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  • Best RB ever!!

    though maybe most of you will will say Dickerson .. I have always loved and respect Barry Sanders! .. in my humble opinion Barry Sanders did more with less then any other RB in the NFL league ever!

    Sanders year after year was never given a proper front line to support his amazing abilities .. he did it himself and crushed all the competition .. it was sad to see him leave the sport the way he did

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    Hard question...

    Good, tough question Rammstein. :cool:

    There have been so many outstanding RBs throughout the years; but for me too, without strict regard to statistics BARRY SANDERS / Lions would definitely be on the top five along with --in alphabetical order... :p

    Eric Dickerson / Rams
    Walter Payton / Bears
    Gale Sayers / Bears
    Emmit Smith / Boys

    ...probably followed by

    Jim Brown / Browns and,
    ???... Marshall Faulk / RAMS ;)


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      not to upset you Jorge .. but EMMIT SMITH!!! .. come now .. in my humble opinion the only reason why he has so many yards is because he has a front line to die for! .. you could put Ricky Waters behind that line and he will look as good as Smith .. in my opinion Smith is only good when he has an excellent line infront of him .. remember back in 1997 healthy but not with an excellent line he got over 1k in yards .. but that is atleast 250 yards under this yearly average .. let's not mention how many times they ran the ball .. he is a good back but not as good as the ones above you listed impartial because I don't like Smith all that much


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        This is a good question but may never get a true answer.

        Marshall Faulk is a great H Back
        Eric Dickerson was a great R Back
        Gayle Sayers was just Great
        Sweetness was on a pathetic team for so long and was still outstanding.

        I loved Dickersons upright running stance

        I love Faulks comand of the game

        Keeping the Rams Nation Talking


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          No doubt, no question, no one in history played for worst teams and still was the man than Walter Payton. He was late in his career when the Bears won the Super Bowl. He had no passing game to fall back on, so defenses swarmed and swarmed Sir Walter. And all Sir Walter did was rack up yards and score. No doubt, no question, Walter Payton is the greatest ever in the history of football, next to Jim Brown.


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            The Magnificent Seven...

            Ok then, the problem is to select, say, among top seven? :p The Magnificent Seven, again in alpha order:

            Jim Brown - Browns
            Larry Csonka - Dolphins
            Eric Dickerson - RAMS
            Marshall Faulk - RAMS
            Walter Payton - Bears
            Barry Sanders - Lions
            Gale Sayers - Bears

            Somehow I can't get myself to mention a No. 32 RB from the Bills. :o

            "Honorable mention..." goes out to ???

            Tony Dorsett - Cows
            Franco Harris - Steelers
            Emmit Smith - Cows

            Don't get me wrong Rammstein, I never liked the Cowgirls, so called "America's Team!" But I remember some good, decent names among them.

            GO RAMS!!!


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              mmm? Love marshalls vision and intelligence. I just adored barry sanders moves and what can you say about dickerson except brilliant. The thing that also made sanders and walter payton stand out is loyalty to their teams when they could have got big bucks anywhere too and both played on average teams for the most part (sometimes plain awful teams)
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                JUST TALKING FOOTBALL ONLY, O.J. Simpson was pretty good.


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                  Not good enough...

                  I know that TXRamsFan, I know. Still, I'd rather choose Earl Campbell - Oilers, I think he was more of a pure runner -- again, statistics notwithstanding. :p

                  Hey, how about [???] ..."doh," I lost the thought /name here.

                  We've got THE MARSHALL on our side. GO RAMS!!!


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                    Earl punished folks

                    I saw him about 6 months ago. He owned a bar and restaurant here in Austin on 6th St. It was cool, had his Heisman Trophy in there as soon as you walked in, and all kinds of sports memoribilia on the wall. Had his Pro Football Hall of Fame jacket on the wall. All kinds of great college stuff. However, he looked small. And didn't walk very well, but is a super super super nice gentleman. The restaurant isn't there now, and that is a shame. It was great sitting down and sitting next to Earl Campbell at his restaurant surrounded by some of the most intriging sports memoriablia anywhere, kicking back with a beer and bar b q and shooting the breeze. (For those of you that don't know about Austin, this really isn't shocking to bump into celebrities, Austin is a very cool spot.) Remember that time he just ran over that guy in the end zone?


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                      Czonka ahead of Emmitt Smith? I don't think so!
                      I know Rams fans are supposed to hate the Cowboys but the guy deserves a lot more credit that he gets...and before I hear "he's behind a great offensive line" may I remind you that Dickerson and Faulk were/are. as well? Emmitt Smith's a tough runner with great moves and a great mind for the game, definately one of the top RBs of all time...but not the best...I still give that designation to Barry Sanders.


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                        Now i know im gonna hear some S*%T over this one .... but id put Earl Cambell on top of my list.... that man just plain PUNISHED ANYONE that attepted to take him down .... and got up ... and did it again ....and again ..... Tex was noting that he seemed a little small .... that may be now .... but in his day ..... his thighs were humungus.... ... i also loved to see Larry Czonka ... ( im a big punishing running back kinda guy)... remember that other little guy ... Chritian Akoyia(sp?).. from KC? even Jim Brown was huge for the time period .... nowadays .... the premier type running back is the great Marsh Faulk ....( Bye the way .... what is he? a RB or WR ?).... :confused:
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                          Yes, Barry Sanders @ Lions probably tops them all. Followed by...

