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Dumb Rules in the NFL

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  • Dumb Rules in the NFL

    Dumb Rule #1:

    The team pays a 53 man roster but can only bring 45 to a game.

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    Re: Dumb Rules in the NFL

    oh LA.Ram0..dont get me started on NFL rules..theres so many that i disagree with if i started naming them all id be on a pension before i finished.


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      Re: Dumb Rules in the NFL

      No more wedge made me cry a little.


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        Re: Dumb Rules in the NFL

        They should start putting skirts on QBs


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          Re: Dumb Rules in the NFL

          Originally posted by Joshua
          Probably because the extra 8 players would cause the team plane to suck up more gas because of the added weight, and I'm sure polution and "Global Warming" has alot to do with it. the extra 8 players would put atleast 1,200 extra pounds on the plane, and I'm sure they don't want to press their luck. also if you take into account that the team stays in a motel, and the extra 8 players would require 8 more beds, and that makes more work for the cleaning crew the next day, also take into account the added weight that would be on the elevator when players get "Fit shaced" drunk and decide to ride up and down on them. But I think the real reason why the NFL wont allow teams to carry the extra 8 men, is because they would feel guilty if one, or more of the players got sick and blew chunks on the plane, therefor they have 45 instead of 53 because that's 8 less piles of Vomit to clean up. I hope I answered your question.

          That's all well and good but what if their mode of transportation is a bus or train?
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            Re: Dumb Rules in the NFL

            I've got one word for you, "tuck".


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              Re: Dumb Rules in the NFL

              Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
              I've got one word for you, "tuck".
              Did you have to bring that up?!
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                Re: Dumb Rules in the NFL

                Originally posted by laram0 View Post
                Did you have to bring that up?!
                In a thread about dumb rules? Absolutely! Weren't you expecting it??


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                  Re: Dumb Rules in the NFL

                  Also I wished that the Super Bowl was on a Saturday. Instead of a Sunday in which it should be for church and family time.
                  Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos 2/7/2016 CBS 6:30PM EST Santa Clara CA!


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                    Re: Dumb Rules in the NFL

                    45 Man roster.

                    Doing a little research on this, it appears that modern teams have been limited to about 45 players. The CBA currently limits the league as a whole to 45, but individual teams can dip to as low as 42. Teams are allowed to have as many as 53, to keep things "fair", but can only have up to 45 (plus a 3rd emergency QB) active on gameday. You can actually download a copy of the 2006 CBA from nflplayers DOT com.

                    I have heard during games that the 8 inactives was to level the playing field, when a team has injured players. IMO, if the NFL wants to level the playing field, they should fire the current officiating staff. These guys are about as biased as I have seen in years. Of course, that is probably by design.



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                      NFL Catching Rule
                      by mrpnut0700
                      Random question. I am familiar with most rules in NFL however their is one rule which I am confused about that I have wondered about for awhile. When I have watched previous matches I have seen players make a diving catch for the ball. If they succesfully catch it and fall to the ground on occassion they have got back up and continued to run for extra yards. How is this allowed? Sorry if I appear stupid!
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                    • Thresher
                      Weigh In: New rule about QB ball versus rule about K ball
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                      This has been bugging me for a few weeks now.

                      A few years ago the NFL instituted a rule that no longer allowed kickers to have access to the balls they would be kicking in a game before the game started. They applied a K stamp to the kicking ball. From my recollection it was because the NFl wanted more parody in the league, to make the last minute kicks more exciting because of a slicker and more wild ball.

                      So why have they now instituted this new rule where the QB and the equipment manager can scuff, wear in, have sex with balls before the games?

                      I do not understand why the NFL would make one rule increasing parody then just two or three years later add a rule making it easier for qb's to hang onto the ball and thus less parody.

                      Please weigh in and straighten me out.

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                    • Nick
                      NFL makes significant change to tackling rules
                      by Nick
                      NFL institutes 15-yard penalty, possible ejection for lowering head to make hit
                      8:32 PM ET
                      Kevin Seifert

                      ORLANDO, Fla. -- NFL owners passed an unexpected rule Tuesday that will expand penalties for helmet-to-helmet contact, one that is more significant and far-reaching than the NCAA's targeting rule.

