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    First message I've posted since the....You know.

    Its indeed a sad world we live in. An now one of the best way I know of to deal with my emotions as just been canceled. I was really looking forward to Sunday and getting my mind of the other stuff.

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    I am stunned that they have given in to these animals, I am saddened that they have caved in.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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      The burden...

      Given what will happen during the next several days, perhaps it is, afterall, the best NFL resolution for this weekend. There are way too many corpses underneath the heaps of rubble in Manhattan.

      Way too many grieving hearts in the neighborhood.

      Although human nature tends to recover in the midst of disaster and it begins to -or tries to- sing a tune not as grim, and slowly but surely the levity of TV commercials begins to reappear more and more, and business attempts to resume its "normalcy" ...the effect in New York city is still, nevertheless, too raw.

      The thought, the nightmare is too fresh; the stench of death too close to downtown 21st Century. This weekend will still be extremely burdensome and difficult, knowing what still remains in there, buried grossly, vexing spirits trying to pull out some hope from within in order to pull out someone against skyscraper odds.

      The replays are still too frequent.

      I think it is the right thing to do afterall. NOT to give in, of course [cursed are they forevermore, the rotten minds of evil!]... but rather, to attend to the gruesomeness of the tasks at hand in New York.

      Yes, on second thought I see how difficult it would be for many New Yorkers to morally cheer a Jets TD or to conscientiously applaud some great defensive play by the Giants this Sunday -- inside or outside of their respective stadiums -- while nearby there are too many thousands crushed.

      One week, one more week will help us all to be stronger.


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        It is the right thing Dez

        The Giants had a home game Sunday, it isn't fair to that city to play football THIS week. Next week will be much better for us. Dez, it is too much to ask of us right now.


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          I was reading this and thought to myself. I would have been at the Superdome on Sunday with about 60,000 other fans knowing that these evil people are still out there maybe trying to carry out the rest of the plan. Then it dawned on me - so would about 1 million other Americans- sitting there in stadiums around the US not realizing at any moment there could be mass chaos and be in the middle of another devasting event.
          I am truely the biggest football fan on the planet and I do not think of this as letting "them" get to us but to show that what matters most to us Americans is to pull together and show as much support as possible to these people. Yea you may have shut down airports and have events cancelled. but we will stand together and show respect and support to all the victims, families, rescue workers and fellow Americans. In the wake of such tragedy, football is something way back in a lot of people's minds.


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            well said

            The more time I have spent thinking about this whole thing, the more I have come to grips of the cancelation, and have understood it more. It is now starting to sicken me being a High School Football coach that we haven't canceled games tonight at a prep level.