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  • Dire Visions Of Our Future

    An interesting passage in one of my many books. Thought some would find this...intriguing if not foreboding.

    "In the year of the new century and nine months,
    From the sky will come a great King of Terror...
    The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.
    Fire approaches the great new city..."

    "In the city of York there will be a great collapse
    2 twin brothers torn apart by chaos
    while the fortress falls the great leader will succumb
    third big war will begin when the big city is burning"


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    C'mon Atlas, quit with that. I believe Nostradomus was a smart man, but some of that stuff is so intrepretable to each of us that it really dosen't need to be published. Hey, I am a Vet, and for that I can say this without shame or ridicule; if we must go let's go. Hey, it is out of our hands now, they started it. We should just finish it. If the Marine Corps needs a 37 year old Medic, I am right back in Baby. I was there when the Stark burned, I will be there to see Kabul burn if I must.


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      I believe Nostradomus was one of the few who could "see" for real. He was right on the money for those willing to read and accept what is there. That's not to say I don't think we should blow the ****ers to the farthest reaches of hell. We should and we will.

      My father was a member of the armed forces for thirteen years. Grewing up in the military, I have no love for it. Nor the politicians that run our country. But make no mistake. I love this land. And I will gladly stand and fight amoungst my brothers and die to make it a land of peace for my little sister.

      The politicians care little for the common man. But the worst thing those dirty ****ers could ever do was target Washington. In doing so, they made the politicians realize the truth of their own mortality. Now the politicans are forced to see that they are just as likely to die as the couragous soldiers that order to their deaths.

      "I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve"

      {Admiral Yamamoto-After the bombing of Pearl Harbor}
      Amen brothers. No that truer words have never been spoken. Now that politicians will allow us to do what the American people have wanted for ten years...Erase those *******s from the Earth.

      He died to make men holy. They died to make men free.
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        I have some info that may calm your nerves a bit. The above quatrain you posted has been floating around the internet. It's a hoax, false. The fake quatrain comes with a date of 1658 or thereabouts, but Nosty died around 1555, give or take a year. The actual quatrains are VERY vague and nothing like the above. Hope this has helped.


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          I'm not worried. Just thought this topic would be interesting. It's something I have be unusual and very intriguing. If my research is on target, the following passages seem to be perfectly resonable to me and make plenty of sense. For those that read carefully, they will see that there may be something to the quatrains. Taken fromTime and Nostradamus-World Predictions

          "Aupres des portes et dedans deux cites
          Seront deux fleux et oncques n'appercu un tel;
          Faim, dedans peste, de fer hors gens boutes
          Crier secours au grand Dieu immortel "
          Century two, verse six
          Slightly adjusted to read:-

          "Aupres des portes et dedans deux cites
          Seront deux fleux et donc tel que n' un apercu
          Dedans faim peste, hors de fer gens boutes,
          Crier secours au grand Dieu immortel."
          "Next to the doors and inside two cities
          Will be two such scourges that there can be no intuition;
          Inside, hunger curses; out of the iron spear, the finished people
          Will cry for help to the great, immortal God."
          In this interpretation, the "two cities" may the twin towers of the World trade centre, though it can be argued that the phrase refers to New York and Washington. Perhaps both are intended. Each tower housed as many people as a major city in the time of Nostradamus. "Doors" also indicates buildings.
          The second line is right; that a passenger airliner would be hijacked and used as a flying bomb to destroy each tower was unthinkable before it happened. So, too, with the strike on the Pentagon.
          The first words of the third line suggests two possibilities; the "hunger" that curses may be the natural desire for simple revenge, but Nostradamus may be warning that satisfying this hunger may bring down evil on the perpetrators. The second possibility is that it could be a direct reference to the current circumstances in Afghanistan, which is more and more appearing to be the prime target for any retaliation. Ninety-five per cent of the people of Afghanistan have probably not even heard of the attack on New York. They have no post, telephones, radio or television. The people are facing starvation because there has been drought for three years, and now the UN and all the aid agencies have pulled out. "Inside hunger curses" may be decribing this situation.
          Fer means "iron". Fer de lance is a spear. Iron is heavy, but this is iron that flies through the air. People are inside some kind of iron vessel. I suggest that this is as near as Nostradamus wanted to go in this verse to describing an aircraft. The people, the passengers inside, know that they are finished and call out in their last moments to "the great, immortal God".
          I expect this is also true of the fanatical terrorists.

