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  • Already seen enough...

    There has been two series so far in the season, and I have already seen enough to know that nothing has changed.

    They just aren't gonna penalize ne for DB penalties, and they are starting to let their OL get away with mugging.

    Indy took it all the way to the endzone and got interfierred with in the endzone , and that wasn't flagged. On the VERY NEXT PLAY, the intended receiver was mugged again as bruski snagged an INT. Not one penalty on two successive game changing plays.

    Proof positive that the league hasn't ended their love affair with the cheating pats.


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    Re: Already seen enough...

    Doesn't look like they'll penalize the Pats for holding either. Dwight Freeney practically got tackled with no call, Pats score a TD next play.


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      Re: Already seen enough...

      Forget the refs. The Colts choked that one away. Three turnovers in the red zone and a missed FG at the end.


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        Re: Already seen enough...

        Very true. Plus, the Colts got a VERY generous spot on that Rhodes carry where he went airborn. The replay showed him coming down well before passing the first down line. Plus, the PI call on Samuel in the endzone right before James's fumble was somewhat iffy IMO. Poorly officiated game on both sides, but I think the Colts had every opportunity to win this and didn't come through on their own merits.


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          Re: Already seen enough...

          I wouldn't say the Pats cheat, But I will say they are the luckiest Team in football. Should have lost tonight , should have never been in S.B-01 and should have lost the S.B last year. Brady does look pretty solid I will say! You know ,when K.W. was at the helm , I always thought he could and usually did pull one out! I just hope sometime soon I can feel that way about BULGER! Pat fans I know feel that way about Brady. I'm just not all that confident in Marc! Show me the the light M.B.!!!!! :disappoin


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            Re: Already seen enough...

            Have you ever heard of creating your own luck? The recent Patriots always seem to be able to put themselves in a position to win.

            IMHO, until someone knocks off the Pats.....Tom Brady is the best QB in the NFL. He had a textbook game last night in the rain.


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              Re: Already seen enough...

              Brady did impress me (though I still think he's a smarmy punk). The Pats run defense (which gave up 200+ yards) could be a big problem for them in the long run, though.


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              • LA Rammer
                Which Do You Prefer?
                by LA Rammer
                Indy whooooooooopin on the Patsies 42-10, with the cameras on Belecheat and Brady crying like little girls


                Indy kicking field goal in O.T. for the win, with the cameras on Belecheat and Brady crying like little girls

                Either way it's good!

                patsy hater #1
                -11-02-2007, 03:03 PM
              • Guest's Avatar
                Colts' Dungy Wants Refs to Enforce Rules
                by Guest
                By MICHAEL MAROT, AP Sports Writer

                INDIANAPOLIS - Tony Dungy wants to play by the book.

                If defenders are holding, grabbing or pushing receivers, the Indianapolis Colts (news)' coach expects it to be called. If there is incidental contact, he expects officials to give players some leeway. And if last weekend's first-round playoff games gave any indication of what can be anticipated in Round 2, Dungy will take it.

                "I thought as a whole, the weekend's games were called real close to what's in the rule book," he said. "Last year, in the first round, you saw some things that gave you cause for concern."

                The real test comes Sunday when New England and Indianapolis meet in a rematch of last year's AFC Championship game, a contest at least partially responsible for NFL officials making defensive holding and illegal contact a season-long point of emphasis.

                How much it has helped is debatable. Scoring and passing numbers are up this season. But two-time MVP Peyton Manning and his record-setting receivers have downplayed the impact the new rules interpretations have had on Indianapolis' high-scoring offense.

                "I don't think it's had any affect on us," Manning said last month.

                In the playoffs, rules interpretations can change. Officials are sometimes faulted for allowing players to get away with more.

                That might have been the case in last year's conference title game, which New England won 24-14. Only seven penalties were enforced that day, but all were for false starts, offside or delay of game.

                None occurred after the ball was snapped even though replays routinely showed Colts receivers being wrestled to the ground or locked up as they tried to run past defenders.

                Dungy said Monday that was not the reason the Colts lost last year, but the league still decided to crack down on the physical play.

                Will it make a difference? "Nothing changes how we play," Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest said. "It's not going to make us be less physical or less aggressive against this team."

