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Top NFL Defensive Rookies

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  • Top NFL Defensive Rookies

    Top NFL defensive rookies


    (In alphabetical order. Stats through Monday.)

    Jairus Byrd
    Team Buffalo Bills
    Position Safety
    College Oregon (Clayton High)
    Draft history 2nd round (No. 42 overall)
    Key stats 8 interceptions, 36 tackles

    Brian Cushing
    Team Houston Texans
    Position Linebacker
    College Southern California
    Draft history 1st round (No. 15 overall)
    Key stats 88 tackles, 1 sacks, 2 interceptions

    Vontae Davis
    Team Miami Dolphins
    Position Cornerback
    College Illinois
    Draft history 1st round (No. 25 overall)
    Key stats 27 tackles, 2 interceptions (one for TD).

    Louis Delmas
    Team Detroit Lions
    Position Safety
    College Western Michigan
    Draft history 2nd round (No. 33 overall)
    Key stats 55 tackles, 1 interception.

    James Laurinaitis
    Team Rams
    Position Linebacker
    College Ohio State
    Draft history 2nd round (No. 35 overall)
    Key stats 96 tackles, 2 interceptions.

    Clay Matthews
    Team Green Bay Packers
    Position Linebacker
    College Southern California
    Draft history 1st round (No. 26 overall)
    Key stats 31 tackles, 4 sacks

    Brian Orakpo
    Team Washington Redskins
    Position Defensive end
    College Texas
    Draft history 1st round (No. 13 overall)
    Key stats 41 tackles, 7 sacks

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    Re: Top NFL Defensive Rookies

    Our boy J-Lau has played like a man possessed. Very impressed indeed--I thought he was the wrong pick over Rey, glad I didn't have to pull the trigger on that one.

    I really liked Byrd as well. I thought we'd even have a shot to grab him in the 3rd as a CB. Surprised to see that he is playing that well though! I truly hope that the powers that be recognize that Defensive rookie of the year is not a popularity contest, rather something based on skill and contribution. If this is the case, I'd think our guy is a lock.


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      Re: Top NFL Defensive Rookies

      this was a great pick in the last draft as most of the guys wanted him, he will be around for along time.


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        Re: Top NFL Defensive Rookies

        I was surprised he wasn't taken when we got him. I remember sitting down to watch our 2nd pick, and when they announced it was James I was very surprised he was still there!
        Very glad we got him! Looks like a guy who will feel a need for 10+ years!