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Redskins become answer to trivia question

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  • Redskins become answer to trivia question

    Ugh...we're that team. The team the broke The Streak. Our inability to call plays properly in the red zone reared it's ugly head again. 300 yard, 2 TD outing by the QB and we still manage to lose. Just...ugh.

    And to top it off Philly and New York both won big. Christ on a crutch, I think that I may have to drive off a cliff if Dallas wins tonight.

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    Re: Redskins become answer to trivia question

    The Redskins aren't going anywhere until they get a new coach and new QB. The west coast offense doesn't seem to fit the Redskins personel and the players and fans don't seem to like or respect Zorn. Cambell also just doesn't have what it takes to be an NFL QB. It doesn't help much either when every other team in their division could be a Super Bowl contender.