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  • Chris Chambers Cut

    Hey guys I just read that the Chargers cut Chris Chambers and was wondering what everyone thought of him as a possible fit for the Rams. I think he is a good WR and would definitely help us, but we would have to pay him 4.5 million and I dont know what our salary cap looks like. Just a thought...

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    Re: Chris Chambers Cut

    I wouldnt mind him in a rams uniform. He could be a good mentoring player for our young guys....


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      Re: Chris Chambers Cut

      I don't think many 31 year old receivers are on the Rams' radar. They've made a point of emphesis on building with youth. Chambers doesn't fit that profile.


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        Re: Chris Chambers Cut

        At this point he isn't going to give us more than the younger Burton. He wouldn't be an ideal midseason pickup IMO.


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          Re: Chris Chambers Cut

          Originally posted by r8rh8rmike View Post
          I don't think many 31 year old receivers are on the Rams' radar. They've made a point of emphesis on building with youth. Chambers doesn't fit that profile.
          We dont need to build with him. He can just be part of the process. You have to admit, that our receivers are too young to be out there without any veteran presence. I think Chambers would be a solid addition to help the kids out more than taking the team to another level.


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            Re: Chris Chambers Cut

            I actually am a big chris chambers fan, possibly from playing madden or fantasy football, but I don't see him as a fit for our team right now.

            As pumped up as I am from the victory over the Lions, it will be tough/ near impossible to make the playoffs.

            I think we need to save the cap and pick up a guy to be a true number one for our O for years to come. Chambers' best days are behind him.

            Now if we beat the Saints in two weeks and he still without a job, then by all means lets pick him up and get ready for our playoff run.


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              Re: Chris Chambers Cut

              Pretty sure the Rams brass wouldnt even consider CC, hes too old, and not worth
              that money. One thing Ive noticed with the new front office is a penchant for being
              tight-fisted. Even though were in desperate need for quality receivers, I dont expect
              massive money being spent at the position and definately no first round picks being used
              there? I believe other position's will take presidence.


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                Re: Chris Chambers Cut

                I'm struggling to figure out what Chris Chambers brings to this team that makes him worth signing right now. He's probably not much better than the receivers we currently have, he wouldn't be counted on to be here next year, and I don't think he's such a master of the position that it'd be worth bringing him in for the young receivers to learn from. As we've seen with the Witherspoon trade, the Draft release, and a number of other moves, the goal of this organization is to get young players in here who are able to contribute in the future. That doesn't describe Chambers, so I think the Rams pass.


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                  Re: Chris Chambers Cut

                  Regardless of what he would bring or not bring to the team, we cannot afford his salary, which is way more than what is justifiable based on his limited production as of late. He actually had a decent QB at SD and was useless. Imagine how useless he would be with Bulger throwing to him.
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                    Re: Chris Chambers Cut

                    we would have to pay him 4.5 million
                    If he got cut, why would we have to pay him $4.5 million?
                    The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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                      Chris Chambers

                      My friend a Chargers fan just told me that the Chargers have released Chris Chambers, should we give him a look? He still has some years left and could help us out with his veteran leadership. Thoughts?


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                        Re: Chris Chambers

                        I believe that we've learned our lesson about picking up other teams leftovers. We seem to be taking a page out of the New Orleans Saints playbook as far as team building is concerned.


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                          Re: Chris Chambers

                          leftovers? bottom line is chambers is easily better than anyone we have. we'd be crazy to turn him down if we can afford it, but i'm not sure we can.


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                            Re: Chris Chambers Cut

                            Not that it means anything, but Chambers had 3 catches for 70 yards and 2 touchdowns in his first game with Kansas City today.


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