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  • NFC west love thread

    Ok i was sitting in biology not paying attention, was think about how i like the niners attitude this season and thinking about how every seems to hate them. Maybe it is just me watching football for only 5 years(all rams years). So the point of this thread is to get every ones opinon on how you rank the teams in the nfc west on how much you like them, barring the rams from inclusion and having no records involved what teams in the west do you like the most.

    #1 niners- I enjoy watching players like patrick willis and love the direction singletary is taking them.
    #2 cards- I just plain enjoy watching Fitz give cb's the fits
    #3 hawks- honestly i dont like any players on this team at all

    so whats your list

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    Re: NFC west love thread

    Cards i hate less than the other two but Niners team i hate the most (after 26 years of being a fan its deeply ingrained in me.) Seahawks Fans i hate the most because they have zero class as human beings.

    making "jokes" about the death of Bill Walsh prior to playing the Niners

    making "jokes" about 9/11 prior to playing the Giants...its things like that that all add up..

    im sure there are a couple of Seahawk fans that have a lot more class than that..but just like the Raiders fans..they are not the vocal majority or indeed the vocal minority..


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    • Watchdog
      The NFC West Is Still the Rams Ball-game
      by Watchdog
      Two and a half weeks into the new season and the best conclusion I can come to about the state of affairs?

      This must be Hollywood.

      There are more sub-plots and scandals, more topsy-turvy oddities, and more budding Cinderella stories than can be found at the original Mickey Mouse Club auditions.

      If Walt were alive, he’d be rolling over in his grave.

      As advertised, our NFC West teams have commenced to knocking the crap out of each other, almost like the only feasible movie script that could be applied here. This division is as much up for grabs now as it was two weeks ago.

      If I had just woke up from a month-long coma, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to find out that the San Francisco ***** have the same record as the Houston Texans and the Detroit Lions. But I’d probably hock up a parakeet when I learned that they all are sitting at the tops of their divisions with 2-0 records.

      Is it a fluke?


      Here in the West are housed four of the best running backs in the league. Arguably the two best quarterbacks in the NFC, and a selection of wide receivers that would send any newbie offensive coordinator back to having wet dreams, and any opposing “D” man back to AA. And to top it all off, with all this fire-power that resides in this one division, the undefeated team has exactly one of these players, and hasn’t even put up more than 190 yards of offense in either “victory.”

      Suggestion? Let the movie play out.

      Assessment? We got this. Is that a bold assessment? Not really when you consider this.

      It’s a game of inches. About six more of them off the foot of Wilky’s leg would have taken away one of the Niner’s victories, and had they not had an extra layer of skin on their teeth, the Cardinals would have taken away the other.

      Mike Nolan has got to be sweating more than Mike Vick watching Old Yellar.

      In the mean-time, those same Cardinals beat up on the Seahawks for the great majority of that victory, and come this week, the rest of their confidence will be shot – at home – at the hands of Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson.

      If you look at it reasonably and rationally, the only teams that appear to have more upside headed their way than down are the Rams and the Cards and I still don’t see the Cards pulling it out in the first year with their new coach.

      The Rams on the other hand are making positive strides with the defense, and Marc Bulger and the boys will be exploding very quickly.

      Who knows, maybe all of these teams will finish under .500, but I doubt it.

      But one thing I do know is that Hollywood has invaded the NFL, the Rams have been written in as the sucker-punch, and the 'Niners division title is about as likely as O.J Simpson buying a ten-speed and going Mormon.

      -09-19-2007, 11:35 AM
    • Varg6
      What NFC West team are you most worried about?
      by Varg6
      Out of the Tards, Squawks, and Whiners, who should we most fear this season?

      It seems every season, the cardinals are going to have a delightful season, and with all the wonderful drafts, they still wind up stinking up the whole league. Mind you, I think this season they will be a big threat.

      The Seahawks are still technically the kings of the NFC West, and until we reclaim our throne, it is theirs. That in my opinion is our #1 least for boosting confidence, is to beat the Seahawks...

      The ***** and Frank Gore look to be even more of a threat. They had a decent season, and surprisingly are looking to become a good team, although I hate to admit it, I think that may be the case... (Why can't they always suck!? )

      So...yes it is way too early to be making predictions like this, but what else is there to do but ponder about our Rams?

      I think next season, if our cards are right, we're definitely reclaiming our rightful throne in the West. However, I doubt we'll be able to get a 1st round bye by any means with the schedule we have this season. It looks like a very difficult one, something...well we're not really used to. It can go either two ways, we're glorious, or chumps. I see (if everything goes according to plan...)

      1. Rams 10-6
      2. Seahawks 9-7
      3. Cardinals 9-7
      4. ***** 8-8, 9-7, perhaps

      What do you guys think?
      -01-26-2007, 01:42 PM
    • Guam rammer
      NFC West
      by Guam rammer
      Everybody's excited about their team in this division. Some sports writers have the Rams and ****** possibly taking over the division, and others seem to think that the Hawks did just enough to keep their crown. As for the Cards! well, everybody's kinda staying away from predicting anything from them. So, it looks like this entire division is up for grabs and its gonna come down to who wants it more. Its obvious there's talent in this group of teams throughout their rosters and what matters most will be who gels as a team faster and which team stays healthy longer throughout the season. If you want an answer thats as good as gold, ask the fans...we know best. This fan says the Rams are going to the SB baby!!!
      -08-30-2007, 04:23 PM
    • evil disco man
      The NFC West
      by evil disco man
      People have been calling the NFC West the weakest division in the NFL for years now. They can say what they want, but the fact is that the West has represented the NFC in 4 of the last 10 Super Bowls, more than any other division.

      I don't know about you guys, but I enjoy rooting for other West teams in the playoffs to represent us well. If we can't beat 'em out during the season, I'd rather see them take it all the way than any other team. The only exception for me was rooting for the Steelers vs. Seahawks, only because I personally can't stand Hasselbeck, but I was pulling for them throughout the playoffs up to that point.

      If you find it difficult rooting for our West rivals in the playoffs, remember that one benefit of other West teams making it far in the playoffs (or esp. into the SB) is that their roster and coaching staff is usually raided by other teams afterward, boding well for the Rams in following seasons.

      Go NFC West!
      -01-18-2009, 03:50 PM
    • LongBlood
      Not impressed with NFC West
      by LongBlood
      I personally feel that it is wide open, for the Rams to take. The 9'ers did last yr, what they were supposed to do....THREE yrs ago. Personally, I'm looking for a decline from them. I for one can't wait till Brockers is back, as that front 4 looks sick, espc, with much improvement in the secondary. I said before that I liked the moves done by the new front office. And yes, I have put my money where my mouth is, and bet on them winning the super bowl. The odds are simply way too good to pass up on a team that can easily win the division if they stay healthy. After that, anything can happen once the 2nd season starts. 'Nuff said.
      -09-06-2012, 04:16 PM