                      Under the change, a player will be penalized 15 yards and potentially ejected any time he lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent. It will apply to tacklers, ball carriers and even linemen, and it will take the place of a previous rule that limited the penalty to contact with the crown of the helmet.

                      The NCAA's targeting rule penalizes players only when they hit opponents who are in a defenseless position. It calls for mandatory ejections, but the NFL's competition committee has not yet addressed how ejections would be adjudicated, according to chairman Rich McKay. There is little doubt, however, that the NFL is determined to aggressively address a 2017 season that included 291 concussions, its highest total on record, and a severe spine injury to Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier on a play that would fall under the new rule.

                      "It just seems that players at every level are getting more comfortable playing with their helmets as a weapon rather than a protective device," McKay said. "Therefore, we need a rule that is broad and puts that in context, and that's what we think this does."

                      Players, coaches and fans were left guessing on how the rule will impact the game. NFL Players Association president Eric Winston took to Twitter to share his thoughts.

                      According to NFL research, nearly one out of every two helmet-to-helmet hits caused a concussion in 2017. That's up from a ratio of one out of every three in 2015. NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills said in February that the current concussion data had sparked a "call to action," and on Tuesday he said this rule would be a key part of reducing head injuries in 2018.

                      "We spoke previously this year of having an all-time high of concussions," Sills said. "And we said that wasn't acceptable, and that we would respond to this, and this was part of the response. This is a very key component of the injury-reduction strategy on how we can reduce concussions immediately."

                      The competition committee initially planned to make lowering the helmet a 2018 point of emphasis rather than a rule change, McKay said. But after a leaguewide discussion Tuesday, owners instructed McKay to convert it to language that could be added to the rule book immediately. The league called a late-afternoon news conference and acknowledged that some parts of the rule still must be fleshed out.

                      At the top of the list is how to merge a long-standing league ethos against two issues: wide-ranging ejections...
                      -03-28-2018, 05:14 AM
                    • r8rh8rmike
                      'Tuck Rule": NFL Could Eliminate Controversial Call
                      by r8rh8rmike
                      'Tuck Rule': NFL could eliminate controversial call

                      By Gregg Rosenthal
                      Around The League Editor
                      Published: March 14, 2013 at 03:21 p.m.

                      The NFL Competition Committee held a conference call Thursday to go over possible rule change proposals that will be discussed at the NFL Annual Meeting, which starts Sunday in Phoenix.

                      One item on the agenda is sure to be cheered by Oakland Raiders fans, although the notion probably will be seen as too little, too late.

                      The NFL will propose to eliminate "The Tuck Rule."

                      The change would make it so a player loses possession when he tries to bring the ball back to his body. (Yes, then Tom Brady's play should have been ruled a fumble in that case.) If the passer loses control while the ball is going forward, it's still incomplete. If he loses the ball while tucking, it's a fumble.

                      This is a rule that never made a lot of sense to us in the first place. We're not sure why it took more than a decade after the Patriots-Raiders divisional-round playoff game after the 2001 season for this rule to change.

                      Other proposals included:

                      The league would change the rules regarding illegally throwing the challenge flag. This is in response to last season's Thanksgiving game, in which a Houston Texans touchdown could not be reviewed after Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz illegally throw a flag. Moving forward, the play still would be reviewed no matter what. Any coach who illegally challenges a play would be charged a timeout. He wouldn't get the timeout back even if he wins the challenge. If the team is out of timeouts, it would be charged a 15-yard penalty.

                      Call this the "Jim Schwartz Rule." It's a no-brainer.

                      The league would allow H-backs to wear uniform numbers 40 through 49.

                      The league also will propose three player health and safety rules. They include eliminating low blocks when offensive players are going toward their own end lines in the tackle box. One other proposal includes not allowing a runner to initiate contact with the crown of his helmet when outside the tackle box. This is sure to be a hot topic.

                      NFL owners will vote on these proposals, among other more minor ones, at the annual meeting.
                      -03-14-2013, 05:12 PM