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  • NFC west love thread

    Ok i was sitting in biology not paying attention, was think about how i like the niners attitude this season and thinking about how every seems to hate them. Maybe it is just me watching football for only 5 years(all rams years). So the point of this thread is to get every ones opinon on how you rank the teams in the nfc west on how much you like them, barring the rams from inclusion and having no records involved what teams in the west do you like the most.

    #1 niners- I enjoy watching players like patrick willis and love the direction singletary is taking them.
    #2 cards- I just plain enjoy watching Fitz give cb's the fits
    #3 hawks- honestly i dont like any players on this team at all

    so whats your list

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    Re: NFC west love thread

    Cards i hate less than the other two but Niners team i hate the most (after 26 years of being a fan its deeply ingrained in me.) Seahawks Fans i hate the most because they have zero class as human beings.

    making "jokes" about the death of Bill Walsh prior to playing the Niners

    making "jokes" about 9/11 prior to playing the Giants...its things like that that all add up..

    im sure there are a couple of Seahawk fans that have a lot more class than that..but just like the Raiders fans..they are not the vocal majority or indeed the vocal minority..