          "Le dard du ciel fera son estendue,
          Mors en parlant; grand execution:
          La pierre en l'arbre, la fiere gent rendue,
          Bruit humain monstre purge expiation. "
          Century two, quatrain 70.
          Slightly adjusted again:

          "Le dard du ciel fera son estendu,
          Mort en parlant: grand execution:
          La pierre en l'arbre; la fiere gens rendu,
          Bruit humain monstre purge expiation."
          "The sting from heaven will bring about its own extended, eloquent death, a great execution: the stone in the tree, a proud people restored. Colossal human noise serves expiation."
          Those three aeroplanes can be said to have resembled giant deadly insects homing in on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. So, too the third aeroplane that crashed in Pennsylvania, prevented for succeeding in its deadly mission by brave passengers.
          The terrorists executed thousands by this act. The proud people, Americans, are restored by the colossal voiced support and sympathy from people across the planet.
          But what of "the stone in the tree"? Perhaps it is a metaphor; the stone (meaning the rubble cascading down) lodged in the tree of life of this great city. But l'arbre has a secondary meaning: shaft. "The stone in the shaft" strikes a sharper note. It suggests lift shafts blocked by rubble before the towers fell. There may be one or two more quatrains which may also describe these apocalyptic events. If so, I shall put them up here. But I have to say that I do not agree with some of those suggested, particularly 1.87. I shall explain why in a further addition.
          See you soon.
          Valerie Hewitt


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            Atlas, buddy, you need football. You have had way too much time on your hands. I'm sorry, I don't see it. Your interpretation can be seen as much a fairy tale as good ole Nost himself. However, keep digging buddy. It seems important to you.


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              txramsfan,you hit the nail on the head.I think we all need football right now.This is my first post in quite a few days.I wanted to post earlier,but couldnt bring myself to do it.Everything I wanted to write just seemed trivial.My depression turned to anger and right now I need to worry about Rams football.I also am a veteran and I know that we are headed for tough times,but what I want to worry about right now is the Whiners game.I think we all need the release that the NFL/MLB/MOVIES/OR ANYTHING ELSE can bring us.I know our lives and this season will be forever changed,but I hope we can still salvage some enjoyment out of the simple pleasures in life.

              GO RAMS!


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                Internet baloney

                Check out there is a page on
                America Under Attack that lists this and many other hoaxs. Please remember, just because its on the internet, doesn't mean its true. There are a LOT of wierdo, techno lovers out there with absolutely nothing to do but spread this crap.


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                  Re: Internet baloney

                  Originally posted by Rickstir
                  Check out there is a page on
                  America Under Attack that lists this and many other hoaxs. Please remember, just because its on the internet, doesn't mean its true. There are a LOT of wierdo, techno lovers out there with absolutely nothing to do but spread this crap.
                  Excuse me....But that last post I made wasn't hoax internet crap, but actual text.


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                    Atlas, please...

                    Ok, "freedom of expression."

                    This 'THING' about prophetic predictions from a controversial source however, in light of the horrible national tragedies still under dilemma and pain... no, no, no. Major, serious faux pas. :o

                    Atlas, please... neither the place nor the time --catch my drift?

                    Sure, everyone, including NFL members A-N-D fans are wondering and wishing in their own way. But I believe this forum calls for a higher class and a finer judgement in terms of the unkown.

                    Friend, please do not insist with statements or quotes from a research so :confused: questionable (as forged and impossed by you). LET IT GO.

                    Respectfully [let's keep it that way, ok?]

                    Jorge V.


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                      Someone needs to step up!
                      by talkstoangels61
                      ......For a few games now I've been looking for a captain-leader on the field this year and have yet to see it here with this team!
                      In the days of old we always had kind of a leader for to say stepping up and basically being a somewhat player coach! AKA Marshall Faulk!....Since his departure of the everyday go to back i haven't seen the fire in neither his nor any other of our veteran player's!
                      We really need someone to come forth here and have Team meetings if need be to right the wrong this year!
                      Ike,Torry,Marc,Marshall,Leonard etc. have not even showed me a spark of old at all! To me it's as if they are not even worried about this season any more!
                      I thought I'd never see this if any of our veterans here MF,IB,TH,LL,MB!..............Men your gonna half to set an example the rest of the year for your teammates!
                      hey with all the new faces and rookies here it might just be the prescription the Dr. ordered!
                      Quit fighting and worrying among st each other and pull together and give the rest of the NFL hell for the remainder of the year!!!!!!!!!.............Hey we all believe in ya' so you as a team need to get that swagger back you had not so long ago! It's time to show the rest of the League who AMERICA'S TEAM really is!...........After all men! aren't you still the same MEN and PLAYERS you used to be?....................Like wine you should get better!!!!!!!!!!!! With time!!!!!!! WHOOYA'...... GET BUSY!!!!!
                      -11-24-2005, 12:49 PM
                    • RamsFanSam
                      My Rant on ... Homeless Shelters!
                      by RamsFanSam
                      First - I am NOT against helping the homeless or providing a warm, dry, safe place for the less fortunate to stay, food to eat, or medical care. What I am against is what is going on less than a block from Sami's school!

