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The talented Jeff George

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  • The talented Jeff George

    So Jeff George gets cut by the Skins. Talented but has a stinking attitude. Personally I think the guy would be a cancer in the locker room, but hey what does everyone else think? Jeff as no 2 QB in St louis?!?:confused:
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    No way!...

    Thanks Rampower -- but no thanks!

    This George QB has had his fun with too many teams (Colts, Falcons, Vikings, Redskins [at least that many]), and as you pointed out, he's talented but such a trait is matched by his unreliability and/or mediocrity.

    I don't know about his attitude being good or bad. Perhaps therein the truth about this moral, "what goes around, comes around." Still, I seriously doubt ANY team would consider Jeff as an option unless they are really desperate.

    He might have a calling of a different kind. I hope he does well there.


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      Oh absolutely. Never thought of it, but bringing him in as a backup, backup only, will only get in the game if Warner can't go, would be an excellent choice. George plays at his best coming off the bench, no pressure up front. When he becomes the man, his game falls off. Yes, absolutely positively, George needs a uniform with a Ram on it.


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        Hey, I was looking for the sarcasim on your post tex but I dont see it ????

        I hope you were kidding :confused:

        if Mr George gets within 20ft of the Rams, we will stink the place up. He is a know COACH KILLER

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          We all have our bits of schtzophrenia (sp) every now and then... that just happened to be mine for the month. lol