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    Kevin Lynch
    Monday, September 27, 2004

    Offense: F Ken Dorsey played like the seventh-round, second-year quarterback he is. His arm strength, accuracy and even the thing he does best -- decision making --

    were all wanting in this game. The *****' best chance to score in the fourth quarter was stymied when Dorsey threw into double coverage in the back of the end zone. Dorsey got no help from the makeshift offensive line, which was dominated by Seattle.

    Defense: D-
    The effort was there, the execution was not. Again, the defense was bedeviled by blown coverages. On a third-quarter drive, wide receiver Darrell Jackson caught a short pass and found no one in front of him. The defense didn't catch up with him until he was 25 yards downfield. The defense then forgot to cover tight end Itula Mili on a 1-yard touchdown pass. The active linebackers, who limited Shaun Alexander to 52 yards rushing, kept this unit from getting a failing grade.

    Special teams: B
    Coverage teams had two good chances to down the ball inside the 5 on punts, and failed both times. Todd Peterson proved that he's not good much beyond 46 yards. His effort from that distance in the second quarter hit the crossbar. Andy Lee had one weak punt, but most of his efforts were solid. Returner Bobby Engram never got a chance to run with the ball.

    Coaching: D
    The ***** had a good plan -- to run and throw short passes to take advantage of Seattle's below-average linebackers -- but Dorsey wasn't accurate enough, and the offensive line failed to get any push on the Seahawks' front. The busts in the defensive coverage hurt.

    Star pupil: Derek Smith
    So far, Smith is the team's MVP. He has been extremely active in the first three games, and kept it going with 10 tackles against Seattle.

    Next week's assignment: St. Louis

    The Rams have had a talent drain of their own recently and have looked as futile as the ***** at times.