                      Springfield has announced plans to 'revitalize' a once thriving area of town that is now the home of several missions and shelters. Many families have been helped to find jobs, health care, and homes through the efforts of these agencies. One of these agencies, the Victory Mission, is for men only. The facility is licensed to house no more than 50 men at any one time, but the operators have admittedly broken the law many times to allow more men into the shelter. Food, clothing, and medical care are distributed. The shelter has become well-known throughout the nation as being a great place for the homeless to go. Less than 5% of the residents are from the SW Missouri area. Known sex offenders are living there. The only rules are no drugs, no alcohol, and you have to sit through a sermon. Drunks and drug users are turned away. One person - ONLY ONE person - is present to screen and supervise fifty or more men.
                      Now the city sees a cash cow because a developer has submitted plans to renovate the building into retail space and upscale condominiums. The potential tax revenue from this plan is quite large; the loss of services to the indigent is extreme.
                      Plans to move the shelter into a defunct nursing home have been made. The new shelter will house about 150 men - three times the number currently housed at the existing facility. The new shelter will be less than 500 feet from a Head Start school (for 4 year olds) and less than 750 feet from an elementary school.
                      The operators have promised that only men who pass background checks and are clean and sober will be allowed to stay there. Two or three video cameras will be set up outside for surveillance, as well as additional lighting added.
                      That's not good enough. Those who are turned away will remain in the area. Crime will skyrocket. Children will be put at risk in violation of state law, and the shelter operators are the ones who are breaking said law, as well as the city council members who vote to allow this. Drug use will go up. Property rates will go down by 30% or more.
                      The residents of this neighborhood have worked long and hard to clean it up. Crime is still high, but is much lower than ten years ago. Houses are being restored to their Victorian charm. Gangs have almost disappeared. Yet, these 'geniuses' are willing to throw all this away just for tax profit...

                      BTW, we have ONE police officer assigned to this neighborhood of 1800 homes, a small little lady named Officer Angela Burgess. She has admitted that she can ask for more help in the area, but it will not be assigned.

                      I have great outside lighting, video cameras outside, a church next door with great lighting, two good watchdogs....I still...
                      -03-17-2006, 05:58 PM
                    • fearlessone
                      Katrina - Bagdad on the Bayou
                      by fearlessone
                      I am an evacuee and I have to say how lucky I am to be in the group of a small percentage people as my home probably suffered minimal damage.

                      I have to say I felt pretty shallow after complaining about the nine hour drive in parking lot traffic to drive less than 250 miles then witness the fact that no water, etc. was passed out w/o any presence of FEMA or the Red Cross.

                      Where were they?

                      Please do not offend me or others as we do not care about the celebs donating. I am greatly humbled and grateful for the real people that donate like my fellow clannies because it is reaL where others want to get the PR.

                      I can't tell you how frustrating it has been to be high and dry with power and food, etc. and to watch these poor people suffer from ineptness from every level of leadership. I am ashamed of my country and its leaders as we seem to have responded to the tsunami faster than to our own which repels me.

                      I can't tell you how frustrating it has been to listen about the names of business and celebs donating to various charities when no one was receiving at the very least: water. At least the local media could have been providing important info like when we can return to our homes and how everyone from the poor to the well off can make claims to gain a semblance of the life we had before this disaster. The only people who could hear their fluff are ones that are and were out of harms way.

                      Please write your congress reps and demand an investigation to why organization, support and love arrived so late. Also ask them to pressure Dennise Hastert for an apology or resignation for his comments for bulldozing New Orleans; and lastly and most importantly tell your leaders to support the rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast!


                      -09-04-2005, 12:16 AM
                    • Watchdog
                      ROLL CALL ( Trolls check yourselves at the door )
                      by Watchdog
                      As a public service announcement, it is my self-proclaimed duty to inform the few remaining insolents the last ship to salvation is nearly full. Please proceed to the loading dock and make you're escape from the fledging Ram-nation. And as a bonus you will be provided with all the cheese your little whiskery snouts can slobber up. All aboard!
                      Bon voyage sell-outs. May the Vikings and the Lions provide stability and peace of mind.

