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  • Vick

    Hear me out, because it's purely hypothetical and I'm curious to see what you guys have to say. This is also not a Bulger bashing thread, so please refrain from doing so.

    I personally think Vick is trying to redeem himself and I admire that a lot. He's been focusing on football; putting in the time, no pun intended. With that in mind, knowing that he's trying to work hard again to play football and ultimately win a Super Bowl, would you guys have signed him when we had the chance?

    I just feel like given our QB situation, if Marc doesn't produce a good year, we would have had a solid QB (With Vick's talent, the sky's the limit, in my mind), and could've also drafted a QB for the future. I feel like he probably had a better opportunity to start in St. Louis rather than Philly as well...

    Your thoughts?
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Vick

    hmm well I like how you snuck in that last part about the rams just so you could post this in rams talk. hehehe good job but I really don't know how well Mike would be perceived here. not to mention that he doesn't fit into Spags 4 pillars.. I say Pass


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      Re: Vick

      Vick's best years are behind him, and even in his prime he was not a good QB.


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        Re: Vick

        I think Vick will struggle more than succeed this year at least when it comes to actual performance. As a decoy, I'm sure that the Eagles will get some good yards at least to start. My problem with Vick is that he's been out of football shape for two years and that will take a good amount of time to get back into. No, I wouldn't sign him, now or ever.
        I believe!:ram:


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          Re: Vick

          Originally posted by Varg6
          I just feel like given our QB situation, if Marc doesn't produce a good year, we would have had a solid QB (With Vick's talent, the sky's the limit, in my mind), and could've also drafted a QB for the future. I feel like he probably had a better opportunity to start in St. Louis rather than Philly as well...

          Your thoughts?
          I don't view Vick as a "sky's the limit" type of QB. Vick was and perhaps still is a tremendous athlete, but that alone does not make a great QB. Vick has a cannon arm to be sure, but in this particular case the cannon was issued without the proper sighting mechanism; it has astonishing range, but lacks accuracy. Even without all his baggage, I don't think Vick is a good fit for the Rams.


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            Re: Vick

            I see what you guys mean. I just think with his talent, with the right motivation, ala redeeming himself, I think he could be an accurate QB. He's shown flashes of doing so. It's definitely an interesting thought, well to me, obviously lol
            Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams


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              Re: Vick

              There are a few prospects coming next year's draft (Colt McCoy) enough said on that.

              Bulger will suffice for this year and a couple to come. With our holes in the offensive line being addressed I feel Bulger is out for a good year and many will digress from their skepticism.

              If there are any needs its gotta be backup play. Boller might hold up for now. Vick can do what he can to redeem himself, but the verdict stands among this team.
              LA RAMMER

              It's Jim not Chris


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              • Fastcat
                I say we get Vick!!
                by Fastcat
                If... well I should say when Mike Vick gets reinstated I say we sign him to the league min for a 1yr deal and use him as a specialist.... Like maybe receiver, a little qb, wildcat Qb, etc. I know he wont start being out of football for a year or however longs its been but I think he can make big plays playing maybe 10-15 snaps a game. Plus I feel we got an inside track on him cuz Devaney is the one that drafted him in ATL.
                -05-11-2009, 11:22 AM
              • K.G
                We should get vick.
                by K.G
                I really do not know what if the organization has came out saying what they think of vick. So my assesment is based on that fact.

                Its a winnable division, we dont have much offense other than Steven Jackson, maybe we can use vick in some QB situations. Definitely not a starting QB, which I do not even mind because I am not and never have been a fan of bulger.
                -07-27-2009, 02:03 PM
              • MauiRam
                Vick would bring buzz to Rams
                by MauiRam
                Sports Columnist Bernie Miklasz
                ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH

                Michael Vick served 19 months in federal prison for his role in running an extremely cruel and heinous dogfighting ring. If you believe Vick deserves additional penalties, then imagine the punishment he'd receive by playing quarterback for the Rams.

                It could happen, if the Philadelphia Eagles decide to release or trade Vick after deciding not to pick up his option for 2010. Vick was a part-time quarterback and designated wildcat-formation runner for the Eagles this season. Considering his long layoff and two years out of the game, Vick played pretty well. Moreover, Eagles coaches praised Vick's dedication and the positive changes he made in his life. But it would be costly to keep Vick as a backup, and Vick would prefer being a No. 1 quarterback elsewhere.