                But it could force a tactical change in New England's decimated secondary. The Patriots (14-2), winners of two of the last three Super Bowls, will be without last year's starting cornerbacks, Ty Law and Tyrone Poole, both on injured reserve and out for the season.

                So New England must use a combination of rookie Randall Gay, second-year players Asante Samuel and Eugene Wilson, third-year veteran Earthwind Moreland and Troy Brown, a wide receiver who has been doubling as cornerback this year.

                Still, the Patriots are one of the few defenses that makes the Colts' high-scoring offense squirm. New England has won five straight...
                -01-12-2005, 02:17 AM
              • gap
                What a great game
                by gap
                I have to say, this was the most fair officiating staff we have had in a LONG time. I am not saying they were perfect, and that they didn't let the Colts get away with a lot, but they didn't screw us like crews so far this year.

                I even had to wonder if they were RAMS fans. Well, almost.

                There were times in that game that things just went against the Colts (INTs that should have been TDs, etc), and that made me feel sorry for the Colts' fans.

                -11-10-2013, 02:12 PM
              • RamFan_Til_I_Die
                How sweet was that Patriot loss tonight!?!
                by RamFan_Til_I_Die
                It's always great when the Patriots lose, but when Belicheat makes one of the dumbest calls I've seen in a LONG time and it blows up in his arrogant face, it's freaking AWESOME! I like how in his press conference he alluded to being screwed out of the yard for the first down. Just once I'd like to hear that cocky SOB admit he blew it.
                -11-15-2009, 11:38 PM
              • psycho9985
                Wishing that I saw this game
                by psycho9985
                RAM DEFENSE
                With less than 8 minutes to go in the 5th game of the 1967 season, the 3-1 Rams were losing to the 4-0 Colts 24-14.
                The Colts and the Rams were in the same division called the Coastal. There was no wildcard teams back then and a Colt win virtually gives them the division.
                The Rams Bruce Gossett kicks a 47 yard FG that bounces thru the uprights and makes the score 24-17 Colts.
                Johnny Unitas, who was the expert at closing out games was rushed hard by the fearsome foursome and didn't see Maxie Baughan, who intercepted the pass, giving the Rams the ball on the Colts 18 yard line.
                Rams QB Roman Gabriel finds Bernie Casey in the endzone to make the score 24-24. The Rams settle for a tie.
                After the game in the Ram's locker room, Head Coach George Allen said "A tie can't hurt us, we play the Colts in the last game of the season and if we wind up tied for first, we will win the division by beating them."
                The very next week the Rams have another tie game against Washington. But, so do the Colts (what are the odds of that).
                The Colts and Rams win the rest of their games. So the 11-0-2 Colts meet the 10-1-2 Rams and the winner wins the division.
                Both teams felt each other out for the first quarter or so, like two heavy-weights in a title bout. After one quarter of play, the Colts have a 7-3 lead.
                The Rams took over on their 20 after Baltimore's kicker Lou Michaels missed a field goal. On the first play, the Rams called a play-action pass, it worked perfectly.
                The line did a great job of buying Roman Gabrial some time, the backs sold the fake and Snow ran a good route. He was behind the defense when Gabriel heaved the ball about 60 yards and into his arms.
                He look it the rest of the way untouched for a touchdown.
                The Rams scored 14 unanswered points in the second quarter, taking control of the game. The sudden surge wasn't all the offense's doing.
                The defense helped build on that lead when Deacon forced Unitas into throwing a wobbly pass that we intercepted.
                Using some quick-hit pass plays, the Rams drove the ball down into Colts territory and scored on a 23-yard pass to Casey, which gave the Rams a 17-7 lead at the half.
                When the third quarter began, the defense wasn't going to let them score and the Ram offense still had a few touchdowns left in them. LB Jack Pardee helped set up a field goal with another interception of Unitas, and after the Colts trimmed the lead to 20-10 with a field goal of their own, the Rams broke the game open.
                In the fourth quarter, they drove the ball 67 yards downfield, hitting paydirt when Gabe connected with Bill Truax on a nine-yard TD pass.
                And when it came time to put the game away, it was fitting that it was the Rams defense that set up the offense.
                Getting stronger as the day wore on, the defense sacked Unitas three times in four downs.
                Dick Bass scored on a two-yard...
                -12-12-2005, 09:13 PM