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RB Brian Leonard on roster fringe in Cincy?

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  • RB Brian Leonard on roster fringe in Cincy?

    Backup running backs: DeDe Dorsey had another good game (4 carries, 22 yards) and took the lead for the third back while Bernard Scott (8 carries, 54 yards) looks to be the second back. Brian Leonardís chances of making the roster took some hits. He averaged only 1.5 yards per carry and equally telling was on a short-yardage, third-down play Jeremi Johnson got the ball.
    From beat writer Joe Reedy's blog on after the Bengals played the Rams.

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    Re: RB Brian Leonard on roster fringe in Cincy?

    That's a shame, but if Curry makes the team and does anything this pretty much means that we got him for free as Leonard wouldn't have made our roster, and if he would have we'll have a shot at him if he doesn't make Cincy's!
    I believe!:ram:


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    • BarronWade
      Chances Brian Leonard runs well?
      by BarronWade
      I live in NJ and attended Rutgers (not the one Leonard went 2 i went 2 Rutgers in Newark NJ he went to Rutgers in NewBrunswick NJ)

      Anyway i liked it when we picked him up. But then he did not perform well at FB 4 Action Jackson and he was not that bad a running it.

      We traded him to the Bengals for Orien Harris who we sent 2 Detroit 4 Ron Curry.

      Now Leonard is the back-up 2 benson for the Bengals.

      So what are the chances Leonard runs well vs. the rams 1st team and 2nd team D?

      If Leonard has a huge game (not likely) will we be regretting trading him?
      -08-27-2009, 02:22 PM
    • Battering_RAMS
      Brian Leonard?
      by Battering_RAMS
      I don't get to see many Ram's games. What has he been doing the past two years? Has he been injured or is he just a complete bust. I remember being really excited about him.
      -02-27-2009, 07:35 PM
    • laram0
      Brian Leonard
      by laram0
      I haven't been around much the last 8 1/2 days or so. I've been traveling with my family on vacation. We were in Florida (Tampa area for 5 days) and then in the Raleigh, NC area until arriving home this afternoon. I hadn't seen a RAMS anything in all my travels....until. I was boarding the plane in Raleigh this morning heading back to Boston. I had a seat in the last row of the plane and a young couple was sitting right in front of me and the guy had a RAMS hat on. He gave me the thumbs up as I walked by and I blurted out at him LOVE YOUR HAT! We both kept to ourselves the entire flight. Then when we landed in Boston he turned around and asked me what I thought about the RAMS picks in the draft so far? I let him know that I loved our first 2 picks but I didn't know anything about the guy we drafted in the third round. Anyway to make a long story short he quickly informed me that he was from upstate New York and was a very close friend of one of our current players. Brian Leonard was one of his best friends. Being a bit puzzled I curiously asked him 3 quick questions. Is Leonard going to do anything this year?....your from upstate NY? You must be a Bills fan? Actually he said, I'm A Cowboys fan but wear the RAMS hat to support my buddy Brian. He went on to say that Brian is 100% healthy and that the new offense that the RAMS offense is learning is the same offense that Brian played in college. He also, even though he has a biased opinion feels like this will be the year that Brian finally shows his true abilities as a very good football player.

      I have to say talk is cheap but I walked off that plane feeling pretty excited about this inside view from Leonard's close friend. Could Brian Leonard be that guy we need on the field when Jackson needs a blow? You know Brian Leonard is like the forgotten man on our team. This would certainly be a nice surprise.
      -04-26-2009, 07:49 PM
    • prof22693
      Leonard Leap part 2
      by prof22693

      there he goes again
      -07-28-2007, 02:21 PM
    • Revelstoke
      Brian Leonard - The Facts
      by Revelstoke
      With the first offical start of #23 commig up, here are some facts about him.

      I know alot of it is the same old Chuck Norris stuff but its funny to see someone make it all about Brian.


      -09-25-2007, 06:00 PM