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  • The WAR Begins

    Go get em all.

    Keeping the Rams Nation Talking

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    God Bless America and thanks to all the allies in Great Britain, Canada, etc.

    Those in the military...thank you very much...


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      Good has to truimph. I hope this doesn't sound bad when I say it but I think this has brought us (brits and americans) closer together. Lets sort em out.
      The Breakfast Club. You want cheese with that?


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        Let's just be prepared for whatever that they bring back at us. They haven't stopped yet.


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          GO TEAM!!

          there is a new team I am backing and that team is Amercia.

          Three cheers for our boys in red, white and blue


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            Re: GO TEAM!!

            Originally posted by J-RamThree cheers for our boys in red, white and blue
            "HIP-HIP! ...hurraaaay!"; "HIP-HIP! ...hurraaaay!"; "HIP-HIP! ...hurraaaay!"

            Again, a time of "war and rumors of war..." God bless each and every fighter of freedom. And even those of us that enjoy it.
            Last edited by RealRam; -10-08-2001, 10:09 AM.


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            • psycho9985
              The people who keep us free.
              by psycho9985
              Subject: THIS WAS SENT BY A FRIEND

              > I sat in my seat of the Boeing 767 waiting for everyone to hurry and
              >stow their carry-ons and grab a seat so we could start what I was sure to
              >be a long, uneventful flight home.
              > With the huge capacity and slow moving people taking their time to
              >stuff luggage far too big for the overhead and never paying much attention
              >to holding up the growing line behind them, I simply shook my head knowing
              >that this flight was not starting out very well. I was anxious to get
              >home to see my loved ones so I was focused on my issues and just felt
              >like standing up and yelling for some of these clowns to get their act
              > I knew I couldn't say a word so I just thumbed thru the "Sky Mall"
              >magazine from the seat pocket in front of me.
              > You know it's really getting rough when you resort to the over
              >priced, useless sky mall crap to break the monotony.
              > With everyone finally seated, we just sat there with the cabin door
              >open and no one in any hurry to get us going although we were well past
              >the scheduled take off time.
              > No wonder the airline industry is in trouble I told myself.
              > Just then, the attendant came on the intercom to i! nform us all
              >that we were
              > being delayed.
              > The entire plane let out a collective groan.
              > She resumed speaking to say "We are holding the aircraft for some
              >very special people who are on their way to the plane and the delay
              >shouldn't be more than 5 minutes.
              > The word came after waiting six times as long as we were promised
              >that I was finally going to be on my way home.
              > Why the hoopla over "these" folks?
              > I was expecting some celebrity or sport figure to be the reason for
              >the hold up ...
              > Just get their butts in a seat and let's hit the gas I thought.
              > The attendant came back on the speaker to announce in a loud and
              >excited voice that we were being joined by several U.S. Marines returning
              >home from Iraq!!!
              > Just as they walked on board, the entire plane erupted into
              > The men were a bit taken by surprise by the 340 people cheering for
              >them as they searched for their seats.
              -11-24-2005, 09:38 AM
            • general counsel
              Lets fix ramfan16 up with....
              by general counsel
              Two women became available in the last few days that are perfect for indoctinating ramsfan16 into the ways of the world. Who should we fix him up with, heather locklear or cheryl crow? I think he can handle both of them at the same time.

              ramming speed to all

              general counsel
              -02-06-2006, 05:48 AM
            • MaxinMO
              Let's just admit it
              by MaxinMO
              This is the best NFL team we will ever see play the game. I am so sick and tired of these gutless football "experts" putting an asterik on every comment they make about how great the RAMS are. They are so scared to come out and declare with authority the truth. We will never better be treated to a greater display of expertise, teamwork, sportsmanship, talent, guts and dominance. These RAMS are what the football gods envisioned when they gave us this game.Just admit it! We are lucky to be alive and have large screen TV and sports bars during these times.:angryram:
              -01-24-2002, 06:03 AM
            • WisRamsFan
              Pep talk(from a legend) edited RAMS style
              by WisRamsFan
              And the same backfield, Mark, you and Faulk, Jackson, and Goodspeed. Now the success of any team men is based on team-play -- the same as you've shown all year --: Sacrifice; unselfish sacrifice! These are the fellows they say are pretty good; but I think we're better! And I think if we get ourselves keyed up to a point, and when we're confident of that ... why the results will take care of themselves.

              All right, now. On the kickoff -- if we receive, the zone men will drop back to the receiver and block long -- that old St. Louis style. If we kickoff -- which the rest of the teams want -- let's run down fast -- just as fast as you can run. And then we go on defense. And on defense -- I want the center in and out of that line -- according to the situation. Use your old head! And I want you guards charging through as far as you can go -- on every play. Expect the play right over you every time --.

              And the tackles -- I want you to go in a yard and a half -- and then check yourselves. Spread your feet -- squat down low -- and be ready with your hands and elbows, so you won't be sideswiped. But I want the ends in there fast every play. Every play, but under control. And you men in the backfield there, I want you to analyze it before you move. If they throw a forward pass, a zone pass, wait ‘til you see the ball in the air -- and then go and get it! And when we get it, boys, that's when we go on offense. And that's when we go to ‘em -- and, don't forget, we're gonna pick on one last one tackle that is weak.

              We're going inside of ‘em, we're going outside of ‘em -- inside of ‘em! outside of ‘em! -- and when we get them on the run once, we're going to keep ‘em on the run. And we're not going to pass unless their secondary comes up too close. But don't forget, men -- we're gonna get ‘em on the run, we're gonna go, go, go, go! -- and we aren't going to stop until we go over that goal line! And don't forget, men -- today is the day we're gonna win. They can't lick us -- and that's how it goes... The first platoon men -- go in there and fight, fight, fight, fight, fight! What do you say, men!

              -Knute Rockne
              -01-08-2005, 01:33 AM
            • MikeD
              Here we go, let's get psyched!!
              by MikeD
              Something I haven't seen a lot this season from the offense is them being extremely psyched up to get in the game and own the defense.

              I'd love to see the offense overly pumped up for the game today! It's for the playoffs! I wish I was at the game today! ;) If anyone happens to be at the game, GET LOUD!!

              I think our D shows this emotion constantly, maybe I'm not paying enough attention during the pre-game?

              Go Rams! Let's do it!
              -01-02-2011, 11:46 AM