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Yea tickets for London

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  • Yea tickets for London

    Just good two tickets for the bucs vs pats game in London in october. I guess the bucs just won a fan for one day ;) Hope they beat up the pats.

    But I will come to the game in Rams jersey anyhow

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    Re: Yea tickets for London

    I received an email from NFL UK reminding me that I had yet to apply for a ticket.

    Now, why would I want to see the Cheatriots?


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      Re: Yea tickets for London

      You want to see them get beat up

      Mr Brady say hello to Mr Brooks BANG!


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        Re: Yea tickets for London

        went to the first 2, but couldn't watch the pats!!

        congrats on the tickets anyways and enjoy the game!!!
        The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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        • ZiaRam
          London Ticket
          by ZiaRam
          Hello Mates and Laddies!! Lol I will be heading to London to watch our beloved Rams in October but can't find tickets anywhere!! Are we doing any seating as a clam together like at the bash or is it Everyman for himself? Lol going to stay a couple of days in London maybe a day and drive somewhere ( Scotland, wales) see something cool, go to Paris for a day then head to Amsterdam for two before coming home. Anyone, anywhere with any suggestions on tickets or things to do what be wonderful!! :P your bro Zia
          -07-12-2012, 05:57 PM
        • BigGame
          I got tickets...
          by BigGame
          I got tickets this morning to the Bills-Rams contest on November 21st.

          Anyone else planning on attending this game? If so, mabey we could do a little tailgating, as I'm sure the Rams fans will need to stick together in a usually hostile Ralph Wilson Stadium.

          Unfortunatly, it looks like the Bills did well with season ticket sales, as even though I got my tickets officially 3 minutes after they went on sale, there was nothing available in the lower bowl.
          -07-17-2004, 06:41 PM
        • Alec22
          Rams Tickets
          by Alec22
          Anyone have rams tickets vs the pats or *****?
          -08-22-2008, 11:20 PM
        • THOLTFAN81
          Rams Season Tickets
          by THOLTFAN81
          I was bored today just browsing the internet and was just looking up Rams season tickets (I live in NJ). I saw that they were relatively cheap for the cost of tickets around here. Cost you an arm and a leg just for a soda and a hot dog at a giants/jets game like 14$ for the two. If i lived in the St Louis area i would definitely be an owner of season tickets regardless. Was just wondering how many of you on here are season ticket holders? I think next season I am going to be making a trip to a game.
          -02-12-2010, 08:23 PM
        • Tony Banks
          Rams Season Tickets
          by Tony Banks
          I just paid off my season tickets for this season! Lets go Rams 2008!!!

          -03-14-2008, 09:21 AM