                      Shhh, let em go. We need them like Claude needs a hole in his bong.

                      Okay, I'll admit there are few paisley-colored, stinky eggs larger than the one the Rams laid on opening day. And I'll go along with the notion that in some alternate universe, karma has confused this team as being the loser of last year's super-bowl. But blow my horn, I know damn well that there is absolutely nothing at all Ram on any part of my Madden '08 cover.

                      So what gives?

                      As easy as it is to join the "poor-us" pity train, I just don't think it fits well. At the risk of providing a good example with a bad vision, we saw this very same scenario play out with the Seahawks last year at a much higher level.

                      Even Ham-bone the witch-doctor couldn't chant Shaun Alexander's broken foot back together, but they persevered all the way to the playoffs on Seneca Wallace's inept shoulders.

                      But Watchdog, the Hawks killed us-they always kill the Rams!

                      Shut up troll, why aren't you on the boat?

                      I really don't think I need to elaborate on my point.

                      When you lose four, potentially five starters, some may say that's par for the course.

                      When you do it in the space between the first and the second game - well, pardon my french - that just sucks a$$.

                      But don't cry - that MO went out with our beloved Dick Vermiel. Think of all the benefits our team can achieve in light of all the tragedy.

                      *Marc Bulger will become a better scrambling quarterback by necessity after a few games spent running for his life.

                      *The team water-boy has a better chance than ever to become the next Bobby Bouche'

                      *Georgia Frontiere can put on her forty-year-old nurse uniform and finally feel like she has a purpose.

                      Forgive me for the levity, but it occurs to me that a little lightening up is in order, and a little bit of reason. So let's all take a collective step back and take a look at what we have going for us here.

                      Sure we're looking at an extremely unfortunate start to our season, but these are the cards that have been dealt to us. Though it seems bad, this has all the makings of, in the best scenario, a really special story of courage and fortitude. In place of our starters there are many budding first-break tales that could be every bit as reminiscent as the legend of Kurt Warner. There are champions with rings in the locker...
                      -09-12-2007, 11:34 PM
                    • RamsFanSam
                      OK, convince me!
                      by RamsFanSam
                      I have read plenty of posts from people saying fans shouldn't look at the bright side of last night's defeat, that instead we should all don sackcloth and ashes, and mourn the death of the 2008 season for our Rams.

                      Convince me why I should!

                      I watched only the first quarter, but I did listen to the entire game. Of course, the TV broadcast was done by the Titans Network, meaning that the commentary was biased in favor of the Titans. The other 3 quarters was a mix of NFL's gamecenter and KTVI audio, niether of which was very good.

                      What I came out of the media barrage I witnessed is the following:

                      1. Marc looked a little rusty. Of course, considering that there was only TWO others on the offense who had ever played in Saunder's system, I expected to see some confusion. But, I guess that since Marc didn't launch a 99 yard Hail Mary for 6 on the first possession means that Marc is all washed up. After all, when a reciever isn't in the right place at the right time, it's always the QB's fault.

                      2. I also saw a really good defense beat our O-line. Considering that these front five guys have NEVER played a single game together before, We know it's all Pace's fault. He is all washed up, and we should have traded for Jake Long and then overpaid him to take Pace's spot.

                      3. I saw 2 passes go long, so long that no one on either team had a chance to get to them. It didn't matter that both times the recievers were double covered and had no chance in hell of breaking away, those recievers must suck, so we should have traded them for some untested rookie. Darn Linehan for drafting someone who has skills that our offense could use instead of some other rookie!

                      4. I saw our defense get beat up. Badly. Even though they made a solid stand in the red zone, we know they suck. It doesn't matter that some of our starters were out, we should have beaten the Titans back into the stone age with undersized, inexperienced rookies. It's all Haslett's fault for not having UFA's and rookies available that we can afford.

                      5. Our "wannabe's" didn't come back in the second half and win the game. Of course, they have had a whole 90 days or so to forget everything they ever learned about football just to learn football all over again. I forget that other millionaires such as Bill Gates have been there before. Didn't he have to forget everything he knew about Windows 98 to learn Windows XP in just 90 days? He didn't? Oh my. Those rookies and coaches have to go....NOW!

                      So, as you can see, I am NOT saying everything will be OK by next week. In fact, I'll be happy if we win 3 of our first 8, and come out 8-8 this season. I know all is not well in St. Louis as of yet, and I didn't expect it to be. Last year I had hope, because everything was in place. This year, we have a tougher schedule, most of our great players are either gone or they are getting...
                      -08-10-2008, 04:41 PM