his decision to retire. Among them was the decision to promote Chris Foerster to offensive coordinator instead of Marc Trestman in May after Joel Collier stepped down.

          ''I felt that if I played I probably would have gotten hurt,'' Williams said. ``It was my opinion that Marc Trestman should be the coordinator. When Chris was going through things in practice, it didn't make sense to me. I felt they were going to run me again as they had in the past. I would feel more comfortable if [Trestman] was the coordinator because then we at least would have had balance.''

          In two seasons with the Dolphins, Williams carried 775 times, including a franchise-record 393 last season. ''I've taken a beating the past two years, and I did it with a smile on my face,'' he said.

          But Williams did say money was a factor this offseason. Steinberg and the Dolphins were in discussions about a restructured contract.

          ''I do feel I have been underpaid the past couple of years,'' Williams said. ``I'm not a person who cares that much about money. It's more of a respect thing.''

          The Dolphins revised Williams' contract, allowing him to make $5.3 million in incentives the past two seasons.


          Regardless of what Williams ultimately does, it's unlikely he will play this season. An NFL source said ''major hurdles'' would have to be crossed before Williams could play.

          Among the hurdles is that Williams would have to appeal to NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue for reinstatement after filing his retirement papers this month.

          Even if he were reinstated from retirement, Williams likely would face the suspension. Williams has tested positive for marijuana use three times since being acquired by the Dolphins in March 2002.

          Finally, coach Dave Wannstedt would have to discuss the return with members of the team, some of whom were critical of Williams.

          Williams was contacted in Australia with the help of agent Drew Rosenhaus, who was ''invited'' by Williams, both men said.


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            Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

            ``I'm not a person who cares that much about money. It's more of a respect thing.''
            Yea, I'll buy that. So if your contract had more of a signing respect bonus and some additional respect incentives with a larger respect base, then you would still be in Miami. Oh, ok. :bored:
            The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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              Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?


              From what I've read, he still has no intentions of returning any time soon and if he ever does, he's still going to have to sit for a while. Ricky was a good back, but he's making himself look like a jackass. Huizenga is P.O.ed and should be, I say let him go after Ricky for whatever he wants, that's not to say he'll get it.

              When Barry Sanders retired I seem to remember him giving some money back, but I can't remember the exact terms of that.


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                Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

                Originally posted by AvengerRam
                Well, I haven't seen Ricky's contract, but my understanding is that there is a clause in it ...
                And there it is isn't it? Another boiler plate contract? A BIG clause in bold letters? Contracts are leglitmate if in simple words and without the 80 word sentences. Why do they have to be longer than a page? If he agreed to certain bargained for terms, he should be expected to honor them. If, at the same time, there is a clause in his contract that obligates him to return the pro-rated portion "already earned" it should be voided for public policy reasons because he gave up consideration those years he already worked.

                Frankly the issue should be why his agent allowed such a clause to be part of the agreement in the first place. And if Williams thought such a risky clause were profitable then he needs to find someone who smokes the same weed as he does before he inks such a deal.

                It's a shame he now seems to be waffling between stances. It gives the impression someone put paraquat in his weed.


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                  Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

                  Originally posted by NickSeiler(Jason Cole)
                  under the current state of the coaching staff ... "it's not in my best interests to play football right now.''
                  Pretty uncommon for an athlete to attribute his early departure to a staffing situation.


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                    Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

                    a coaching staff that sought him out and built their offense around HIM.


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                      Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

                      I can't say I blame Ricky for being upset about the gameplan. It's one thing to build your offense around Ricky. It's another thing for him to run the ball 775 times in two seasons because the rest of your offense is piss-poor and that's the only thing you can rely on.


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                        Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

                        Originally posted by NickSeiler(Jason Cole)
                        "Williams said: `When Chris was going through things in practice, it didn't make sense to me.' "
                        I suppose one might try to credit/discredit Williams for saying this depending on how you interpret the remark, but I also find it uncommon for someone to admit this.


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                          Re: Ricky Williams coming back already?

                          Source: Williams mulled return until raise was declined
                          By Alex Marvez
                          Staff Writer
                          Posted August 27 2004

                          DAVIE -- Although facing other obstacles toward a return to the NFL, a source said Thursday that Ricky Williams was prepared earlier this week to rejoin the Dolphins until the tailback learned the team had no interest in giving him a new contract.

                          Unhappy with an incentive-laden deal that would pay him $3.73 million in 2004, the source said Williams approached coach Dave Wannstedt and General Manager Rick Spielman about the possibility of a return provided he received "a significant raise." Williams was told that wasn't a possibility, with another source adding Dolphins owner H. Wayne Huizenga would never agree to financially reward a player whose abrupt retirement in late July caused so much harm to the franchise.

