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Ravens angered over Porter's 'cheap shot'

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  • Ravens angered over Porter's 'cheap shot'

    BALTIMORE - The Baltimore Ravens won't soon forget the hit Pittsburgh linebacker Joey Porter leveled on an injured tight end Todd Heap during the second quarter of Sunday's 30-13 rout of the Steelers.

    Heap twisted his right ankle on the previous play when he gingerly took his place on the line as Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller prepared to spike the ball. As Boller thrust the ball downward, Porter shoved Heap backward with a show of brute force.

    Heap could barely lift himself off the turf and was removed for the remainder of the game.

    Afterward, the Ravens were livid over Porter's seemingly unnecessary hit.

    ``It just shows what type of character that guy has,'' linebacker Ray Lewis said. ``When you take a cheap shot like that and just try to hurt somebody, it goes way outside of your character and shows what type of spirit he really has. You just pray for him.''

    Ravens cornerback Chris McAlister called Porter an unprintable name and said, ``There's no reason for anyone to take a cheap shot like that.''

    Baltimore coach Brian Billick wondered aloud why the rules would permit such an unsportsmanlike act.

    ``We are awful concerned about receivers turning their shoulders, going forward on the line of scrimmage, and we talk endlessly about pass interference down the field, but something like that is evidently legal,'' Billick said. ``How about that?''

    Porter contended Heap might have been bluffling.

    ``It looked like he was hobbling, but at the same time, I don't know if he was fake hobbling,'' Porter said. ``I've seen a lot of guys that looked hurt and kept playing. They fall on the ground and get up and run a play.

    ``I didn't hit him, I pushed him. It's not like I took a cheap shot at him and ran in there and hit him. I pushed him with my hands. This is football.''

    Porter figured the Ravens expressed their displeasure on the field as a way of getting the fans riled up.

    ``It's just a thing to get the crowd into it, to boo me and make me out to be the bad guy,'' he said. ``So I'm fine with that.''

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    Re: Ravens angered over Porter's 'cheap shot'

    Heap's a good guy. I've seen some reports on him and he's very religious (and not pushy about it) guy that works hard and seeing that all his teammates are supporting him.

    On an aside.....aren't the Ravens the LAST team that should be complaining about cheap shots?


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      Re: Ravens angered over Porter's 'cheap shot'

      Originally posted by DJRamFan
      On an aside.....aren't the Ravens the LAST team that should be complaining about cheap shots?
      I saw, on another message board, a Ravens fan start a thread titled "Joey Porter is a thug."

      One of the first responses was, "A Ravens fan complaining about a player being a thug, how ironic." I laughed for ten minutes.


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        Re: Ravens angered over Porter's 'cheap shot'

        dry your eyes everyone ;)


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          Well, the Rams almost pulled it off against the Arizona Cardinals last weak, at home in the Ed, but questionable officiating and turnovers resulted in a 34-31 loss.
          The Rams (0-5) will try to get their 1st win, on the road, against the Baltimore Ravens (3-2). The Ravens have won their last 7 home games at M&T BANK STADIUM (M&T= Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co.), a win by the Rams will be a tall order.
          The Rams won the last meeting against the Ravens 33-22 (Nov. 9, 2003 ).
          Both teams are banged up. Ravens QB Steve McNair is a game time decision. McNair did not practice Friday (Bad back). Backup Kyle Boller may get the start.
          Other notible Ravens injuries: DT Trevor Pryce - wrist (out), TE Todd Heap - Thigh (Probable), T Jonathan Ogden - Toe (Questionable), CB Samari Rolle - Illness (Questionable), WR Derrick Mason - Illness (Questionable). Derrick Mason leads the league with 44 receptions, but only has 372 yards and 1 TD.
          The Rams are sure to see a heavy dosage of Baltimore's running game, lead by Ravens RB Willis McGahee. McGahee has rushed 102 att / 464 yds / 4.5 avg with 0 Touchdowns. Rams rookie RB Brian Leonard has a 4.8 avg with 38 carries for 138 yards, also with 0 touchdowns.
          The Rams are in danger of matching a franchaise record of starting the season 0-6, set by the the 1962 Los Angeles Rams, who finished the season with a 1-12-1 record.
          They will be facing an always tough defense, in the Baltimore Ravens, lead by Pro Bowl Linebacker Ray Lewis. Other notables on defense include Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs and Corey Ivy.
          Despite their record and injuries, the Rams have been competitive and have had good chances to win each game. Gus Frerotte & Co. will have to minimize the turnovers, while defensively the Rams must focus on stopping the run.
          Hopefully the Rams can come together and pull out a victory over the Ravens and this losing season becomes...NEVERMORE!
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