                The Rams need a starting quarterback. The Rams need a lot of things, as evidenced by their 6-42 record and last-place NFL ranking in points scored over the last three seasons.

                So yes, there is a fit. And there are some obvious connections in play here. Rams GM Billy Devaney was part of the Atlanta organization during Vick's career there and visited Vick in prison. Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur are former assistants to Eagles coach Andy Reid and they trust his judgment. If Reid recommends Vick, Spagnuolo will listen.

                Vick may have other, more appealing, options. Several NFL teams are on the lookout for starting quarterbacks and Vick's stock is up after his positive experience in Philadelphia.

                "I tried to be the best ambassador that I could be in the community," Vick told Philadelphia reporters. "And that won't stop. I'll continue to do that, and I'll continue to work hard."

                If the Rams get the chance to land Vick, would the relationship work?

                There's Vick, the quarterback. Would he be effective? And then there's Vick as a high-profile figure. Would Rams fans accept his arrival or be offended by his presence? Recently I set up an unscientific poll on my "Five Minutes" blog at I posed a simple question: Yes or no on Vick as the Rams' QB?

                Of the 10,551 respondents, 62 percent were in favor of Vick becoming a Ram.

                I've heard from Rams fans who insist they'll cancel their season tickets if Vick is signed. And there's little doubt the Rams would face some passionate, vociferous anti-Vick protests. But I've also heard from fans who say the addition of Vick would motivate them to keep their tickets. They're tired of the dull football and believe Vick would bring excitement to games.

                Those opposing Vick probably would be more visible and louder than those who support him. Some of the initial anti-Vick sentiment would fade, just as it did in Philadelphia.

                OK, now...
                -01-17-2010, 03:30 PM
              • Tony Soprano
                - - - Rams to Pursue Michael Vick! - - -
                by Tony Soprano
                Rams to Pursue Michael Vick!

                "Several people in the NFL told me not to rule out St. Louis as a possible destination for Vick. The Rams might have some ownership issues to deal with before actually signing him, but they have genuine interest. They’ve been doing their due diligence on Vick, and if the Commissioner does reinstate him, look for them to actively pursue him. It makes sense — a new coach with an older quarterback who hasn’t played well. Playing in a dome on carpet would highlight Vick’s speed and athleticism. "

                The Redzone - Best NFL News and Links
                -05-31-2009, 01:35 PM
              • peramoure
                Vick to Rams Backlash
                by peramoure
                Quite honestly, I really am perplexed about the backlash with Michael Vick around the country. I live in Texas and I hear folks "That mother effin dog killer better not ever become a 'Boy!" and now I see it on the Rams forum.


                He served his time! He is a reformed felon! Do you believe in second chances? First and foremost, the guy served a long sentence, forfeited tens of millions of dollars and is genuinely remorseful per Tony Dungy, numerous pastors, and even Arthur Blank. I have never seen a backlash like this in the NFL, not even with LEONARD LITTLE killing a human being! If you can't stand Vick then I want to see a petition to remove Little from the Rams. I believe in second chances.

                Moreso - and I am a little over the top and am 99% logic and 1% emotion in the way I think.. do you eat meat? I mean seriously, do you realize how inhumane our system for killing cattle, chicken, pigs, etc is? It is ludicrous to think that because we have a furry, cute dog fighting each other that this is somehow different then getting a cow, feeding it 100% corn (and giving it antibiotics so it doesn't die from infection from not eating anything else) and then killing it (and I'm not getting into details of how it is done) is somehow DRASTICALLY different than the way we kill animals we eat. And it isn't. They are slightly different but don't try to justify that the way we raise animals is ok.

                I eat meat, and a lot of it, but I think there is a emotional knee jerk to the fact that he fought dogs whereas it is imbedded in our brains that meat just comes from the grocery store with no repercussions.

                So Mike Vick served his freakin' time and gave away his life. Bring him back, and if he happens to be a Ram (and I doubt it) I'll applaud it.
                -06-02-2009, 12:30 PM