                          "He was interested in playing until he saw they were not going to give him a new contract," the source said. "I don't believe he's going to play again this year. I think he's going to take a year off and try to come back next year and be traded."

                          Agent Leigh Steinberg, who also reportedly spoke with Wannstedt and Spielman, did not return telephone calls seeking comment. Wannstedt and Spielman declined comment.

                          The Dolphins recently sent Williams a letter warning he had until Monday to report or face the recoupment of $8.6 million paid by the team and the New Orleans Saints over the previous five seasons. Williams and Steinberg agreed to recoupment provisions in a restructured contract the Dolphins gave the tailback in 2002.

                          An ESPN report Thursday stated that Williams' approach toward the recoupment issue is, "`Well, let's see what can happen in terms of a court of law deciding that the NFL deserves that money that I earned in incentives instead of my three children.'" ESPN also reported that Williams "doesn't have that $8 million to give them back. He says he's been poor before. He hasn't been happy with his contract, but he says this is not a negotiating ploy."

                          Even if he did end a vacation in Australia and report to the Dolphins, there are no guarantees Williams would be cleared to play in 2004 because he filed retirement papers as a three-time violator under the NFL's substance abuse program. NFL rules state that applying for reinstatement before next August would count as a one-year mandatory suspension because Williams would be credited with a fourth failed test.

                          But a source said Williams thinks a lesser penalty from the league was likely if he wanted to return.

                          "He was under the impression he could work it out with the league and miss just four games," said the source, referring to the mandatory penalty for his third failed drug test for marijuana. "He really believes the league would allow [that]."

                          Not only would the league have to reinstate Williams, the Dolphins also would have to welcome him back. That might not be so easy, considering Williams' actions and continuing comments that are upsetting his former teammates.

                          In particular, there is growing resentment toward Williams as he takes shots at the Dolphins from a distance. Williams' latest gripes about the franchise concerned his unhappiness with logging an NFL-record 775 carries over the past two seasons and the promotion of Chris Foerster to offensive coordinator instead of Marc Trestman when Joel Collier resigned in May.

                          Sources told the Sun-Sentinel on Wednesday that Williams thought his heavy workload was going to continue under Foerster, while Trestman would have presented a more diversified offense.

                          "The players in this locker room just looked at it and laughed," Dolphins cornerback Patrick Surtain said. "It has become a sideshow. I see no way in hell that he comes back, especially the way he put people off when he left.

                          "He made a grown man's decision, and that was fine if he didn't want to play football. What pissed people off was he broke the code [of the locker room]. He didn't have to talk about other players when he left."

                          Defensive tackle Larry Chester was just as critical.

                          "He is acting like a bitter girlfriend," Chester said. "He is just looking for someone to lash out at. It doesn't bother me that he wants to be happy, but he doesn't have to tear other players down to do it. That's not right.

                          "If he wanted to come back to this team, it would depend on the circumstances as far as I'm concerned. He doesn't just owe the fans a big apology. He owes a lot of players in this locker room apologies. He keeps getting attention and causing a circus that no one in this locker room is interested in."


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                          • Nick
                            Ricky Williams needs to save up his money...
                            by Nick
                            Dolphins may ask Ricky for $8 million refund
                            By Alex Marvez
                            Staff Writer
                            Posted July 27 2004

                            In the past week, Ricky Williams has traveled from the Bahamas to Hawaii to Tokyo and back to Los Angeles on Monday after just a 24-hour stay overseas.

                            Agent Leigh Steinberg said Williams' next stop today is Martha's Vineyard, with other destinations possibly to follow now that he is retiring from football.

                            But Williams may want to curtail his extensive sightseeing because the Dolphins are expected to attempt recouping roughly $8 million that was paid to him if the tailback follows through on plans to leave the team.

                            An NFL source said Monday that the restructured contract Williams agreed to with the Dolphins in 2002 allows the franchise to reclaim about $4.7 million paid to him the past two seasons through incentive clauses should he quit before the end of his contract in 2006. The Dolphins also would try recouping $3.3 million of the $8.8 million signing bonus Williams received from New Orleans after being the fifth player selected in the 1999 draft.

                            The practical intent of recoupment provisions included in Williams' contract was to protect the Dolphins against a potential holdout. But the league source said they also are applicable if Williams retires before fulfilling the final three seasons remaining on the eight-year contract he signed as a rookie with New Orleans.

                            The Dolphins, Steinberg and the NFL Players Association did not return phone calls Monday seeking comment on contract concerns.

                            Williams' mother told the Dallas Morning News that she's saddened with her son's decision to retire from football but supports whatever he wants to do.

                            "As a fan, I'm heartbroken," Sandy Williams said. "I think the majority of people think he's nuts. But I raised him not to be selfish but to look out for himself. And he took it to the limit. I'm happy for him because it's what he wants."