                          Gale Sayers? / Bears
                          Erick Dickerson? / as a RAM
                          Marshall Faulk? / as a RAM

                          I agree, DaddoRam about the great Lion. I also think Emmitt Smith is a fine, strong and super successful RB. I never have liked the Boys from cowland but have no problem recognizing this guy's abilities and achivements --even while disregarding the statistics.
                          As posted in my first reply to this thread, there have been many RBs throught so many years in the NFL's hard to go through a clear screening process. Larry Czonka, for instance, was a big, bull-runner type, very much like Earl Campbell, just running over defenders or knocking their socks off with a punishing style. Jim Taylor was in that category as well although not as big (hey, none of the players in Taylor's era were that big -period).

                          And you're also right about the importance of the mental aspect /approach to the game as a RB. Emsmith is an extremely smart player, perhaps a-l-m-o-s-t as smart as Marshall Faulk. Almost. ;) ...not to mention his durability! I hope Marshall will still be helping the Rams win SBowls three, four years from now. :cool:

                          It is a deep challenge to succeed in the NFL. I believe it is more demanding and trying than any other sport in the USA; it takes a lot more character and stamina to play well and long in pro football regardless of the position.

                          Running backs, however, great RBs that is, have it particularly tough. They are not constantly -and I mean on every single play- being tortured as linemen are, true, but they're not as big. No, great running backs must block against or into linemen, they have to take the handoff or catch a pass only to run with it through or around thick brick walls, wrestle with the persistent violence of LBs if only to gain --or loose-- a couple of yards or three, AND outspeed DBs. Got serious pain? No problem, you'll play with pain just like the rest of team.

                          It IS hard to choose the 'best RB ever.' Of the players that I remember and know a little of (please keep in mind that my "NFL glory days" were those of the mid-late 60's, early 70's then mid-late 80's and late 90's to present) addition to the ones already mentioned by you and me and the others, these stand out in my mind as very good, excellent, and remarkably tough [in no particular order and with no corresponding quality label]. Please bear w/me,

                          Les Josephson / RAMS
                          Dick Bass / RAMS
                          Tommy Mason / RAMS
                          Larry Smith / RAMS
                          Willie Ellison / RAMS
                          Greg Bell / RAMS
                          Jerome Bettis /RAMS
                          Leroy Kelly /Browns
                          Dan Reeves /Cowboys
                          Paul Hornung /Packers
                          Brian Piccolo /Bears
                          Eddie George /Titans
                          Marcus Allen /Raiders
                          Bo Jackson /Raiders
                          Rockie Bleier /Steelers
                          Napoleon Kaufman /Raiders
                          Ken Willard /Whiners
                          Emerson Boozer /Jets
                          Walt Garrison /Cowboys
                          Mike Alstott /Bucs
                          Tom Matte /Colts
                          Bill Brown /Vikings
                          Terrell Davis /Broncos
                          Roy Perkins /Cowboys

                          All these men are extremely professional about their respective athleticism and the responsibilities towards the team they represent. Results have obviously varied :p . But their example of courage and work are a real thrill; they are outstanding in their own merit even if only for the value of entertainment.

                          I appreciate your patience. It's just that I really enjoy this bit of 'running back history' --pun intended. For it is players like these that are among the folks who make this worldly life a little more "exciting."

                          Come on James!, Justin!, Marshall!, Robert!, Trung! GO RAMS!!!
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                            I'll take a stab ....

                            Walter Payton - had EVERY tool in the book,the MJ of RB's.Never has there been a guy who go full speed stop in one step then be full speed again. Barry Sanders was the only one close ...FAR ahead of the pack followed closely by a few ...

                            Earl Campbell - too bad he averaged a million hits a game. Best power RB EVER. Had speed to. Only power back I've ever seen that could beat you without ANY blocking or a passing game ...truly incredible. Was Barry Sanders like in his humble handing the ball to the ref's style. CLASS ACT.

                            Gale Sayers - What a shame .... may have been the best ever if not for the knee injuries ( also see Billy Simms - here )

                            Jim Brown - Quit on top ....WAY on top .......

                            Eric Dickerson - weird straight up running style worked for him and him alone .... gets other backs killed - truly powerful as well as FAST ...

                            Barry Sanders - RESPECTFUL. Did his job. Was the flashiest shiftiest guy ever, and yet NEVER showboated,taunted etc... TRUE CLASS ACT

                            dumba$$ OJ Simpson - great vision and acceleration to the point of attack.

                            and freaking Roger Craig - hammering leg drive great between the tackles and on the perimiter, good vision, excellent reciever, also quit on top with lots left to give ............WAY UNDERRATED in the annals of history ....

                            Marshall Faulk - time will tell but I think he will be treated like Emmitt to an extent . Played on the best team , yada yada ... the early years and his attitude in Indy hurt his stock for me. He grew up, which is great. Most complete runner today.


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                              what about

                              What about Thurman Thomas??

                              He was the first multie purpose back in the league. You always to had repect him for his receiving abilities as well as his running.