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  • TERRORISM strikes...

    As of high noon today (Pacific ST), Tuesday, September 11, the NFL has not yet issued any announcements via its website regarding the possible effect today's terrorist attack may have for this week's games. MLB has cancelled all its games for today.

    Miserable terrorists, vile people, truly the scum of the earth!

    I pray for the safety of our NFL players, coaches, management and other personnel as well as for the victims and their families.

    Signs of the times...
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    Voice of freedom...

    Thanks RamDez for you very thoughtful and sincere message regarding yesterday's tremendous tragic events [Great Sorrow].

    Just wanted to share my reply here openly. I hope you and your wife will be able to continue your plans successfully not only for traveling purposes, but in every endeavor. Indeed, freedom is both a gift and a privilege that all should be able to enjoy. May the evildoer fanatics of yesterday's attack be caught, cursed and crushed under the weight of justice.

    Best wishes to all our ClanRam members and to its healthy, sound expression of the professional sport of football, again, in itself a voice of freedom which we have as a community --thanks to you! Many thanks, my friend, for your initiative and effort invested here. It is not taken for granted.

    Like you, my family and I will continue to pray for strength to endure, for wisdom to understand and especially, for compassion in reaching others.

    God bless you.



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      screw this...I haven't been sitting here in a slump the last couple of days, going through work in a daze. I wasn't sure if I was going to get my prediction in, but that message that DEZ sent out made me think...damn if I am going to let them win!

      I am working on my prediction and will be emailing it in in about an hour! My prayers go out to all the victims of this tragic event, but I am not going to let some jerk dicate how I am going to view life...

      :: Shale looks down at his 4 month old daughter, Allyson ::

      yup, there is still a *lot* of good out there...


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        Just went to and saw that they decided to cancel this weeks games. I guess there isn't much reason to hurry on that prediction, but the sentiment is the same...

        I hope everyone is well....


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        • Rambitious
          by Rambitious
          Let's all say a prayer for the people that lost their lives in the recent disaster, as well as for their families.

          God Bless!!
          -09-15-2001, 10:41 PM
        • fearlessone
          Katrina - Bagdad on the Bayou
          by fearlessone
          I am an evacuee and I have to say how lucky I am to be in the group of a small percentage people as my home probably suffered minimal damage.

          I have to say I felt pretty shallow after complaining about the nine hour drive in parking lot traffic to drive less than 250 miles then witness the fact that no water, etc. was passed out w/o any presence of FEMA or the Red Cross.

          Where were they?

          Please do not offend me or others as we do not care about the celebs donating. I am greatly humbled and grateful for the real people that donate like my fellow clannies because it is reaL where others want to get the PR.

          I can't tell you how frustrating it has been to be high and dry with power and food, etc. and to watch these poor people suffer from ineptness from every level of leadership. I am ashamed of my country and its leaders as we seem to have responded to the tsunami faster than to our own which repels me.

          I can't tell you how frustrating it has been to listen about the names of business and celebs donating to various charities when no one was receiving at the very least: water. At least the local media could have been providing important info like when we can return to our homes and how everyone from the poor to the well off can make claims to gain a semblance of the life we had before this disaster. The only people who could hear their fluff are ones that are and were out of harms way.

          Please write your congress reps and demand an investigation to why organization, support and love arrived so late. Also ask them to pressure Dennise Hastert for an apology or resignation for his comments for bulldozing New Orleans; and lastly and most importantly tell your leaders to support the rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast!


          -09-04-2005, 12:16 AM
        • RamWraith
          A dentist visit
          by RamWraith
          OK...I got a good story for you all

          I have had a very stressful week in anticipation for my first trip to the dentist is 22 years. Yes, that's right, 22 years. Some of you know that I have a little complex about people being in my personal space. Needless to say a dentist trip is not a pleasant thing for me. Also, during this 22 year span I used to use chewing tobacco for 20 of it. Now, don't get me wrong, I still have nice looking teeth that are still fairly white and up until this point I have not had a cavity. As well as also having all my wisdom teeth with no troubles (knock on wood).

          Well, to make a long story short. A couple of months ago I started getting a very painful tooth on my top and bottom left side, and it was beginning to interfere with my steak chewing, and that's not a good thing for this guy. Well, after several weeks on hemming and hawing my wife finally talked me into making an appointment. Today, that appointment came. The sweet doctor was so kind to give me valium (good ****). And after several (16) x-rays and a complete dental exam, I still don't have any cavities. Come to find out I switched to the Crest flavored (lemon) toothpaste that apparently has a lot of enzymes in it that can create pockets of sensitivity.

          Needless to say after working myself all up for nothing. It turned out to be a great trip. I am going back in 2 weeks for a full cleaning. Pretty cool huh!
          -03-09-2006, 05:34 PM
        • RamWraith
          I'm alive
          by RamWraith
          We went through a very serious series of storms in this part of the country today and I am doing my best to keep up with the site and the articles.

          My power has been going in and out after a HUGE hail hit storm this morning, producing SOFTBALL (yes softball) size hail. Now this evening several tornados, high winds, lighting and 5 inches of rain just moved through. We have tons of damage to our home and one of my vehicles is a total loss.

          We are all safe, but pretty shaken up. Our little town took a beating. I will post pics when I can. Bear with me I am trying to keep up with all the news
          -08-24-2006, 08:04 PM
        • RamsFanSam
          Letters to Soldiers
          by RamsFanSam
          I belong to a sci-fi related forum, and one of the other members there, a staunch bush supporter, announced several weeks ago that his only son joined the US Army, and asked everyone there to post a note to help him deal with the things he is going through.

          As of today, only 25 of over 3,600 people have posted anything.

          Most of you guys here know I disagree with the war in Iraq. I still wished Jonathan well. He didn't start this war. Jonathan volunteered to do a lousy job, a job most people couldn't do, a job no one really likes, just because he felt it is his responsibility as an American to serve his fellow man.

          I just posted a major rant on that forum to let people know how disgusted I am. A young man has decided to go into service for the benefit of people he knows, as well as millions of other people he will never meet. Only 25 people have said "thank you". If I can overlook my political feelings about the war and tell him I respect his decision, respect him as a man, and respect his selfless sacrifice, then why can't others?

          I thought I would do something nice, and ask my fellow ClanRam members to post something here, just a little note, and I would send the link to Jonathan's father so he in turn could forward it to Jonathan. I'm sure that Jonathan would like to hear that people everywhere appreciate his decision, no matter how they feel about the war.

          Here is a pic of Jonathan and his father:
          -02-15-2006, 05:05 PM