                            She said the high expectations for the former Texas star created too much pressure.

                            "Ricky almost quit football after that first year," she said. "There's no question Ricky got a cold-hearted taste of the NFL as a business right away in New Orleans, and it affected him. From that point on, he said he wouldn't be in the NFL long."

                            Because of the large amount the Dolphins could try to recoup, there is the chance Williams would reconsider his decision to retire. Williams had yet to officially inform the NFL of his intention to retire Monday and the Dolphins have not placed him on their reserve/retired list.

                            But all indications remain that Williams will walk away from football at 27, forcing the Dolphins to scramble to find a replacement for a player who rushed for 3,225 yards and 25 touchdowns the past two seasons.

                            -07-27-2004, 07:47 PM
                          • Nick
                            Williams turns down offer to serve suspension, return in '05
                            by Nick
                            Williams turns down offer to serve suspension, return in '05

                            MIAMI - Ricky Williams rejected a deal that would have allowed him to serve a four-game drug suspension this season and return to the NFL next year.

                            "Ricky indicated to me that he is no longer interested in resuming his career at this time," Williams' lawyer, David Cornwell, said in a statement e-mailed to the Associated Press on Thursday.

                            The 1998 Heisman Trophy winner needed to let the league know by Thursday so he could be moved from the retired list to the suspended list by the deadline. He would have served the suspension for the Miami Dolphins' final four games, starting Dec. 12 at Denver.

                            "David Cornwell informed our office that Ricky Williams has declined to accept the terms of his reinstatement," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said.

                            Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene wouldn't comment, saying the matter is between Williams and the NFL.

                            Williams, 27, stunned his team by retiring shortly before Miami opened training camp in July. The Dolphins filed a lawsuit in federal court against the running back, seeking the $8.6 million an arbitrator ruled he owes the team for breaching his contract. Williams is fighting the decision.

                            He is now enrolled in a 17-month course at the California College of Ayurveda in Grass Valley, Calif., studying holistic medicine.

                            The talks to allow Williams back into the league involved a promise to return to the field next season and to re-enter the NFL drug program immediately, including being tested on a regular basis.

                            "The NFL sought assurances that Ricky is indeed committed to playing," Cornwell said.

                            Williams gave up the $5 million he would have earned this season, which would have been his sixth in the NFL, amid reports he faced suspension for substance abuse.

                            He rushed for 3,225 yards in two seasons with the Dolphins, including a league-leading 1,853 yards in 2002. Miami acquired him from New Orleans after the 2001 season.

                            But without Williams, the Dolphins have gone into a tailspin. They're 2-9 and will finish with a losing record for the first time since 1988.

                            Williams has social-anxiety disorder and was a spokesman for an anti-depressant. He said marijuana helped him after he stopped using the anti-depressant....
                            -12-04-2004, 11:15 AM
                          • RamsFan16
                            Dolphins | Williams being considered for unusual advertisements
                            by RamsFan16
                            Dolphins | Williams being considered for unusual advertisements
                            Sun, 12 Feb 2006 06:33:08 -0800

                            Barry Jackson, of the Miami Herald, reports Miami Dolphins RB Ricky Williams is mulling two unusual offers for advertisements: (1) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants him to become a national spokesman after hearing him say he never eats anything ''with a face.'' (2) Las Vegas asked him to star in one of those ''what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'' ads.
                            -02-12-2006, 11:38 AM
                          • RamWraith
                            Williams Wants to Return
                            by RamWraith
                            Unreal! This guy should not be allowed back! In other words he is broke and needs some cash.

                            Dolphins | Williams Wants to Return - from
                            Tue, 5 Oct 2004 14:11:39 -0700

                            Updating ongoing reports, ESPN's John Clayton reports retired Miami Dolphins RB Ricky Williams is looking to find out what his status is with the league in terms of where he stands in his retirement and the league's substance abuse program. According to Clayton, it appears Williams has had a "reality check" now that he's toured the world. He is looking to clarify everything to find out whether or not and possibly when he could return to the NFL with the Dolphins.
                            -10-05-2004, 03:21 PM
                          • Nick
                            Ricky Williams loses appeal and will be suspended for one year
                            by Nick
                            Dolphins | Williams loses appeal
                            Tue, 25 Apr 2006 16:10:31 -0700

                            Jason Cole, of the Miami Herald, reports Miami Dolphins RB Ricky Williams lost his appeal of a fourth violation of the NFL substance-abuse policy and will be suspended for one year, according to a source. Williams was informed by the NFL Tuesday, April 25. Williams will now miss the entire 2006 season. He can apply for reinstatement after that.
                            -04-25-2006, 05:21 PM